Unraveled Secrets – Chapter 17

Jillian sat down in the chairs across from Hurst and Regan. She liked the idea of having a commanding presence and standing to deliver her speech; but honestly, she did not have faith that he knees would not buckle and betray her confidence. She figured if she sat, she could at least put the fear of falling out of her mind.

“Gentlemen, as you know, I have had doubts about the case with Petty Officer Hill. While I have no doubt that he was preparing to distribute narcotics on a naval vessel, I did have doubts that he was smart enough to set up this elaborate system. I knew that there were larger players involved and my goal was to ultimately get the entire operation taken down and to use Hill to help do it.” Jillian was beginning to pick up steam and her confidence was building.

“The two of you were very vocal about my investigation and your belief that I should just take care of Hill and move on. I couldn’t understand why you both felt so strong that I should stop looking into this case. At first I thought you were concerned that there was no basis and you felt I was wasting my time.” Jillian paused for effect, this gave her an opportunity catch her breath as well. “I only became more determined; I don’t give up so easily you know. The more I investigated though, your objections grew louder. Frankly, that made me suspicious. I mean why were you being so adamant that I stop?”

“Jillian, you know we were just worried that you were chasing down something that wasn’t there. You were wasting your time,” Regan said.

“Well it is funny Scott, the more you told me to stop, the more I wanted to press on. And as I pressed on, that is when the letters, emails and phone calls started. And when I didn’t let that derail me, I started noticing someone following me. Now, since I had not been talking to anyone other than the two of you, I really go suspicious.

Gibbs watched Hurst and Regan carefully as Jillian spoke. They were trying not to give off any body language that would indicate their nervousness; but Gibbs thought he could see a little sweat on the brow of Lieutenant Commander Regan.

Jillian never broke stride. “I didn’t tell either of you the extent of what I found. I gave you crumbs here and there and I think the two of you completely underestimated my powers of observation and my investigative skills. You poor pitiful bastards!”

Admiral Hurst was first to object, he jumped from his seat. “Harris, I am your commanding officer and you will not speak to me in this way or show me the disrespect. I will have you brought up on charges of insubordination immediately.”

Regan stood up and glared at Jillian, “You owe both of us an apology for your tone. I can’t believe you Jillian. At one time we had something special and I thought you knew the kind of man that I am. I deserve my respect than you are giving me right now.”

Hurst decided to chime in again; he thought the tactic of him and Regan objecting would actually deflect this entire situation. “Jillian, I don’t know what you think you know but I believe it is all made up in your head. I don’t know what in the world I could have done to you to make you act this way. You have abandonment issues and are delusional. I have tried my best to take you under my wing and groom you for greatness. And this is how you repay me? We are done here. It will pain me greatly to bring you up on charges but maybe a dose of reality is what you need.”

Hurst pulled his shoulders back to stand a little taller; he turned to Regan and motioned for the door. As they neared the door they hesitated, Hurst turned back to look at Jillian one more time. “I am so disappointed in you.”

“The two of you will not leave this room until I say you are ready to leave.” Jillian bellowed as she rose from her chair. She motioned for DiNozzo and McGee and they moved to block the door to keep Hurst and Regan in the room. “Regan, I will start with you. There is nothing wrong with the love of fine wine and fast cars. The problem is that on your salary, they are more of a pipe dream. Yet somehow, you have a stocked wine cellar, two very expensive vehicles, a big home and a fat bank account. Your parents aren’t well off so this isn’t old money…it made me wonder where it came from.”

“Scott, I pulled all of your financial records and shortly after joining JAG and working in this office, your income began to increase. You were getting drug offenders off pretty easily and getting their charges reduced. Oh the guys would get discharged but somehow they landed on their feet with the help of the JAG corps. “Jillian had hit her stride. “Admiral, I found it interesting that you would feed all of the drug cases over to Regan. I mean his entire caseload for a period of time dealt with drug related charges. The Hill case landed in my lap when you were on vacation and I could tell you were not happy I had it when you returned.”

