Just a Small Town Girl: 6 – Back to the Hotel


Saying goodbye to Chris was going to be harder than saying goodbye to Scott.  It was true, she did have a ‘thing’ for Chris but what woman watching the Captain America movies didn’t?  And meeting him, well he was every bit the handsome man she had anticipated, and then some.  He was goofy and adorable, he was literally the type of man she could see herself falling for.  Damn, she was admitting all of this to herself in the split second of time in which she has to look at him and tell him goodbye.  Why did she have to spend so much time during the day trying to distance herself from him?  Why did she have to pass up the opportunity to get a picture taken with him to have a lasting moment in time with him?  Why did she have to be such a fool?

But, there she was unable to look at him and needing to tell him all the things she needed to say without saying any of them.  “Thank you for an incredible two days, Chris.  I honestly didn’t expect to come out here for the premiere and then end up hanging out with the star of the movie.  I mean don’t you have a press junket or something to do?”

She winced after she said that, it sounded so harsh and hateful.  But her mind was racing and she was just trying to get the point across that she couldn’t believe he had spent time with her when she knew he had more important things to do.  It was evident she had no clue how to talk to men and she suddenly felt like little Steve Rogers trying to speak to Peggy Carter in the backseat of the car on the way to getting his serum injection.

“Well, it was my pleasure, Ms. Proctor and I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself.  As far as the press junket, well we did quite a few interviews before the movie premiere and I actually hit the road tomorrow for the international premieres,”  he slammed his hands in his pants pockets, nervous to continue his conversation with her.  “Make sure you don’t spoil the movie for anyone when you get back, okay?”

“I won’t, I promise,” she laughed, “Thanks again for everything.”  She turned back toward Scott, “Are you done with my phone yet?”

“Yep, all done!  I have a super secret Twitter account and I followed you so you can follow me back.  I don’t talk about you know who so you’d never know it was me.”

“So you went snooping on my phone?”  She asked, trying to sound offended.

“Of course!  You didn’t think it actually took me that long to put a phone number in did you?”

“Good point, thanks again!”  She said as she waved and began walking into the hotel.  She walked at a brisk pace because she wanted to get inside before the tears started to fall.  She had to admit that her heart broke just a little when she realized that Chris wasn’t going to give her a hug.  She had dreamed of having those arms around her and putting her head against that firm chest.  But when he put his hands in his pockets, well it was as if he was willing himself to keep his hands off of her; that stung.

As the guys got back in the car, Scott looked over at Chris, “No hug, man?  Damn, you’re a cold-hearted bastard.”

“No, complete opposite actually,” Chris offered quietly.

“Oh!” Scott immediately understood the reference, “Maybe you need to go to her room and give her a proper goodbye then.  I can get a cab home.”

“I have no idea what room she is in, first of all.  And, second of all, wouldn’t that be highly inappropriate?”

“When has that stopped you before?  And she is in room 2214, her room card was in her cell case and of course, I scoped it out.”

Chris sat there for a moment or two, not moving and unsure of what he should do.  “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to go to her room and say goodbye to her in private, right?”

“Is little Chris going to say goodbye?  Are you prepared?  Because I got ya covered, bro!”  Scott could not contain his smile and he loved being able to needle and poke fun at his older brother.

“I am not going to sleep with her!”

“I said nothing about sleeping, Chris, absolutely nothing.”  Chris got out of the car and moved toward the hotel entrance, Scott opened the door and yelled, “If you aren’t back in twenty minutes, I’m calling a cab.”

Chris kept repeating her room number over and over so that he wouldn’t forget it.  He stepped into the elevator and pressed the number twenty-two on the panel and then began to second guess his decision.  He couldn’t understand why he was so nervous.  He had never been this nervous before so what was it about this woman who had him in knots?  The elevator was slow and that wasn’t helping him at all.  He had just about talked himself out of going to see her when the doors opened on her floor.  He stepped out and followed the sign to the right towards her room number.  He approached her door, took a deep breath and then knocked.

Daisy had just taken her shoes and sweater off when she heard the knock on the door.  She wasn’t expecting anyone and she didn’t have anything in the car with her so she knew it couldn’t be Chris or Scott.  Besides, they didn’t know her room number.  She wasn’t going to answer, figuring it was someone knocking on the wrong door.

As she moved to get her luggage to begin packing, she heard the soft knocks again on the door.  This time, they did seem a little more deliberate.  She padded to the door and looked out the peephole; as a single woman with very few defensive skills she didn’t want to just open the door and let anyone have access to her.  She was taken by surprise when she noticed it was Chris.  She immediately flung the door open.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize it was you, I was afraid someone was knocking on the wrong door,” she stammered to explain why she ignored his first knocks.

