Just a Small Town Girl: 13 – Taking Flight


Daisy had spent the entire morning being nervous.  She called her dad to tell him that she was jetting off to see Chris; she didn’t want to argue with her mom so she figured dad was a safe bet.  He was proud of her for putting her heart out there but understandably nervous for her as well.  He promised not to tell Martha about Daisy’s trip until later that night; he just asked that once she arrived at whatever the destination was, that she text him and let him know she arrived safely.  This she could readily agree to.

She called Melody and asked her friend to help calm her down, but that didn’t work.  Melody helped speculate on where they could be going and what they could be doing.  They immediately figured out that they had to be going somewhere in the US because he didn’t ask her to bring her passport.  They weren’t going to Hawaii because the flight would be too long for a weekend trip and he didn’t tell her to bring shorts and swimwear.  They had settled on the fact she was most likely going to California and they would spend the weekend at his house.  Or, he could be taking her to Boston but that would be too soon to meet the rest of his family when they had barely seen one another.  No, she was sure she was going to California.

Her bags were in the car and she was as prepared as she could be.  She was waiting on Kimberly to arrive at the shop so she could go over a few things and then she would head to the city and the airport.  Right at eleven, Kimberly walked into the store and Daisy did a quick rundown of everything she would need.  She gave her every emergency contact and told her to call if there were any problems.  Kimberly assured her that everything would be okay and ushered her out the door and to her car.

The hour drive to the city was the longest drive of her life.  She felt as if she hit every red light before she got to the highway and then hit every traffic jam you could imagine.  The truth was, she was making excellent time, but the perception was that time was moving slow and she would never get there.

Once she arrived at the airport, she made her way to the American terminal and found a kiosk to check in and print her boarding pass.  She only had a carry on bag so luckily she didn’t have to stand it line and worry about checked baggage.  As she pulled up her information on the screen, she noticed that she was leaving from gate 3A and the flight destination was Las Vegas.  She was not expecting that and she was not expecting that she would be seated in first class.

Her boarding pass printed, she made her way to security and just kept running through her head how Vegas was not even a consideration when she and Melody thought of travel destinations.  She quickly passed through security and was walking down the corridor toward the gate when she stopped dead in her tracks.  There was Chris and he was staring straight at her; to be fair, it was an ad in a perfume store window facing in her direction but still.

She got to the gate and found that she had thirty minutes to kill before her flight.  She checked her phone for any messages but didn’t have any.  She pulled her book out of her bag but wasn’t truly interested in reading it.  No, instead her mind just continued to race and tried to process the fact that she was about to see Chris again and she was going with him to Vegas.  In the back of her mind, she knew this could spell trouble.

When they called the flight to start boarding, she almost forgot to get up with the first call.  She had never sat in first class before so she wasn’t used to being able to have early boarding.  She made her way down the jetway and the flight attendant directed her toward her seat, she was sitting on the aisle in the last row of the section.  The window seat was currently unoccupied but she could tell that someone had been there for the first leg of the flight.  The attendant advised that the passenger had to make a call so they allowed him to exit the plane.

Daisy thought this was odd because she didn’t see anyone step out of the jetway before boarding started.  But then again, she had been trying to read her book so maybe she missed it.  She placed her bag in the overhead compartment and tried to get settled in her seat.  She knew not to get too comfortable since she would have to move when her row companion came back.

The passengers seemed to have all been loaded and she was beginning to worry that something was odd about the fact that the seat next to her was still empty.  She was looking out of the window and contemplating this when she heard his voice, “Excuse me, but I need to get to my seat.”

Her head turned immediately and a smile that would have rivaled the lights of Vegas lit up the plane.  She jumped from her seat, through her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips without hesitation or reservation.  She quickly pulled back and looked around, noticing that the flight attendants and the passengers around them were watching.  She began to blush, and took her removed her hands from around his neck and said sheepishly, “Sorry.”

He was smiling as he put his hands on her hips and quickly pulled her into him.  He gently kissed her lips and swept his tongue across hers with a silent request for entry that she gladly provided.  The two of them were lost in the moment and forgot that they were in the aisle of an airplane.  Chris released the kiss and whispered, “I missed you beautiful but I think we need to take our seats.”

She couldn’t respond with words but moved so that Chris could take his seat next to her.  Once they were buckled in, Chris took Daisy’s hand and laced their fingers together.  He leaned towards her and kissed her temple and Daisy turned to look at him.  “I’m surprised you wanted to fly me off somewhere since you have been jet setting the last two weeks.”

“I wanted to take you someplace where we could have some fun and we weren’t bound by the strings of our day to day lives.  If we stayed at your place or mine, we would have to worry about friends and family.  If we go to Vegas, we have none of that; we can do what we want and cut loose.”

