Just a Small Town Girl: 14 – First Night in Vegas


WARNING:  This is the first time I have had to do this – This chapter is 18+ and NSFW as it contains sexual situations.  If you are offended by the subject matter, please do not read this chapter.

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The Penthouse Suite offered a breathtaking view of Vegas and had more room than two people needed.  Daisy realized that the reason he got the room was not because they needed all of that space, but because it offered privacy and that is what was most important.  Chris took her hand and led her down the hallway, through the kitchen and dining area, to the bedroom.

As he stood in front of her, his hands on her waist and looking into her eyes, she said without thinking, “You left our bags in the other room.”

Chris put his finger to her lips, “Shhh…we aren’t going to need the bags tonight.”  Daisy raised her eyebrows as if the realization hit her as to what he meant.  “I thought maybe we could pick up where we left off in your hotel room a few weeks ago.”  He gave her soft kiss on the lips and then began to trail kisses along her chin towards her ear.

Daisy was losing her resolve, her body was on fire from his touch and he was keeping them light which only heightened the sensations.  She rolled her neck so that he could have better access and he took full advantage, kissing and nipping down her neck.  The sensation was erotic and they were both still fully clothed.

Chris decided to take things a step further and moved his hand to start unbuttoning the blue gingham shirt she was wearing.  He decided to go slow with the buttons to provide an opportunity for her to stop if that is what she wanted.  When she reached around to help unbutton them, he knew that stopping wasn’t on her mind.  When the buttons were undone, he slowly opened the shirt and moved to ease if off of her shoulders and then softly kissed the top of each shoulder; she shuddered when his lips touched her.

She moved to begin unbuttoning his shirt but he stepped back, she was confused at first and thought he wanted her to stop but in one quick motion, he pulled it over his head and tossed it to the side.  He wasn’t willing to go slow.  Before he touched her again, he looked into her eyes and asked a simple question, “Are you alright?”

Her heart was racing and she was finding it hard to breathe but she could only answer one way, “Yes,” and it came out in a sultry tone that surprised her.

Chris walked her to the bed and motioned for her to lie down, he wanted her to be comfortable.  She was still wearing her white jeans and wedge heels.  As she got comfortable on the bed, he stood at her feet, gently raising one leg and removing her shoe and then doing the same to the other leg.  He then reached forward and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, getting her assistance as she raised her hips off of the bed and he lowered them and removed them.  Leaving Daisy exposed in her lace bra and matching panties.  He was drinking her in, she was beautiful and he had to admit that he was nervous.

He had friends with benefits, sexual encounters were never an issue for him, but taking this step with a girl that he possibly had real feelings for.  Well, that was a different story.  He was exposing himself in a different way and it wasn’t comfortable for him.  He knew if he didn’t move in the next minute or so that Daisy would think something was wrong and he could ruin the moment.

Too late, Daisy sat up and took his hands, “Is something wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong, I was just admiring you, that’s all.  Thinking about how we got to this place and how I almost ruined it in your hotel room.”

Daisy scooted toward the edge of the bed but never broke eye contact with Chris. “Why are you so sure you would have ruined it in my hotel room?”

“Because that’s what I do,” he admitted honestly, “I find a way to mess up the relationships I want the most.”

“Do you want me, Chris?”  She asked seductively.

“You know I do, Daisy.  The question is, do you want me?”

“You know, we are a lot alike, you and me.  I overanalyze and worry about everything in a relationship, I have a tendency to sabotage the one I want and sail smoothly through the one I could care less about.”

“Which one am I?”

“The one I want, Chris.  I don’t want to mess this up any more than you do but I guess we need to move forward before we worry about screwing it up.”

“Are you sure about this?  I mean it Daisy, we can’t go back.”

“Let me show you that I’m ready,” she said as she released his hands and reached for the button on his jeans.  As she unbuttoned and unzipped them, she began to trail kisses down his stomach.  She heard him let out a soft moan as she began to slide his jeans down and he did not resist when she took the boxers off with them.  He stepped out of them and kicked them to the side; he was now completely naked in front of her.

