The Heart Won’t Lie – Chapter 22


Henry and Chris left to go and get dinner, and Mallory wandered aimlessly around the bedroom.  Finally, after a few minutes, she went downstairs to join her friends and to try and occupy her mind with anything but thoughts of Chris.  Unfortunately, that is all they wanted to talk about.

“Ok, so what happened with the two of you up there?  Chris came down to get Henry to get dinner and looked like he was going to pop.”

“Huh?  What do you mean?”

“He looked mad like maybe you two had been fighting,” John responded, “His face was flush, and he was short when calling for Henry to leave with him.  Not mean, but just clipped, that’s all.”

“Well, um,” Mallory hesitated for a minute, “he is probably a bit frustrated if you know what I mean.”

Darby started to laugh, “Oh, Mallory!  This is brilliant.   Have you not been telling me for years how you could not wait to have him in your arms and you wanted to feel his body next to yours?”

“STOP!  Don’t say all those things, I know what I said,” her embarrassment was evident as the blush moved up her neck and into her cheeks.

John was laughing, “It is alright Mallory, I know that you have had feelings for him and I can imagine what you might have fantasized about.  I’m a dude, but we think about these things too you know.”

She put her head in her hands and began to shake her head back and forth while her friends poked fun.  “Look, I am seriously having a hard time keeping my hands off of him.  For all the anger and harsh words we had the other day, there is nothing more that I want to do than to be with him.  But I can’t, not with Henry in the house and dear God, not with the two of you in the house.”

“Are you afraid you would be loud?” John snorted.

“Please, stop, I don’t want them to walk in while you are torturing me like this,” She pleaded.  “I am admitting that I have had a rush of feelings come back for him.  And when Henry came back downstairs, Chris and I started to act upon them, and I was very close to not stopping him.  But I had to, and I think he was, um, frustrated that I made him stop and believe me, so am I.”

“I realize this is none of my business, but I am going to ask.  Are you going to have him spend the night?”  Darby inquired.  “I mean, do you have, um, safeguards in case he does?”

Before she could answer, the front door opened, and Henry and Chris came walking in with dinner.  John rushed to help them carry in the food while Darby and Mallory got silverware and napkins.   After Chris had sat the bags down on the table, he walked up behind Mallory, who was getting glasses out of the cabinet.

He put his hands around her waist and whispered in her ear, “You seem a little upset, are you going to be alright?”

She nodded her head, “I think we are both a little worked up and frustrated.  John and Darby noticed when you left and they were questioning me about it, that’s all.”

He kissed her just under her ear, on her neck and she shuddered from his touch, “I see you still like that,” he smiled and released his arms and moved to get drinks from the refrigerator and joined everyone at the table.

Chris and Henry had gone to a local Italian eatery and had come back with more food than they could possibly eat.  But they had covered their bases, amazingly, though, no pizza.  Henry had proudly announced that he even talked Chris into desserts.

The conversation around the dinner table was light.  Henry was still blissfully unaware that Chris was an actor, so there was no discussion of any of his previous roles or any upcoming movies.  Instead, the conversation centers around sports, specifically, football.  Mallory just listens while Henry, John, and Chris discuss their picks for the Super Bowl.

When dinner is over, Henry offers to help clean up the mess and to help load the dishwasher.  While it is agreed, it will be run before bed, it is also decided that it will not be unloaded until the return trip to Boston.  There is a little food left over, and Mallory suggests that Chris take it home to his family.  After all, since he paid for dinner, he should get the leftovers.

Everyone went into the family room to watch a movie.  Henry was going to pick, and he had already watched two Ironman movies, so he wanted a change of pace.  He decided on a Disney movie, wanted to watch Toy Story, and there was no dissension within the ranks.  Chris and Mallory snuggled into one another on the couch, and Henry sat on the floor in front of them.  With the lights off and everyone engrossed in the movie, John and Darby took their daughter and snuck upstairs.  Leaving the Evans and Turner family alone to watch a movie together.

As the movie came to an end, Mallory realized that not only were they alone but that Henry had fallen asleep.  Chris offered to carry him upstairs while Mallory straightened up the family room and turned off the TV.  She wasn’t going to argue with him, she knew he wanted one more opportunity to put his son to bed, and she thought it was sweet.

Chris picked Henry up, he squirmed a little but eventually gave in, and he carried him up the stairs to his room.  Like the night before, Chris put him into his pajamas and tucked him into bed.  Unlike the night before, he stayed a little longer, leaning against the dresser, watching him sleep.

