Just a Small Town Girl: 7 – Going Home


Daisy plopped down on the bed as Chris walked out of the room.  The temperature in the room had gone from sauna to freezer in a matter of seconds.  Although by the time he had walked out it had gone back to preheat mode.  She wanted to cry, somehow she had gone from a wallflower who was too scared to talk to any star of the movie or to even be within close proximity to them to being upset because the hot and heavy makeout session had been stopped.  To make it worse, she was going to have to go to sleep with an ache in her lady parts that she had not been anticipating.  Damn!

She decided the best thing to do was to take a shower and attempt to forget about everything that had transpired in the last thirty minutes.  She turned off her phone because she didn’t want to risk Chris telling Scott what happened and then Scott texting her about it.  She just wanted this trip to be over.

She stepped out of the shower, dried off and put on her pajamas.  She then decided to get all of her things packed.  Her flight out of LAX was supposed to leave at 11 am and she knew that she would need to be at the airport a little early.  She figured it would be best to just hang out there because the more time she spent in the hotel, the more the memories of the disaster with Chris would haunt her.  All of her bags were packed and she was ready.

~ * ~

Chris checked his watch as he exited the elevator in the lobby; it had been almost thirty minutes since he left Scott in the car.  He was pretty sure his brother had caught a cab so he was not in a hurry to get back to the car.  He was surprised to see that Scott had not left, in fact, he had reclined the front seat back and was taking a cat nap.  Chris couldn’t resist and slammed his hand against the window; Scott jumped out of the seat and Chris was pretty sure that Scott would need a change of pants when he got home.

“Dude, you scared the shit out of me, what the hell was that for?”

“Needed you to be awake when I got in the car, that’s all.”

“So, did you deflower our little Daisy?”  Chris just glared at his brother, “What?  Okay, so it was a bad joke, sorry.  But, did you?”

Chris hung his head and didn’t answer immediately and he felt like he didn’t really need to, but he also knew that Scott was not going to let this go.  “No, I didn’t deflower her, Scott.”

“Dude, you were up there for thirty minutes and you didn’t get busy?  What in the hell were you doing?”

“I thought you were going to leave if I wasn’t back in twenty minutes, so why are you still here?”

“I’m nosy, that’s all.  You’re scared of fucking this up aren’t you?”  My big brother really likes this girl,” Scott watched his brother for a minute and couldn’t keep a straight face and had to make light of the situation, “You couldn’t go through with it?  Performance issues, am I right?  There is no need to be ashamed, man,”

“No!  There were no performance issues, damn it!  We were close to crossing that line Scott, but I didn’t want to screw it up.”

“Chris, you do realize there is a 99.5% chance you will never see this girl again, right?  You won’t call her and you won’t text her.  You won’t end up in her small town at her bridal boutique just to say hello.  This was your opportunity and you blew it.”

He didn’t respond because deep down he knew that his brother was right.  The chances of seeing her again were somewhere between slim and none.  He would like to think that he would be brave enough to reach out to her but after making a fool of himself tonight, he wasn’t sure he could.

~ * ~

When Daisy woke the next morning, she pulled her hair up into a messy ponytail and pulled on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt.  She grabbed her bag and headed down to the lobby to check out.  Arrangements had been made for a van to take her from the hotel to the airport so she didn’t have to worry about transportation.  She got to the airport around 9 am and made it through security relatively quickly.  She found her way to her gate and stopped for some coffee and a trashy tabloid magazine.

She found a seat near her gate and realized she was sitting close to the VIP lounge for American Airlines.  She had not been sitting there long when a buzz of electricity started moving through the terminal.  Evidently some celebrities were making their way through and fans were clamoring to see them.  She figured it was a Kardashian or something and didn’t pay any further attention.  She kept her head down and read her magazine.

Several minutes later her cell phone chimed to indicate she had a text message.  She rifled through her purse and pulled out her phone, tapping the screen to see the message:  “Good morning beautiful, I have to admit, the ponytail looks good on you.”

She stared at the screen, the text was from Chris but how in the heck did he know what she looked like?  She didn’t glance up, she was afraid to.  The phone chimed again, “Look up and to your left and smile.”

She was puzzled but she did like the text message said, slowly raising her head and looking to the left.  She was staring into the VIP lounge where she saw Chris standing at the window wearing his trademark Leafs hat and dark sunglasses.  He waved at her and motioned for her to come to the door of the lounge.  She shook her head at first and he just kept nodding at her; this was not getting them anywhere.

The phone chimed, “quit being hard headed and come to the lounge door, I can get you in, I want to talk you.”

Reluctantly, Daisy stood up and gathered her purse and carry-on bag and headed for the VIP lounge.  As she approached, the lady at the door asked for her credentials to enter and was very snooty about it.  Before she could answer, Chris appeared and indicated that Daisy was being invited in as his guest.  The airline representative said nothing more and Daisy walked in.