It was now her turn to admire him, he was completely naked and absolutely glorious.  She traced his clavicle tattoo with her fingers and then traced down his body; paying particular attention to his abs and his Adonis belt.  This man was gorgeous and she was still having a hard time believing he was in front of her and she was touching him.

“Do you like what you see?”  He asked with a sly grin.

She didn’t answer him, but she was sure that the look in eyes let him know that she definitely liked what she saw.  His cock was hard and begging for attention; Daisy had ignored it for too long already.  She took him in her hand and began to stroke him slowly; Chris put his head back and closed his eyes.  Her grip was firm but not too tight and she was definitely giving him what he wanted at the moment.  She began to increase her stroking rhythm and without giving him a warning, took him in her mouth.  His reaction was immediate, “Oh fuck, Daisy, that feels good.”

She would rotate between licking him like a lollipop and taking him into her mouth completely.  She was driving him insane and when she began massaging his balls at the same time, she could tell he was barely hanging on.  He was moaning and panting and she was fairly certain he was about to go over the edge when he stepped back and pulled out of her mouth; the pop was audible.

“Get up on the bed,” he growled, the desire was thick in his voice.  She did what he asked because she knew what was coming next.

He reached forward and pulled her panties off and then kneeled on the bed, spreading her legs apart.  He could see how wet she was and if he weren’t aching to be inside her so bad, he would take the time to taste her and savor that.  He positioned himself over her and kissed her, “Are you sure about this?” She nodded her head and as he captured her lips again, he pushed himself inside.

Each of them let out a gasp of pleasure and pain.  Chris didn’t move, he wanted to make sure she was okay before he went any further.  She nodded to his unasked question and he started to move in a slow and steady rhythm.  Daisy put her hands on his biceps to brace herself and Chris could not get enough of her kisses.  The slow rhythm quickly moved to a frenzied pace and in a matter of moments Daisy went flying over the edge and when her orgasm hit and her walls spasmed, it sent Chris over the edge right after her.  She didn’t let him stop or pull out, she kept milking him and he began to cry out and she did the unthinkable, she made him cum again.

He pulled out and rolled over, Daisy was quite happy with herself and moved to play with him.  He grabbed her hand, “No, baby, oh God, don’t.   I can’t….”

Daisy cuddled up next to him and put her head on his chest and wrapped her leg around his.  She began to softly play with the hair on his chest and moved to kiss him.  He was beautiful, even when he was sweaty and breathing heavily.  “Are you okay, Chris?”  She asked; she was a little worried since he had not said anything.

“Where in the hell did you learn to do that?”  He asked and then quickly said, “Nevermind I don’t want to know the answer.  My God, you’re beautiful.”

Daisy decided to be even more bold.  She moved to straddled him, sitting just above his waist and being careful not to touch his cock in case he was still too sensitive.  She placed her hands on the bed on either side of his head and lowered herself to kiss him.  Her bare breasts brushing against his chest, her nipples immediately hardening again and letting him know she was more than turned on.

Chris’s eyes flew open as they broke from their kiss. “Shit, please tell me..” Chris started, his mind racing to what they had just done and what he that had forgotten.

“Yeah, I’m good, don’t worry.  If I were concerned, I would have stopped you,” she offered quietly.  She tried to calm her heart rate and catch her breath and then decided to get up and go to the bathroom.  As tired as he was, Chris sat up to watch her body move and he smiled with the satisfaction of knowing that she was his.

He decided that maybe what would be best would be a hot shower and then they could snuggle under the sheets and get some rest.  It was when he got off the bed that Chris realized the curtains were open; hopefully, no one with a telephoto lens or a telescope was focused in on their room.  If they had been, they had a hell of a show.

He closed the curtains and walked into the bathroom just as she was preparing to walk out.  She just stared at him walking toward her and could not help but smile.  “What are you smiling at,” he asked.

