Just a Small Town Girl: 15 – Afterglow

WARNING:   This chapter is 18+ and NSFW as it contains sexual situations.  If you are offended by the subject matter, please do not read this chapter.



The first thing that came into Daisy’s mind as her eyes began to open was the fact that she was naked in an incredibly soft and warm bed.  It took an extra beat of her heart to remember she was not at home and that it meant she would have a gorgeous naked man in the bed next to her.  But when she rolled over she found the bed to be empty and she was alone.  She listened carefully to see if he might be in the bathroom, but all she heard was silence.  Suddenly the bed became cold and she had fear and doubt rushing into her mind.  While she thought things were great last night, did she just remember things differently?   She needed to get out of her own head.

The room was dark and she realized the heavy curtains were still closed.  With no light to seep in, she had no clue as to what time it might be; she sat up and pulled the sheet around her and leaned over to look at the bedside clock that was Chris’s side of the bed – it was 8:30 am.  She had slept much later than she had anticipated but she had to imagine part of that was because of the stress leading up to seeing Chris and then the workout once they got into their hotel room.

She began to replay last night’s events and the feel of his body against her, the way he felt when he moved inside her, and the way he felt when he was in her hands.  She was getting worked up and she could feel herself getting wet and her clit beginning to throb.  One night with this man and she was in deep.  Who was she kidding?  She was in deep the moment he bumped her arm in the movie theater; she was forever ruined for any other man because of his touch.

She reached over and grabbed his pillow and pulled it to her chest, inhaling his scent.  This was not helping her worked up state and all she could think about was having him back in bed with her.  Common sense told her that she should get out of bed and see if he was in the other room, but she was scared of finding herself utterly alone in the hotel room and that was not something she was prepared for.   It wasn’t that she was afraid he left her in Vegas all alone, it was the idea she was in the hotel room alone.  He was probably in the fitness center and she was just stupid.

It was then that she noticed there was a white bathrobe across the foot of the bed.  That wasn’t there last night, or at least, she didn’t remember it being there. Between the smell of him on the sheets and pillow and the aching between her legs, she needed to get out of the bed and quit thinking about him. She put the robe on and shuffled to the bathroom.  The enormity of the space took her by surprise; last night she was in such a hurry to get Chris in the shower she didn’t have time to appreciate it.  While she loved the large shower, the free-standing infinity bathtub was currently grabbing her attention.  She did take care to see that it was big enough for two people to fit comfortably and thought she might make that suggestion to Chris a little later.

As she glanced around the bathroom, she noticed that Chris had brought their bags in from the entryway.  Her clothes were hanging up as were his and his grooming items were on the counter next to hers; he had obviously unpacked.  She quickly shed the bathrobe and jumped in the shower and the memories of what had happened there the night before came flooding back.  When she began thinking about that, her ache intensified and her hand immediately went between her legs to try and take care of it.  She was not ashamed of doing this, after all, what else is a single woman to do when the urge hits.  The problem was the man she was fantasizing over; she had access to him but had no idea where he was right now and she needed a release.  She braced herself against the shower wall and started slowly, thinking of Chris and how she wished his head was between her thighs with his tongue and fingers doing the pleasuring versus her own.  As she thought of what he could do, the pace of her breathing and movement of her fingers increased as she brought herself to climax; she couldn’t hold back and as she came she screamed Chris’s name.   She came hard and her head was spinning; she was light headed and didn’t think she could continue standing, so she slid down to sit on the shower floor.

It took a few moments for her to get herself back to balance, she washed up and got out of the shower.  Drying off quickly, getting dressed and making herself look presentable; she didn’t know when she would see Chris but didn’t want to disappoint him when she did.  She was now thankful he had not seen her when she first woke up because going to bed with wet hair last night had not done her any favors in the beauty department.  She started to worry that maybe that is why he left, he was scared of the monster he woke up with!

As she walked out of the bathroom, she noticed Chris was sitting on the side of the bed.  He was dressed and was leaning forward on his knees and staring at the carpet.  But he sensed her standing there because he sat up and looked at her and smiled, “Morning beautiful, did I hear you call my name?”  The smile turned into an impish grin and she could see the hint of mischief in his eyes.

She walked over and stood between his legs, reaching down to hold his face so she could give him a kiss that would make her want to take off all the clothes she just put on.  “I woke up in this big bed all by myself and I started thinking about last night and how it felt to be with you.  The pillow and the sheets smelled like you and I began to get wet and I had a need and I was alone.  So, I had to take care of myself,” she said, sticking her lip out as if she were pouting.

His eyes clouded with desire and he looked over her body, “So you were thinking of me when you took care of yourself?”

