Just a Small Town Girl: 4 – The Day After


Daisy could not remember much of the night before.  She vaguely recalled having a drink or two at the bar with Chris and possibly a drink or two with Sebastian but not really anything else.  She checked to see if she was alone and she was; at least, there was no one in the bed with her, on the guest bed, or on the floor.  The next thing she checked was to see if her clothes were on;  thank goodness she still had her dress on.  As she swung her legs off the side of the bed and stood up, she was relieved to discover that she was still wearing her lace undies.  Thank God she didn’t strip or lose her clothes.  It was just then that it struck her that she better check to see if her dress was on the right way; wanted to make sure she didn’t rush to put it on and it was now wrong side out or backward.  Nope, she was safe in that regard as well.

Her legs were wobbly and she knew that she needed to either attempt to move forward or she would collapse.  Daisy gathered her things and went into the bathroom, figuring that a hot shower might help shake the cobwebs and ease a raging headache.  When she came out of the bathroom twenty minutes later, she instinctively checked her phone and realized she had a text message.

Hope you ended up having a great time last night, I know I did.  What do you say I pick you up in an hour for Disney?

Daisy stared at the message – it was from Chris Evans and had been sent ten minutes ago.  How in the hell did he get her cell phone number and how did he know she was going to Disney?  She was frozen and couldn’t answer and honestly didn’t know how to answer.  Suddenly her phone dinged and a new message popped up.

I bet you forgot that we exchanged numbers and that you invited me to hang out with you today.  Are you trying to think of a way to change your mind?

Shit!  Did he have ESP?  Finally, she began to type back.

Sorry, was in the shower.  Of course, I remembered – an hour sounds good.  Want me to meet you at the park?

She seriously hoped she had fooled him.  She was worried that if she couldn’t remember asking Chris Evans to go to Disney with her and exchanging phone numbers, what else could she not remember?

I’ll pick you up at your hotel, I’ll wait for you outside.  Do you care if Scott tags along? 

Great, picking her up at the hotel meant that they even exchanged that information.  Evidently he didn’t know her room number because he offered to pick her up outside versus coming up to get her.  And, if Scott came along, well he could be a buffer and make things a little more comfortable for them both.

Sounds good on both counts, look forward to seeing you,

Daisy figured she better get dressed and fix her hair and makeup.  If she was going to spend the day with Chris she wanted to look her best.   She paced around the hotel room and nervously watched the clock.  Finally, unable to take it any longer, she went downstairs and figured she would sit outside so that she would be right there and ready when he pulled up to the hotel entrance.

She walked down to the lobby wearing faded blue jean capri pants with a yellow embellished tank top and soft yellow slip on sneakers.  The only jewelry, other than her watch, were soft pink rose earrings.  She was trying to channel a Disney princess from one of her favorite movies and was curious to see if Chris would pick up on it.  Shortly after taking a seat on the bench in front of the hotel, his car pulled up.  He did the proper and polite thing, he got out and approached her versus yelling through the window.

“Good morning Daisy, are you ready?”  He asked as he pulled his sunglasses down his nose to reveal his hypnotic blue eyes.  “Or should I call you Belle?”

She began to giggle, “So you did notice?  I wondered if you would,” She said as she stood up and started to walk towards him.

“Uh, yeah, I noticed and I must say the look fits you,” he opened the car door and helped her in.  Once she was settled, he shut the door and ran around to the driver’s side.  He hastily introduced her to Scott and pulled away from the curb.

Scott took notice of her outfit as well, “Um, Daisy did you dress up like his favorite princess on purpose or is this a freak coincidence?”  She looked horrified, he could see it written across her face the minute the words left his lips.  “Oh, it is a freak coincidence isn’t that adorable.”

“Your favorite princess is Belle?”  She asked, utterly horrified.

“Well, um…yeah,” He answered somewhat sheepishly.  He also shot a glare at his brother via the rearview mirror.  “You aren’t going to judge are you?  I mean, you know that sort of thing being out in the public, well that could hurt my reputation.”

Daisy began laughing, she couldn’t control it.  “The fact that you know the words to all the songs from Little Mermaid is okay but you are concerned about people thinking ill of you for liking Belle?  Ok, whatever, I’ll keep it a secret.”

The rode in silence for a few minutes because Daisy wasn’t really sure how to take Scott and she was still nervous around Chris.  While she had evidently let her guard down around him the previous evening, she wasn’t drunk today and her guard was back up.  The question that was nagging at her was how in the heck had she made it back to her hotel.  She finally worked up the nerve to go ahead and ask.

“Um, Chris, can I ask you a question?”

He glanced over at her and then back on the road, “Sure, what’s on your mind?”

“Exactly how did I make it back to my hotel last night?”

“Oh! Did someone drink a little too much last night?”  Scott chided from the backseat.

“I am not sure,” she responded, “I honestly can’t remember much of last night.”

“George took you back to the hotel and I guess he had someone there help you up to your room.  Don’t worry, no one took advantage of you at the party.  By night’s end, it was the two of us along with Sebastian and Anthony Mackie.  We were all quite impressed with how much liquor you can hold.”

