Just a Small Town Girl: 9 – Spill the Beans


As Daisy prepared to tell her story,  Melody watched the expression on her best friend’s face turn serious and it scared her. Daisy had always been a fun loving, free spirit and while she was shy in social situations outside of town, she was always comfortable and easy going when it came to talking with her friends.  This, however, was a look she had not seen for some time.  “Okay, you have my word, Daisy.  This is serious, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, just a little bit,” She said and then began to recount the details of the premiere and the reception.  She gave her the details about Chris finding her in her seat and leading her out to the lobby and his arm around her waist in the street and whispering in her ear.  She recounted how he slammed drinks with her at the bar during the reception and how she couldn’t remember doing anything with him.  However, she had evidently given him her phone number since he texted her the next day; seem she had invited him to go to Disney with her.

“No way?  You spent your day at Disney with him?  Jesus Daisy, why didn’t you tell us this shit last night?”

“Yeah, the entire day with him and his brother Scott.  We even had dinner together.  And why didn’t I tell you guys?”  Daisy ran took a drink from her water bottle, “C’mon Mel, you know if I would have that either Alexis or Tangie would have put it on the internet by now.  It would be on Facebook, Twitter or any other outlet they use.  I don’t want them knowing because they will never let it go and nothing, I mean, nothing happened.”

Melody just watched her friend cycle through the emotions as she told the story.  She could tell there was more to the story and she would kick herself if she didn’t push, “Fine, so maybe nothing happened at the park or at dinner but there’s more to the story then you are telling me.  You don’t turn off your phone for harmless flirting and the exchange of a phone number, Dase.”

She looked exasperated but knew she had to do this, “Yeah, there is more.  After dinner, I had had them take me back to my hotel.  I said goodbye to Scott and got a hug, but when I said goodbye to Chris he didn’t touch me.  In fact, he shoved his hands in pockets like he was making a point not to touch me; I was humiliated.  I spent all day and evening with him and the goodbye was cold and unfeeling.”

“Wow, that is awful.  I could see why you might be a little upset.”

“Yeah, so I went to my room and about ten minutes later he showed up at my door.  I let him in, not sure why, but I did and he said he thought I might be upset for what he didn’t do in the parking lot.”

“Cheeky bastard, isn’t he?  And terribly full of himself.”

“Well he was right so I can’t really say fault him, he could read it in my face most likely.  He took a step or two toward me and then he kissed me.  Mel, I’m telling you the earth moved, fireworks went off, and the dam broke if you catch my drift,”  she stopped and took another drink of water.  She had just said more than she had expected to say and felt a bit embarrassed for actually saying it.  “He had me up against the wall and it was getting intense; I got bold enough to unbutton his jeans, I mean I was really willing to go all the way with this.  And he just stopped, he put on the brakes and backed away from me.”

Melody was stunned; first, for the fact that her friend was willing to actually get busy with a man she hardly knew.  But second, for the fact that he had put the brakes on and stopped; that wasn’t something that she would have anticipated.  She could tell this is what was upsetting Daisy the most, it was shaking her confidence and confusing her.  Not to mention the rejection of her crush had to hurt.  “Why did he stop, Daisy?”

“He said that he liked me and didn’t want to screw it up and wanted me to respect him in the morning and if he had sex with me that wouldn’t happen.  He said he wanted nothing more than to finish what he started but it wouldn’t be right.  Or some bullshit like that,” there was contempt in her voice as she recounted his words.

“Daisy, you know he has a playboy persona so maybe he was sincere.  So, is that it or did anything else happen?”

“I left the hotel and went to the airport early on Thursday morning.  Lucky me, my gate happened to be right next to the American VIP lounge where he was waiting for his flight out to do the international premiere stuff.  He had me come in and sit with him and he admitted that while his brain told him he had made the right decision to leave my room the night before, the rest of his body said he should have stayed; he wanted to know if I wished he had stayed.” Daisy began playing with her water bottle, which was now empty, because it was becoming harder to talk about this.  She took a deep breath, “I had to leave because it was getting close to time for his flight and all of his costars were arriving.  He didn’t want me to go and he decided it would be appropriate to kiss me in front of everyone.  Mel, this was a deep kiss that started a fire in my soul, and I walked away.  I just walked away and turned off my phone and haven’t turned it on since.”

Melody took a step forward and pulled her best friend into a hug, “It sounds to me as if my shy little flower has fallen really hard for her superhero who happens to be a Disney prince.”  She stepped back and put her hands on Daisy’s shoulders, “So, you haven’t talked to him since he kissed you in the VIP lounge?”

She nodded her head in agreement, “And I have been too afraid to turn the phone back on.”

“I love you like a sister and we have been best friends since fourth grade, so I can tell you this with all the love and respect in the world.  You are a fucking idiot!  Get your phone out and at least, look at your messages.  He kissed you and you kissed him back, give him a chance Daisy.  And besides, he bought you flowers!  You dated Michael for two years and the idiot never bought you flowers.”