“And being a celebrity isn’t an issue?”

“Nope, there are enough places for us to go and do things where we will blend right in and no one will notice.”

Daisy lifted the armrest between the two of them and loosened the seat belt to give her the motion to move and snuggle into Chris’s side.  Their calls and discussions over the last two weeks had brought them close together in every way except physically.  She knew this would change this weekend and wanted it to start on the plane.  She wasn’t interested in having sex on the plane; she just wanted to be close to him.  To inhale his scent and feel his body close to her.  As she began to snuggle in, he put his arm around her and pulled her close.  She felt like he had wanted this as well.

They engaged in quiet conversation during the flight; primarily it was an opportunity for Chris to fill her in on the details of the press tour and all of the things they never had a chance to talk about during their calls and text messages.  What they found was that they were comfortable with one another.  Where Daisy had been nervous and uncomfortable the first night in Los Angeles, all of that was gone now and they had found a rhythm and a comfort with one another that defied explanation.

As the plane made the final approach to the Las Vegas airport, Daisy sat up and straightened her clothes and tried to fix her hair from where she had been flattened against Chris’s shoulder.  He smiled as he watched her and wanted to pinch himself to make sure she was real and was in front of him.  He had spent the night before in Boston with his mom and had told her all about Daisy.  Lisa Evans was not surprised by her son’s admission; Scott had already filled her in but she didn’t let Chris know that.  And just as Scott had predicted, Lisa could tell that Chris was, in fact, crazy about this girl.

The plane was at the gate and they were ready to disembark, Chris and Daisy were one of the first to exit and were provided an ‘escape’ route so they could avoid the crowds.  Amanda had come through and provided a car service that would drive them to Aria for their stay; she had booked them a Sky Suite just like he had asked.  He figured if he was going to go take her to Vegas he was going to spoil her just a little.

She stared out the window of the car and seemed mesmerized by the lights and the activity on the strip, “Have you never been to Vegas before?”  He asked as he pulled leaned over and kissed her neck just under her ear.  “I can have the driver go around for a bit if you want to look around,” he said as he planted another kiss on the opposite side of her neck.  She melted into him.

“No, let’s go to the room,” she managed to say, albeit a little breathlessly.

The driver pulled up in front of the hotel and came around to open the door for Daisy to step out.  That was still an odd notion to her, she was so used to just getting out of the car on her own and the idea of having someone else do it on her behalf was not normal.

Chris entered the Tower Lounge where he was met by his personal concierge, Derrick.  He ushered Chris and Daisy into a private lounge where he would personally handle the check in process.  Chris managed the registration and, as was customary, even though he was paying with his credit card, he was booked under an alias so that the hotel staff could not obtain any of his information.

Derrick provided Chris with a business card with his contact details and let him know that he should give him a call if he required any assistance during his stay.  Part of his hotel arrangements included limo service and he could help arrange the car whenever they needed it.  He provided the key cards and receipts and thanked Chris and Daisy for choosing to stay at the hotel.  Daisy couldn’t speak, she was in awe of the level of service afforded to you when you have means.  It turned her stomach a little to be taking advantage of that sort of thing but had to admit that it was pretty amazing and she should enjoy it while it lasted.

As they entered the elevator, Daisy’s mind went to all the things she would love to do to him in that small space.  But realizing this is an upscale hotel, there would be cameras and she didn’t want her little escapade to be on film.  Instead, she laced her fingers with his and rested her head on his shoulder.  She knew that his lack of affection and attention at the moment were due to them being in a public place and cameras being a threat.

As the elevator opened, Daisy realized the floor didn’t look like the usual hotel floor setup  For that matter, Chris had to access a particular keypad to push the button for their floor.  Why was this just dawning on her now?  Chris could tell that she was looking around and was confused.

“We’re in a penthouse suite; little more private than a regular room.  That is why it looks different.”

She nodded as if she actually understood what he meant, but when he opened the door to the room, it suddenly became clear.  Once inside she walked across the living space to the large picture window that looked out over the Vegas strip.  The view was incredible and the lights and activity were like nothing she had ever seen before.  Chris closed the door behind him and just watched her for a moment; her eyes wide with amazement, she reminded him of a kid at Christmas.

She could see his reflection in the window as he walked toward her and her body became electric.  He stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder.  “Are you okay with my decision to bring you to Vegas?”

She nodded slowly, “I just wanted to be with you.”  She turned herself in his arms and looked into his brilliant blue eyes and then raised her hands to cup his face and feel his beard.  “You know, I’ve been dreaming of this beard for the last two weeks.  I don’t think I appreciated it enough when we met but I certainly do now.”  She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him softly and he pulled her in tighter.  She fit to him perfectly.


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