“What?  Chris, you’re telling me she drank with you and Mackie?  How is she able to function today?”

“Who said anything about me being able to function?”

“Do you feel alright to go to Disney?  I mean we can do something else if you want,” Chris suddenly sounded concerned.

“No, I’m okay.  But thanks for your concern.”

Suddenly the conversation picked up between Scott and Daisy and Chris was left out in the cold.  She found a rhythm with Scott and it was easy for the two of them to gang up on Chris.  The problem was that occasionally Chris and Scott would gang up and go back after her.    There were moments of quiet, the drive was long thanks to the insane traffic on the freeway.  But Daisy didn’t have to worry about carrying too much of any conversation, Scott sucked up most of the oxygen in the car.  That boy could talk!

“Daisy, you aren’t saying much, cat got your tongue?” Scott asked playfully.

“No, I was just waiting for your batteries to die so that I knew it would be safe to speak,” she fired back at him.

“Whoa!  The sweet little southern girl has a forked tongue I see.  So, tell me, you have any brothers or sisters?  Since you are a doll, I am hoping you have a brother or two that might be single.”

Scott was charming and she loved it, “Sorry to disappoint you, I am an only child.  It was evident they had the best with me, so mom and dad didn’t need to have any other kids.”

“Oh, Chris you need to marry her right this minute.  The sass is strong in this one and she is perfect for you!”  Immediately her skin began to flush and she felt her temperature rise; Scott didn’t let that go unnoticed either, “Oh, I made her blush.  Daisy, are you a slight bit embarrassed?  Does that mean you happen to like my big brother?”

Chris quickly glanced over to look at her and she turned to look out the window.  “Scott, leave her alone.  I think you are making her uncomfortable.  I’m sorry about him Daisy, this is why we don’t let him out in public very often.  I should have taped his mouth shut,” he said as he glared at his brother via the rearview mirror.

Scott sat back in the seat and crossed his arms, he was just trying to have a little fun.  When he looked over to see Daisy’s reflection in the window it appeared as if she might be unhappy.  He couldn’t tell if she was just angry or if she was crying but, either way, he felt horrible about it.  He sat forward and placed his hand on her shoulder.  “Hey, Daisy, look I’m sorry.  I was just trying to have a little fun and I didn’t mean to embarrass you or upset you.”

She took a deep breath, “It’s okay, Scott.  I think I am still just a bit overwhelmed by all of this.  If you would have told me on the flight out here that I would be going to Disneyland with Chris Evans and his handsome brother, Scott.  Well, I would have slapped you silly.”  She plastered on a smile and tried to hide the fact that she was seriously kicking herself for not finding a way out of this invite.

~ * ~

Being famous had its advantages, like VIP parking and a VIP entrance.  This allowed the park to register who was coming onto the property.  A text alert would go out so cast members (Disney staff) could be aware in case they needed to provide special assistance to the VIP during their stay on property.  Daisy thought that was a little weird and was not sure she wanted to be singled out with Chris.  She figured it might have an advantage but she didn’t feel right about it.

Her prime concern for the day had to do with the fans and people approaching Chris for pictures and autographs.  She tried to distance herself by walking a few steps behind and to the side of the Evans brothers.  This allowed her to follow their lead of where they wanted to go in the park but to maintain a distance and keep from being photographed with them.  She also tried to limit her interactions with them and she could tell that it bothered Chris.

She had avoided riding most of the rides; she liked the ones geared towards the kids.  The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or Peter Pan’s Flight were more her speed while the boys loved the rollercoasters and the wild rides.  Daisy had agreed to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and they were standing in line waiting their turn.  She asked that they not draw attention to themselves and use their VIP status for their seats and they agreed.  It was late in the day and it was going to be one of their last rides.

Chris was making a call and speaking in hushed tones on his phone and Scott took the opportunity to lean forward and whisper to Daisy, “Are you embarrassed to be seen with us?  You have done everything possible to keep distance between us all day.”

“I just don’t want to be photographed with you because I don’t want to be on the gossip sites or cause problems for you two,” she whispered back.

“Oh, yeah I guess you have a point.  I thought maybe it was because I was right this morning and you have a crush on my brother and you are afraid to be close to him.”  She turned around and stared at him for a minute, “Well, it is a plausible scenario.  I think he likes you but he won’t tell me; not like I haven’t been asking all damn day.”

Daisy shook her head at his comments.  Finally, she decided to respond, “Well I also kept my distance because you guys like rides and I don’t so I let you do your thing and I kind of do mine.  No big deal.”

At that moment, Chris ended his call and turned to look at her, “Wait a minute, you don’t like rides?  Why did you want to come to Disneyland then?”

She put her hands on her hips and cocked her head, “It ain’t all about the rides you know!  Duh, it’s Disney!!”

“I told you, Chris,” Scott interjected and grabbed Daisy’s left hand, holding it up for him to see, “Put a ring on it, pronto!”


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