Horrifying Way to Wake Up

I am still shaking, and I am not sure I will be able to go back to sleep.  My dog sat up on the end of the bed about 15 minutes ago and began howling to wake me up, I told him to be quiet and then I heard it.  The sound of men on my front porch.  Then the sound of them pulling on my front screen door trying to open it.

My screen door is locked as is my front door but that doesn’t mean if someone wants it open they can’t get it open.  I hear them yelling and talking about trying other doors.  I immediately pick up the phone and call 911.  I am kept calm by an operator while she dispatches officers to my home.  Within a minute, there is an officer approaching the vehicle that is in my driveway.  A moment later there are three more patrol cars all with lights flashing.  I am finally able to hang up with the operator but I still do not open my door.

After several moments, an officer approaches my door and asks if I know a particular person – I do not.  It seems this person is rather drunk and his friends were taking him home and he thought my house was his.  This is why they were trying so hard to get into the house.  The officers handled the situation and left.  Now, I am supposed to just go back to bed and forget it happened.  Yeah, that isn’t happening.

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