She leaned forward and kissed him and then seductively whispered in his ear, “I thought of your head between my thighs and your tongue on me; starting off by licking me slowly and then increasing your pace.  Finger fucking me while you lick me, tell me, Chris, do you think about doing that?”

He swallowed hard and was unable to speak.  Daisy moved to straddle his lap, “Oh, I think someone is thinking about that right now.”  She began to slowly move back and forth on his lap, rubbing against the bulge in his pants.  She wanted to work him up even more; she wanted the wild sex.  The “fuck you into tomorrow” sex because it was an act and not emotion.

She had fallen for this man and while they had the conversation last night about not wanting to screw things up.  Her fear was if the sex was sweet and they took their time, in other words, made love, then the relationship was even more real and it would scare one, or both, of them into sabotaging it.

She reached down and began to unbutton his jeans, “Do you want to play, Chris?”

“Fuck yes,” he growled as he stood up and set Daisy down, “Get undressed, you look beautiful by the way but I want your clothes off now.”

He didn’t have to ask twice, Daisy stripped off her clothes and took a few steps toward Chris, who had just finished shedding his jeans.  She pulled his shirt over his head and then pushed him back on the bed; she wanted to be on top, she wasn’t worried about being in control, but just wanted to ride.  She crawled on the bed along side of him and then swung her leg over and straddled him, keeping her body above his.  She would rock her body and lightly graze her wet, hot mound over his rock hard cock and every time he would suck in a breath; it was sweet, agonizing torture.

He couldn’t take it and he put his hands on her hips to stop her movement, “Are you going to tease me or are you going to fuck me?”

She gave him a wicked grin and sat up, moving into position.  She looked into his eyes, maintaining eye contact as she slid herself down on him.  She let out a gasp as he filled her and then she began to move her hips, pleasuring herself with him inside.  He was in heaven and she was lost in the moment.  Daisy leaned forward placing her hands on Chris’ chest and began to increase her rocking pace.  Chris was holding her hips and trying to help control the speed when he decided he wanted to take over.  In one motion he flipped her over and then climbed off the bed.  He pulled her legs toward him so her ass was on the edge of the bed, pushing her legs apart he plunged into her and set his own pace.  They were both vocal and it was evident that they were enjoying it.

He finally growled at her, “Are you gonna cum for me, baby?”

She was breathing heavy but she was able to get out a breathless, “Yes, I’m almost there…make me cum, Chris.”

With another thrust, her walls began to spasm and her orgasm overtook her, she let go with, “Oh my God, Chris,” and that was all he needed to let go.  He pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her pulling her close for a kiss.  “I have to say you are going to be the death of me, Daisy.”

She held on to him tight and didn’t respond, she was trying not to let her fear overtake her.  While she was hoping that the sex would have been quick and just an act – it wasn’t.  She made and kept eye contact with him and damn she could swear she saw respect, caring, and love in his eyes.  He was going to be the death of her because there was no way she would survive this weekend and then be able to back home alone.

“Chris, where were you this morning, I was wondering where you went.”

“I woke up and you were sleeping so beautifully that I didn’t want to wake you.  My body clock is jacked because of traveling.  I took a shower, you didn’t move.  I gave you a kiss, you didn’t move,” he said laughing, “You were out like a light.  So, I got dressed and went into the living room to read a few scripts and answer some emails.  I didn’t know you were up until I heard the shower running.”

“Ah, that makes sense.  Does it scare you that I think it is weird waking up without you in bed with me?”

“No, do you want it to?  I mean does it scare you to say it?”

“Maybe, a little,” she reluctantly admitted, “I didn’t expect to fall so hard, so fast.  We’re going to mess this up aren’t we?”

“No, we aren’t so quit thinking that way,” Chris moved so that he was leaning over Daisy and looking into her eyes.  He bent his head and gave her a deep and loving kiss.  As he broke away, he gently licked his lips, “Can we just agree that we are both scared but we need to quit looking over our shoulder to find something wrong?”

She nodded her head, knowing that he was right and she needed to stop thinking it would fall apart.  She pulled him down for another kiss, not being able to get enough of his soft lips.  She breathlessly asked, “Can we please just stay here all day?  I don’t want to get out of this bed and I definitely don’t want you to put on any clothes.”

He had to laugh, it sounded so funny coming from her, his shy little wallflower had definitely found her voice.  “Well, I had thought about taking you around town to sightsee but if you want to stay in bed, then that’s what we’ll do.  But can we, at least, lay on the bed the right way?  I’d like to use the pillows.”

She nodded in agreement and rearranged themselves on the bed.  She snuggled into his side, her head on his chest and her fingers playing with the tufts of hair on his chest.  Their sticky and sweaty arms and legs entwined and it didn’t matter because they were comfortable; so comfortable they drifted off to sleep.



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