“But you just said, he has a playboy reputation…”

“Yeah and people change all the time.  He put himself out there and if he said he was scared to screw things up you went and proved his point.”  Melody walked over to where Daisy’s purse was sitting and fished her phone out; turning it on, listening for the familiar tune that indicates the phone is booting up.  She handed it to her, “Daisy, read the messages and see what he has to say and then call him.  You are miserable and I bet he is too.   For once Daisy, take a chance and don’t play it safe.”

Reluctantly, Daisy took her phone and looked down at her missed messages and calls.  She had fourteen missed phone calls and sixteen missed text messages.  Several of the phone calls were from friends who forgot that she said her phone was ‘broken.’  She noticed that four of the missed calls had come from Scott while five of them had come from Chris.

“I guess Chris had his brother try calling in the hopes I would answer at least one of them,” she said aloud as she scanned through the call history.

Once she finished reviewing the call history, she began to look at the missed text messages.  Most of them were from Chris but Scott had sent his fair share.  Once again, she surmised that Scott was being used to at least illicit a response because he was the ‘safer’ brother.

The messages from Chris were all a variation of:

Are you okay?

                Why won’t you return my messages?

                What did I do wrong?

                Please talk to me, I’m sorry

The messages from Scott were variations of:

Are you alright?

                What did Chris do to make you mad?

                Why won’t you text or call him?

                Why are you mad at me?  I didn’t do anything!

As she was scrolling through the messages, the phone chimed to tell her a new message had arrived.

I know the flowers were delivered and you got my message.  I’m sorry for whatever I did, please call me.  I’m worried about you and want to know you are okay.

Daisy read the text aloud and Melody smiled.  She had to admit that Daisy was overreacting just a little bit.  Okay, it was out of the ordinary and extremely unlikely that a major movie star would fall for a small town girl but stranger things have happened.  It was evident from the messages, and the flowers, that Chris was in this about as deep as Daisy was and they were both fighting it.

“Daisy, I have coverage at the café so I can watch your store.  Take the phone, go to your office and call the guy back.  You can’t ignore him and you know you don’t want to.  If nothing else, have the decency to thank him for the flowers and, at least, let him know that you are alive.

Daisy stared at her phone for a few moments as if she were really thinking about it; she had her mind made up already that she was going to call him.  She just didn’t want to seem overly anxious to call.  She finally started walking toward her office when she looked over her shoulder at Melody, “You’re sure you can cover me for like five minutes, right?”

Melody started laughing and nodded her head in acknowledgment as she watched the door to the office close.  She knew this was going to take longer than five minutes.

Daisy hit the redial button on the phone as she closed the door.  The phone had not even completed one full ring when it was answered and she heard his frantic voice “Daisy, is that you?”

Her voice was shaky as she answered, “Yeah, Chris, it’s me.  I noticed I had a few messages on my phone from you when I got it working today.  So, I guess you were trying to reach me, huh?”

He let out a nervous laugh, “When you got it working or when you actually turned it on?”

“Well…yeah…when I turned it on,” she admitted.

“I just kept calling and texting in the hopes you would turn it on and call me back.  I was starting to get a little worried.”

“I noticed you had Scott call,” she said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“Well, when all else fails, get a non-threatening man to call and scope out the situation.  Besides, you two seem to have hit it off and he is a big fan of yours.”

“I like Scott and yeah, we did hit it off.  But I was just afraid to talk to either one of you, actually.”

“I’m confused Daisy, which I guess isn’t that hard to understand since I am a guy and all.  But, I thought I had tried to tell you that I was interested in you and didn’t want to screw it up.  But I guess I did anyway?  Help me understand what I did wrong, please.”

“Honestly, I don’t think you did anything wrong,” she took a deep breath, she was not sure how to say this but figured they would work it out no matter what.  “Chris, you said it yourself, you were afraid you would mess something up and, well, frankly, so was I.  Afraid I would mess something up, I mean.  For some reason, we seem to have made a connection and it makes absolutely no sense because I am not your type of girl.”

“Hey, why would you say that?  How would you know that you aren’t my type of girl?”  His voice was light but she could tell he was a little offended at the notion.

“I guess because I am not the Hollywood type and I live in a small town,” she started to laugh, “Chris, I’m not exactly the trophy girlfriend, you know.”

“Oh!  Yeah, I gave up on the trophy girlfriend idea years ago, Daisy.  They need too much polishing and are too high maintenance, I am looking for the non-Hollywood type.  The down to earth, sweet, beautiful little shop owners who have a sense of humor and can laugh at themselves.”

“That is a very specific type you are looking for, Chris.  I guess it is hard to find that kind of girl, especially with your busy schedule and such.”

“Oh, absolutely, so when I find her, well I worry that I will mess it up because I’ve been looking for her for so long.  So, tell me, Daisy Proctor, do you think you might be willing to, at least, give me a chance?”  He waited for a minute to see if she responded and when she didn’t say anything he offered, “I’m not asking for a commitment, Daisy.  Just for me and you to text and talk and get to know one another.  At least, give it a chance to see if something forms between us.”



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