Unraveled Secrets – Chapter 3

The Admiral directed Gibbs and Lieutenant Commander Regan into his office where they could talk and not be in the way of the scene being processed. As they walked to the other side of the room, Gibbs yelled back toward his team, “DiNozzo! You’re with me, David and McGee – see what you come up with.”

In unison, they replied back, “Got it, boss!”

Gibbs and DiNozzo walked into the Admiral’s office and sat in the chairs facing his desk, Lieutenant Commander Regan sat in the window of the office slightly to the right of the Admiral’s desk. The Admiral slowly took a seat and let out a deep sigh. He didn’t want to admit that he had approved a lawyer to do the investigative work on a case that should have been in the hands of NCIS. Ok, maybe not Gibbs and the major case team, after all, no one was dead…at least not yet. But this case was clearly over the head of a JAG lawyer.

“It started with a simple drug bust on the Vinson about 6 months ago. Petty Officer Brandon Hill was taken into custody for using cocaine while on duty. After he had been taken into custody, he was found to be in possession of a large quantity of cocaine, marijuana, and prescription meds. The Vinson had just deployed on a 6-month cruise, he was evidently stocked for the trip; some of it was packaged as if he intended to distribute as well as use. Gibbs as you can imagine the Navy and the Vinson do not need this type of scandal. That ship has been a star member of the Carrier class since it was commissioned in ’82.”

Gibbs and DiNozzo listened intently while the Admiral continued his story. “Harris didn’t believe this kid could have acted alone. He didn’t strike her as a major drug dealer. She tried to flip him, and he wouldn’t budge. She told him that she would work a deal for him and make things easier on him if he would give her his supplier. He wouldn’t do it. He was intent on keeping his mouth shut even if it meant a hard time in prison.”

Lieutenant Commander Regan cleared his throat and explained what he knew. “Jillian, excuse me, Lieutenant Commander Harris, has this uncanny knack for knowing if someone is lying. I can’t explain it, and she just says it’s her gut feeling. They brought this Hill kid in from the Carrier, and she took one look at him and knew there was more to the story.”

“Scott is right; she just knew this kid didn’t do this all by himself. She started looking into his background. He was a good kid from a good family; he was married and seemed to have a perfect life. About 18 months ago it all went to hell for him; he started having money problems and was deeply in debt and got divorced. He got picked up for a DUI, started gambling, and his CO started seeing his performance slide. ”

“Well, that doesn’t automatically mean he couldn’t start using and dealing. Might have looked for pushing as a way to make money and get himself straight on his debts.” DiNozzo commented, “I saw this all the time when I worked narcotics with the Baltimore PD.”

“Well, you are right, and that is what Jillian thought. She figured that if he was gambling he got mixed up with the wrong people, might have started pushing to pay off the debts that he owed. She found that he was depositing large quantities of cash so it began to make sense that he has dealing. But everyone she talked to said it was just not like this kid to deal drugs.”

“Lieutenant Commander Regan, you mentioned threats – what kind of threats and when did they start?” Gibbs asked.

“Well, it stemmed from questioning in the trial for Petty Officer Hill. She asked him on the stand who his dealer was. He wouldn’t answer, said he didn’t have one. She started badgering him, and he told her she should stop saying those things, or it would get it her hurt. She froze, the judge adjourned the proceedings and ushered everyone out of the courtroom. She knew then that she was onto something. Petty Office Hill was put away for 6 years and dishonorably discharged from the Navy. She wouldn’t let the case go, though. That is when the voicemails started. She erased them and thought it was some of her friends yanking her chain. Then the letters began to arrive here at the office.”

“Did she keep them?”

“Yeah, she has a box of them somewhere – they might be at her house I don’t think she kept them here.”

“DiNozzo – go check and see if this box is in her office – if not, take Ziva with you and go check out the Lieutenant Commander’s house.”

“Sure thing, Boss!” With that, Tony DiNozzo got up from his seat and sprinted off to find the box of letters.

“Let me get this straight, you have a Lieutenant Commander who is getting enough threatening letters to fill a box, and you don’t think it is a good idea to call the authorities? What in the hell do you two think you were doing?”

“Special Agent Gibbs, Jillian didn’t believe that they were that big of a deal,” Regan offered, “they just said things to the effect of back off, don’t pursue this further, you are barking up the wrong tree. They just called into question her logic, they never mentioned bodily harm. “

“No, they never mentioned hurting her, “Admiral Hurst started, “but the phone calls to her house did.

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