Just a Small Town Girl: 8 – Back to Normal?


The alarm clock was buzzing and Daisy reached over to stop the incessant buzzing.  It was Saturday morning and it was back to the reality of being a shop owner and businesswoman.  The store had been closed since Monday and since Saturday was traditionally a busy day, it only made sense to open back up.  However, she was dragging and lacking the proper motivation to get going.

When she had arrived home on Thursday, her friends were waiting for her but she was too tired to fill them in on the details of her trip.  She really just wanted a date with her fluffy pillows and soft blankets.   So, she made up for it by having an old fashioned girls night at her place last evening.  She made a big pasta dinner and salad and had enough wine to get through the stories.  She knew she would have to tell them everything she could remember; these were her best friends and they were big Marvel junkies so she couldn’t leave anything out.  And, in some weird twist of fate, they all like different members of the ‘team’ so they didn’t ever argue over one guy or girl.

Daisy began to recount the story of getting to the premiere and the sheer number of people in the theater including the wall-to-wall celebrities and media and how she tried to stay small and out of the way.  She told the story about her seats and how she was lucky enough to end up between Chris and Sebastian for the movie.  She even told them how Chris gave her a tissue when she started to cry; she just left out what was going on in the movie that made her cry.  She told them that she would not spoil anything but they would need tissues!

She also made sure they knew that when they were ready to see the movie they could ask her to go; she would easily go see it again and there would be no arm twisting involved.  She loved the movie and was sure she would need to see it multiple times to completely process everything.  She did leave out the fact that Chris came back to the theater to find her and she left out his move in the street to get her to go to the reception.  Those were things they didn’t need to know.

They asked about the reception after the premiere and she recalled how she met them all and how they signed a movie poster that was being sent to the store.  She was going to get it framed and hang it there for everyone to see.  Although, she wondered if it would be better of in her bedroom where only she could see it because someone might steal it from the store.  Everyone laughed but they wanted to know dirty details – did she dance or get drunk?  Did she kiss anyone?  They knew that Daisy didn’t like talking about anything intimate but that didn’t mean they weren’t going to try and get something out of her.  Besides, they knew she had a thing for Chris Evans and she had always been a big talker about what she would do to him if she ever met him.  Now it was time to see if she would ever walk the talk.

“Daisy, you have skipped over anything remotely interesting for Chris…so, did you have any alone time with him?”  Her friend Alexis asked.

“Well…um….yeah…sorta…” Daisy was stammering and everyone in the room knew that it meant she had something to say and just didn’t now how to get the words out.  “I met him at the bar at the reception and he got me a drink and we talked.”

“Is that all you did, Daisy?”

“Well, we had several drinks,” she said shyly.

“How many exactly?”  Alexis pried, she was dying for more details.

“I’m not sure, I lost count.  I remember a few things here and there, I know that my being nervous around him faded after the liquid courage set in.  We talked and I am pretty sure we flirted but didn’t do anything.  I didn’t kiss him or anything if that is what you want to know.”

“Did you dance with him?”

“No, I don’t remember there being dancing at the party but there could have been and I don’t remember it.”

“So you could have danced with him and just don’t remember it, is that a possibility?”

“Wow, are you going all lawyer on me now, Alexis?”

“Sorry, it just comes naturally.”

“Yeah, I could have danced with him, I could have kissed him, I could have shagged him in the bathroom but I don’t remember it if I did.  I just know I woke up the next morning in my hotel room fully dressed, by myself and my panties still on.  So, I am reasonably sure nothing happened.”

With her declaration, the girls finally backed off and let her tell the rest of her story.  She told them about her trip to Disney and her dinner at Club 33 but she left out the fact that she spent the day with Chris and his brother Scott.  She also skipped over the entire incident in her hotel room with Chris.  It was killing her because she wanted to tell them how he smelled and how he tasted.  How he felt when she was in his arms and how the idea of letting him go hurt almost as much as the ache to have him continue to touch her did.  She wanted to tell them about her seeing him in the airport terminal and the scorching kiss he gave her in front of his co-stars.  The pain that she felt when she walked out of the lounge or when she saw him for the last time before he boarded his plane to go do the premiere international tour.