He gave her a wry smile, “It is okay, I realize you weren’t really expecting me and it’s good to know you are cautious about opening your door.”

She stepped to the side, “Please come in, excuse the mess, I was just starting to pack up.”

He walked in and glanced around the room, noting how clean the room was and in her mind she thought it was messy.  He made a mental note to work with her on the definition of a mess.  Once again, to combat his nervousness, he put his hands in his pockets and then turned to look at her; not saying a word, just watching her.

“You’ve been crying, are you alright?”  He asked as he took a step towards her.

She was surprised he noticed, “Um, yeah, I’m fine I just ran into the door when I came into the room.  Hurt my arm, but it’s okay.  I am a little klutzy, that’s all.”

“I don’t think that’s it but if you want to go with that story, okay,” Chris said as he took another step towards her; she didn’t move.  “See, I think you were upset because of something I did, or should I say, didn’t do when we said our goodbyes in the parking lot.”

“Oh?  And what might be?” She asked, her voice shaking.  She was trying to play coy but her heart was racing and she felt as if she had been caught.  “You said goodbye, what more was there to say?”

He took another step forward, placing his hands on either side of her face and gently pulling her toward him.  His lips lightly brushing against hers, soft and sweet, a kiss that wouldn’t burn the house down but would, at least, start an intense flame.  Her eyes closed and she was completely lost in the moment.  As he pulled away, her lips began to tingle and she could feel her legs turn to jelly; standing was going to be a problem.

“I think that about covers it,” he said softly, his lips still close to hers so she could feel his breath.  He dropped his hands and she caught them, holding them tight and not letting go.  “Is something wrong?”

She couldn’t speak and honestly, she wasn’t sure she was breathing, “Why…um..” she began to stammer, “What was that for?”

“I’m sorry,” He was suddenly concerned he has crossed the line and tried to step back but she wouldn’t let go of his hands, “I guess I was misreading…”

She released his hand and put one finger on his lips, “You didn’t misread from my end, Chris.  I just thought you weren’t really interested, that’s all.”  She removed her finger from his lips and just stared into his sparkling blue eyes.

He couldn’t resist any longer and moved to capture her lips again, this time with a little more force and a lot more passion.  His tongue swept across her bottom lip, begging to for entrance to explore her mouth and she willingly gave it.  The kiss was deep and his hands moved to hold her hips and pull her body close to him.  She had her hands on his hips as well and it was taking everything within in power to keep them there.  She could tell he was aroused, with her body that close to him how could she not?  She wanted to move her hands to stroke him through his jeans and let him know she was willing to do more than kiss.  But she wasn’t sure if that would be a good idea.

Her mind was racing and Chris began to walk her backward until she felt the sudden stop of her back hitting the wall.  His hands started to explore her body and she felt him pull her tank top out of the top of her jeans.  When his hands touched her skin, she felt the jolt of electricity go through her body.  There was no doubt she was ready for him.  She reached for the button of his jeans and began to unfasten them and that is when things came to a screeching halt.

Chris stopped and took a step back, there was desire in his eyes but a look of confusion on his face.  Daisy was unsure what had happened and tears began to prick at the corner of her eyes, “What did I do wrong?” She asked, trying to keep from breaking down from utter embarrassment.

Chris was breathing heavily, “Nothing,” he stepped forward and smoothed her hair, “Oh, baby you didn’t do anything wrong.  I just can’t take advantage of you like this.”  He reached up and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, “Please don’t cry, you are beautiful and I promise you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“So this is the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ speech?” She asked as she pulled herself together and walked toward the other side of the room.  She found it hard to walk, her legs were like jelly and she was more than a little worked up and wet.

He reached for her arm to stop her from getting away, “Daisy, I really like you and I have a tendency to fuck things up when I really like someone.  I don’t want to rush this and regret it in the morning.  I would like nothing more than to lay you on this bed right now and finish what we started, but I sincerely want you to respect me tomorrow and that wouldn’t happen if I did that.”

He pulled her close to kiss her again and despite her best effort she melted into him.  Chris held her in a tight embrace and let her know that he was not considering this the end for them.  He would call her and keep in touch and she wanted to believe him but she didn’t.  She knew that she was just a small town girl going back to her small town way of life and her opportunity to have a torrid affair with Captain America had just come to an end.


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