Mallory picked up the glasses from the family room and walked into the kitchen.  She finished loading the dishwasher and started the cycle.  Everything was cleaned up, so Mallory went back into the family room to wait for Chris.  She figured he was taking his time with Henry and she didn’t blame him.  The clock on the cable box read 10:00 pm so their time together was fading and she wasn’t ready for it to end.  So lost in her thoughts, she didn’t hear him come back downstairs.

He walked in and sat next to her and pulled her close, kissing her the top of her head, “He is out like a light.  I folded his clothes up because I wasn’t sure what you were doing with everything.”

“Thanks, I have a bag of dirty clothes that way I can just toss it in the laundry room when I get home.  I’ll put them in the bag when I go upstairs,” She snuggled into him a little more.  “I suddenly don’t want to go home, Chris.”

“Yeah, I know.  Look you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow, and you have to go back to work on Monday.  I should go home and let you get some rest,” He said as he began to move to untangle himself from her embrace; she just held on tighter.  “Mallory, come on, don’t make this any harder than it already is.  Please, babe, I need to go.”

She didn’t loosen her grip, and she didn’t look up, but she did begin to softly speak, “Stay with me tonight, please Chris.  Just hold me tonight and kiss me goodbye in the morning.”

When he didn’t answer, she stood from the couch and took his hand to lead him upstairs.  As they began walking toward the stairs, he asked, “Aren’t you worried about everyone else in the house?”

She turned to face him, “No, I’m not suggesting we do anything other than sleep.  I have to admit that I will have a hard time keeping my hands to myself, but it is more important for me to have you with me tonight.”  He could see the emotion in her eyes and knew that she was pleading and he could not tell her no.

Mallory had walked into the room and turned on the small lamp next to the bed.  As he entered, he shut the bedroom door but did not lock it, hoping it would not be something he would regret later.  He watched as she turned down the covers on the bed and began to undress.  She wasn’t attempting to make it an overtly sexual scenario, but he was definitely turned on.  He said nothing as she put on her pajamas and sat on the side of the bed.

After a moment, she finally asked, “Are you just going to stand there all night?”

“No, but I was mesmerized by you, and I couldn’t look away.  You know you make everything sexy, including turning down the covers,” he was laughing at this point.  He quickly undressed down to his boxers and crawled into bed, laying down on the propped up pillows that Mallory had arranged.

She joined him, placing her head on his chest and wrapping her arms and legs around him.  The touch of her skin against his sent sparks of electricity through their bodies.  He pulled up the covers around them and wrapped his arms back around her.  When he looked down, she was already asleep.

~ * ~

Mallory’s phone began beeping at 4:45, the alarm that had been set in the hopes of everyone being up and ready to hit the road by 6 am.    She quickly untangled herself from Chris and turned the alarm off, it was only then that she realized they had not moved from how they had fallen asleep.  She looked back over at him, and he was stirring, beginning to wake up.

“What time is it?” He asked, wiping the sleep from eyes.

“Almost 5 am.  Go on back to bed, I am just going to take a shower and get ready, we were going to leave around 6, so I had to set the alarm,” She began to gather her things to take to the bathroom, and she noticed he was getting out of bed.

“How about I join you?”  He asked, and she looked terrified at the suggestion, “Relax, I’m kidding.  We would never be done in time for you to be able to leave at 6 am but I do think your screams of ecstasy might wake the whole house.”

He walked around the edge of the bed and stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her.  One arm snaking up under her nightshirt and the other just at the waistband of her pajama pants.  He then whispered in her ear, “Tell me, baby, do you still scream my name?”  He brushed his thumb over her nipple, and it reacted immediately, “I think you’re turned on, and if I were to dip my other hand any lower I would see just how much, right?”

Mallory quit breathing for a second, damn him for turning her on and knowing they couldn’t do anything about it.  She figured he had to be paying her back for what she did to him the other night, but she could feel him pressing into her, so he was every bit as aroused as she was.

“You need to breathe, Mallory.  Are you scared of what I might do to you?  Or are you more afraid of what I might not do to you?”  He suddenly let go of her and began to walk back over to his side of the bedroom.  “Go take your shower, doll.  And just make sure you are thinking of me when you are taking care of yourself,” He said with an evil grin.

Mallory gave a huff and walked into the bathroom and shut the door with force.  Chris pulled on his jeans and shirt and went into the hallway bathroom to relieve himself and fix his bedhead.  He then went downstairs and made a pot of coffee and waited for everyone else to wake up.

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