“I think you misread the situation Jillian. Scott had experience in those types of cases and you did not, I felt it was a little much for you since you were still new to the team.”

“Oh, isn’t that just sweet? It’s a load of shit but it sure does sound nice doesn’t it? You know you live high on the hog as well Admiral. Don’t get me wrong, I do know that an Admiral makes quite a bit more than a Lieutenant Commander and I do know that you and your lovely wife have no children. However, I was still very curious as to what your financials might say about you as well.”

“You had no right to pull either one of our financials and you know that.” Admiral Hurst lashed out.

“Actually I do if I suspect you are part of the investigation. I found it interesting that the other attorney who had worked a case was Barbara Moore and that she didn’t last long in the office. I found that she left under duress due to threats she received for working a case. She had some interesting information to share – such as she was finally approached and offered a pay-off to quietly leave the office and to pursue her career in a new location.”

“See all of this evidence starting pointing in the direction that you were running the operation Admiral.” Jillian picked up a folder and began rifling through the pages until she found what she was looking for. She pulled out the papers and slung them across the desk, in front of Hurst and Regan. “Admiral, don’t you know that it is really important to have a strong password on your email accounts?”

McGee started to smile, Jillian evidently knew about computers and hacking and he was as impressed with that as he was her skills at setting up this case. He looked over at Gibbs and swore he could see a smile on his face as he watched her do her thing.

“Yes, I know you want to bring me up on charges for this. It will have to wait. I know you thought you were deleting emails that held the instructions on which shipments were going on which ships and who your contact would be on each part of the journey. It is obvious you tried to hide the details of the money wires that went back and forth to suppliers and distributors.”

Hurst and Regan began looking at the documents she had put in front of them. They both knew she had them dead to rights.

“The only thing I had trouble putting my finger on was why Scott was brought in. Then I found it!” Jillian said as she tossed another sheet of paper on the desk. “Scott’s brother, Chris – he was arrested on drug charges when he was in the military and Admiral Hurst handled his case. This was years ago, long before any of these other deals. I figured Chris must have told Scott what Hurst was doing and he asked in on the action.”

“So Admiral, you feel free, go ahead and bring me up on sanctions for my tone and my investigation of your finances. I just have a feeling that a disgraced Admiral who is convicted of drug dealing will not hold much weight with the Secretary of the Navy.”

Jillian turned and looked at DiNozzo and McGee, “Gentlemen will you please take these two into custody?” She turned back to look at Hurst and Regan, “Gentlemen you are both being charged under UCMJ Article 112a for drug distribution. As you know, this will be handed over for court martial but due to the large quantities and the severity of the operation, this will be handed over to general court martial prosecutions as a felony level offense. “

Gibbs stepped forward, “in addition to the drug offenses, you are both being charged with stalking, harassing and assaulting a military officer and member of the JAG corps. “

“What?” Regan blurted out, “You are insane. All of these charges are ridiculous.”

“We have the evidence that the two of you had conspired to stalk and harass Ms. Harris. You utilized a former client that owed you a favor to scare Ms. Harris in the hopes that she would stop looking into the case. Tell me Regan, did it make you feel like a man to assault a woman?”

Jillian was frozen, “What are you saying Gibbs? “

“I am sorry Jillian; it seems that while Admiral Hurst gave the order for you to be silenced, it was Lieutenant Commander Regan who attacked you in the office that night. That is why you thought he looked familiar, because he was.”

Jillian turned and ran for the trashcan in the corner of the room – she emptied her stomach and began heaving and Ziva moved to comfort her.

Regan had his head down and didn’t offer any objection to what Gibbs had said. After a moment, he raised his head and looked at Jillian in the corner, “You were just getting too close Jillian and we needed you to stop. I didn’t want to do it; you just gave me no choice.”

“I trusted the both of you – I thought you cared for me and that we were a team. I am such a fool.” Jillian turned to be sick again, while she figured this is what the outcome would be, it still hurt.

DiNozzo and McGee walked the two men out of the room and down the corridor towards the MPs waiting to take them into custody.

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