“Just the fact that if you and I had done that in LA a few weeks ago, I would have put myself in your suitcase and gone on the press tour with you.”

He wrapped himself around her and kissed the top of her head, “I think if we had done that in LA a few weeks ago, it wouldn’t have meant as much.  How about we take a hot shower and then go to bed?  I’m exhausted but we are both a little sweaty and sticky.  Whatcha say?”

She nodded and reached for the towels and washcloths while Chris turned on the shower and got the water warmed up.  They stepped into the shower and immediately their hands began to roam and Daisy’s immediately went to his cock.  With her touch, it did not take long for Chris to get hard and ready.  She kissed him and backed him against the shower wall, as she broke the kiss, he started to speak.

“How in the hell did you go from wallflower who was shy to a sex kitten?”

“I’m shy in situations when I don’t know anyone; I never claimed to be shy once I knew you.  And as far as being a sex kitten, meow.”

Chris could not help but laugh, he definitely did not expect that.  As he went in to kiss her again, she continued stroking him only this time with a little more intensity, “Fuck, you turn me on,” he growled.

“I can tell, baby; I have a new toy and you don’t seem to mind if I want to play,” she purred.  He couldn’t talk, her hands were magical and he was lost in the sensation.  “Tell me what you want, Chris.”

“Suck…please…fuck put me in your mouth.”

“As you wish,” she said as she slid down his body and kneeled in front of him.  Once again she took him in her mouth, this time just the tip to start.  She then began to slowly lick from base to tip while massaging his balls at the same time.  She wanted to torture him but in a good way and from his breathing and his moans, she was succeeding.

She decided to give in when she could tell he was struggling and took him into her mouth, this time, he wanted control and he put his hand on her head and held her in place.  He controlled the pace and tried to see how far he could go without causing her to gag, he realized she could take him completely and that turned him on even more.  His rhythm picked up and finally, he pulled out and grunted loudly as he came on her chest.

Daisy stood up and turned to face the spray of water to clean herself off when Chris spun her around and found her lips.  The kiss was demanding and passionate and ignited the fire within her.  She was not the kind of girl who did these sorts of things but Chris was the kind of man who brought it out in her.  She was not complaining, she liked it and that is what scared her the most.

“You know, I feel kinda bad that you’ve taken care of me more than I’ve taken care of you; I need to return the favor.”

Daisy smiled and put her arms around Chris and put her head on his chest, “No, I’m good, I promise.  Although, I can tell you the water is starting to get cold.”

Chris stepped away from her and turned off the water and then opened the shower door to get the towel.  He took his time to begin drying her off.  It was erotic and she loved how he was so gentle with her and after each area was dry, he would place a soft kiss to indicate he was done.  He quickly toweled off once she was dry and led her back into the bedroom.  She noticed he had closed the curtains and pulled the covers back on the bed.  She crawled into the bed and he followed, positioning himself behind her.  He draped his arm across her body and their legs became entwined.  He kissed her neck and shoulders and inhaled the soft scent of the lavender soap she had used in the shower.

“I could get used to this you know,” she whispered softly, “Don’t spoil me too much, Chris, it will be too painful to go back home.”

“Who says you have to go back home?” He asked hesitantly.

“You know I have to; it isn’t like this weekend is forever.  Besides, do you really think that it can work between a small town girl and a big city, big time movie star?”

“Yeah, I do believe that it can work and you need to live in the now, sweetie.  Quit looking ahead to tomorrow and think about right now.  This is what is important…you and me, together, in this big bed and we are happy.   I know I’m happy, are you happy?”

“Extremely,” she responded. Then it hit her, “Crap, I promised my dad I would text him when we got here and I forgot.  Where is my phone?”

Chris reached over to the nightstand and handed it to her.  She quickly sent a text and apologized for it being late and explained they lost track of time.  She figured it would not go over well to tell him what had actually happened.

She handed the phone back to Chris, who put it back on the nightstand and then snuggled back with her.  Within minutes, both of them had drifted off to sleep.

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