She wanted to explain that he was the reason everyone had to call her on her landline phone and why she told everyone her cell phone was broken.  That she had fallen so hard for him that she couldn’t bear to see the text messages that she was sure he had sent her over the last two days.  Because she knew her friends would also remind her that she was living in a fantasy world; she was a small town girl who owned a bridal store that barely stayed afloat.  Girls like her didn’t have torrid affairs with major Hollywood movie stars.  It was time to go back to her normal life.

Daisy swung he legs off the bed and padded her way to her kitchen, she had to laugh because the thought crossed her mind that her entire house could probably fit inside the hotel room she occupied in LA.  Just another dose of reality slapping her in the face.  She put on a pot of coffee and went into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready, it was not yet 7 am.

After getting dressed, doing her hair and putting on her makeup to look somewhat presentable, she made a travel mug of coffee and drove into downtown to open the shop.  She had made arrangements with Mack, her UPS driver, for him to deliver her packages to a locked storage shed on the back of her store while she was closed.  He had a key and knew the combination to the alarm code, she had known Mack since high school so she trusted him with the arrangement.

When she opened the shed after getting the store opened, she was shocked to see the number of boxes that had been delivered.  She didn’t remember that she had this much product coming.  She began moving the boxes into the store so she could unload them and start hanging the dresses and steaming out the wrinkles.  This was such a mundane task but it made her feel like she was back into her usual routine.

She had a steady stream of customers that morning.  So between handling the clients and her new inventory, she had lost all track of time.  So, it was a surprise when she looked up and saw her best friend Melody walking in with a brown paper bag.

“I figured you would forget to eat lunch, so I thought I would deliver,” she announced while walking through the front door.  Melody owned the café down the street.

“Please tell me you brought your homemade chicken salad,” Daisy begged.

“Of course, extra pecans and grapes just for you!

“Bless you, my child,” she said as she rushed over to the counter and cleared off space for them to be able to eat.  “I am starving so you are my savior!  If you don’t mind, we can eat here because then I can keep an eye on the store in case anyone comes in.”

Melody took the time to fill Daisy in on the town gossip that they didn’t get to last night with all of the conversation about the trip to California.  There was the excitement over the fight at the tavern and Jimmy getting thrown out, again.  And the domestic call that Sheriff Pike had to take care of out in the county.  There was nothing earth shattering but this was typical small town gossip that Daisy lived for.  When there are only 6,000 people in your town, you know everyone and everything that is going on.

In the middle of their conversation, the butler bell above the door rang and they looked up to see Greg from the flower shop walking in with a large arrangement of flowers;  multi-colored roses and lilies, her favorites.

“Afternoon, ladies, the gentleman who ordered these told me to make the biggest arrangement I could with the flowers that you liked the most.  I know you love lilies so that is what I did and put some roses in for good measure because what woman doesn’t like roses, am I right?”

“Greg, you did a fantastic job with this arrangement,” Melody gushed, “These flowers are beautiful.  So who in the world sent these to our little Daisy?”

“He said she would know but that I am supposed to tell her, and Daisy, I am sorry but I have to quote him.”  Greg looked down at his clipboard and said nervously, “Turn on your damn cell phone and quit ignoring my messages.”

Melody turned and looked at Daisy, who had her head down as if ashamed, “So, your cell phone is off and not broke?  What in the world are you hiding little lady?”

“Greg, do you need me to sign for these?”  She said, extending her hand for the clipboard so she could sign the delivery slip.  “Thank you, and Melody is right, you did a fantastic job, they are beautiful.”

“My pleasure, Daisy.  Have a good day!”  Greg said as he turned and left the store.

As soon as he was gone and the coast was clear, Melody jumped at her chance to question her.  “Daisy, what have you been hiding?  Who are these from?  Spill the beans, girl!”

Daisy let out a heavy sigh, she wasn’t sure she was ready to go through this, not right now, it was still too fresh and she hadn’t even been brave enough to turn on her phone yet.  But Melody was her best friend and if anyone should know the secret, it would be her.  Although, as her best friend she would also be pushing her to take the next step and get out of her comfort zone.  While Daisy would spin the tale that she broke up with Michael because she didn’t want to get married, that wasn’t really the truth.  She did want to get married, more than anything but she didn’t want to marry Michael.  He was a great guy but he was not Prince Charming and damn Disney for making her think that he would ride a white horse and save the day.  But Prince Charming didn’t exist and that meant Daisy could never find the right guy.

“Fine, but no judgments and I don’t want everyone else knowing about this.  I mean it Melody, it stays between you and me.”

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