Chris led her over to a table in the corner by the large windows looking out over the tarmac and the plane loading area.  He helped her into her chair and sat her bag on the floor next to his.  “Would you like something to drink?  Coffee or juice, maybe?”

“No, thanks.  I just finished a cup of coffee.”  She was nervous and didn’t really know how to react which seemed odd since they were so close to having sex the night before.

“What times does your flight leave,” Chris asked.  She could tell he was grasping to make conversation.

“It leaves at 11 am.  How about your flight?  I didn’t realize you were leaving out this morning and I guess you were the excitement that I heard a little earlier.”

“Unfortunately, it probably was.  My flight leaves at 10:45, so right before your’s,” he was fidgeting with his phone and trying to remain calm.  He stood up and walked over to stand next to her, needing to be close.  He took her hands and leaned into her, “Daisy, I am sorry about last night and I want you to know that I could not get you off my mind.  I went back and forth with whether I did the right thing or not.  My head said I did but I have to tell you the rest of my body did not agree.”

She began to blush and put her head down, “I’m not good with this kind of conversation, Chris.  I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“Tell me that you wanted me after I left last night…tell me you wished I’d stayed with you and held you and took care of you.  Tell me you ached for me, Daisy.”

She could barely breathe let alone get the words out, “I…did Chris.”

Daisy was confused when Chris suddenly pulled away from her and diverted his eyes toward the doors of the lounge.  Walking into the area were other members of the cast, most notably, Robert.  Suddenly it made sense and Daisy understood his need to move away.  She could only hope that no one saw their intimate moment.

“Well, good morning,” Robert announced as he approached their table.  “So did you two end up making a love connection after all?  You did seem to be getting cozy at the reception as the evening wore on.”

Daisy began to blush at the first mention of the events of the reception, events she had no clear memory of.  “No, we were just trying to keep our conversation low so that we weren’t sharing with the entire room.”

“Oh,” Robert said, looking around as if it dawned on him that his voice was booming through the space, “Well, did you two have fun at Disney yesterday?”  Chris shot him a glare, “Easy boy, it was an innocent enough question, we all knew you two were going based on the conversation at the reception.”

“I had an excellent time, Robert, thank you for asking,” Daisy offered, “Chris and Scott were a lot of fun.”

“Oh, you had a chaperone, how sweet,” there was condescension in his tone.

Daisy stood and picked up her bag, “Thanks for the coffee, Chris.  I am going to go back to the gate to wait for my flight.  You all will be leaving soon anyway.  Have a great trip and good luck with the international press.”

Chris stood in front of her, “Please don’t go,” his eyes were pleading with her to stay.

“I need to if I stay I am only delaying the inevitable.  Good luck, Chris, I promise I will follow your escapades online.”

He took a step forward and, without regard for the audience around him, kissed her.  The kind of lingering kiss that a lover provides at the end of a romantic movie that makes every woman in the audience swoon.  “I’m going to miss you, Daisy Proctor and I hope you realize that you are not going to get rid of me so easily.”

It took a minute for her to move and when she did, she noticed that everyone was watching her.  She pulled her shoulders back and stood as straight as she could and willed her body to move toward the door.  She walked out of the lounge, not looking back and not uttering a word to anyone.  Instead of walking to the seat she had occupied before joining Chris, she made a beeline for the bathroom.  She locked herself in a stall and broke down because this hurt.  Her heart ached and she suddenly did not want to go back to her small town life.

She heard the announcement for his flight to begin boarding.  She elected to stay in the sanctuary of the bathroom until she felt reasonably sure that it was safe to come out.  Or at least, until the boarding for her flight had been announced.  She checked her watch and realized her flight would be called soon.  She reached for her phone and noticed that during her breakdown she had missed a few text messages, she didn’t look at them.  She only turned off the phone and slid it back down into her bag.  She exited the stall and quickly washed her face and tried to go back to looking presentable and not like she had just cried like a lovesick teenager.

She walked out of the bathroom and headed for her gate, as she did, she glanced over and found Chris waiting outside his gate as if he was hoping to see her one last time.  He didn’t wave or acknowledge her but just turned and walked down the jetway to his plane.

When Daisy’s plane was announced, she jumped up and headed towards the gate.  The attendant scanned her ticket and she made her way down the jetway.  She took her seat and tried to push out all of the thoughts of the last few days.  The rollercoaster emotions she had felt and the instant attraction she had with Chris.

She was exhausted and luckily she fell asleep; rest she had not been able to capture the last two nights had finally caught up with her on the plane.   When the plane landed, some five hours later, she was rested enough to handle the drive back home.  She had a little over an hour drive and she had to hope there were no traffic issues since it was late in the day.

When she pulled into her driveway, she noticed that her friends were sitting on her front stoop waiting to hear about her adventures!


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