Just a Small Town Girl: 16 – We Gotta Go Out



Daisy was the first to wake up, she was no longer entangled with Chris so she could easily move to prop herself up to watch him sleep.  The rise and fall of his beautiful chest and the fluttering of those gorgeous eyelashes.  This time, the roles were reversed and she didn’t want to wake him up.  But she had every intention of coming back to bed.  She eased herself out of the bed and made her way to the bathroom.  As she was walking back into the bedroom, she noticed he had rolled over and was watching her.

“What are you looking at?” She asked playfully as she walked toward the bed.

“My beautiful girlfriend; you know that is the first time I have said that since this trip started,” he smiled and reached out his hand to her.  She took it willingly and he pulled her into the bed and into his arms.  He snuggled into her neck, “Tell me, Daisy, are you happy?”

She let out a giggle,“I’m in bed with a superhero, why wouldn’t I be?”

Chris began to tickle her and learned very quickly that Daisy is extremely ticklish.  She immediately began begging for mercy and dissolved into a fit of laughter.  “Stop, you’re going to make me pee!”

“Well, we can’t have that can we?” He asked as he let up but kept ahold of her, “Seriously, Daisy, are you happy?  We’ve been doing this relationship thing a little backward I know, but talk to me and tell me if you are happy.”

She rolled around so she was looking at him and she placed her hand on his face, rubbing her hand along his beard.  “You know the first time I saw you in the movies without the beard I thought you were so handsome.  Actually, I think I told my friend Melody you were breathtaking,” she smiled and let out a wry laugh, “I saw you with a beard and told her I hated it and that you were so much more attractive without it.  Then the more I looked at you and watched you and took you away from your characters and saw Chris, I realized that I had it all wrong and you were more beautiful with it because you were true to yourself.”

“You’re dodging my question.”

“No, I’m answering you but I am going the long way to get there.  I think when I met you in LA, part of me was meeting Cap and not Chris.  I think by the end of the night, even though I was drunk, I had come to realize I truly met Chris but didn’t let myself really see you until I went back home and we began talking and texting one another.  I think Chris is a good-looking man and he makes me extremely happy, he is goofy and silly and a little over the top sometimes.  But he is charming, sweet and considerate and I am lucky to have him.”

He leaned over and captured her soft lips, the passion that passed between the two of them filled the room, “Thank you, really, you have no idea how much that meant to me.”

“Well, I think I have an idea because that was probably the best kiss ever and we’ve had quite a few of those in the last twenty-four hours.  So, let me turn it around, are you happy?”

“Deliriously, I don’t feel like I have to pretend when I’m with you, Daisy.  I can be myself, that scares me and I think we have established that it scares you, too.  But, I like it, I like that I can be goofy and over the top and you aren’t judging me.  You aren’t judging me, right?”  She shook her head and smiled, it touched his soul. “  Great, now that we have established our happiness level and have had enough physical exercise to work up an appetite, can we go eat?  I’m starving?”

“Oh thank God, I thought you’d never ask.  Do you want to go out though or can we just order in?”

“I think we should get dressed and go out for a little bit; leave the room and see some of Vegas since you’ve never been here before.”

Daisy bit her lip, she had to think about it.  She wanted to stay in, it was safe and they didn’t have to worry about crowds but if she stayed with him in the room, then it would make it even worse when it was time to go home.  “Ok, maybe we could take a bath together before we go out?  That tub looks divine and we do need to get cleaned up.”

~ * ~

The two of them rode down the elevator in virtual silence; not that anything was wrong, in fact, everything was right.  The bath turned into a little more than a bath and it took a bit longer to get ready than either one had anticipated.  They were afraid to touch one another for the spark might once again ignite.

The limo provided by the hotel drove them to a restaurant off the strip.  It was well known to locals but not the tourists and since it wasn’t frequented by celebrities, they could eat virtually unnoticed.  They had a small table near the back and sat with their backs to the door so that they could have a tiny amount of privacy.

“How do you even know about this place?”  She asked while they were waiting for their food.

“I’ve been to Vegas a time or two, and you learn where to go to avoid the tourist crowd.  You need to know that as we are out, there is a chance we will be seen together and photographed.  You need to be prepared.”

“Can’t we just do what I did at Disney?  I don’t walk in with you or out with you?  Won’t that work?”

“Are you planning on not touching, talking, or kissing me at all when we are out?”

She thought about this for a minute, “Wait, that won’t work.”

With his index finger, he tapped her on her nose, “Now you understand.”

“Are you ready to go public?  I mean, do you want to let people know about me?”

Chris considered his words carefully before he answered, “I don’t want people to know about you but it isn’t because I’m ashamed of you – it’s because I want you to have your life without people following you or trying to invade your privacy.  I’m okay with people knowing I’ve got a girlfriend but I keep my private life private for your sake, not mine.”

Once they finished eating, the two ventured over to the High Roller Ferris Wheel for a ride.  Chris had called ahead and made plans to have a cabin to themselves.  Daisy had let him know she was not a fan of this idea, she hated Ferris Wheels and more importantly, she was scared of heights.  He gently chided her as to how she could be afraid when she looked out of their hotel room window without reservation.  She explained that it was different because this thing was moving and the hotel room wasn’t.

When they arrived, they were put in their cabin and as the wheel began to move, he kept her seated on the bench and held her to his side so that she could feel safe. Finally, he walked her to the window so she could see out; keeping her in front of him with his arms wrapped tightly around her.  He kept his chin on her shoulder and pointed out landmarks and told her stories so she could keep her mind busy and not allow it to think about the fact that they were moving and so far up in the air.

When the ride was over and they exited the cabin, Chris took her hand and led her into the casino.  He thought maybe they could try their luck at a few games.  This would allow them to keep their hands busy with something other than each other; Chris was getting lucky at the craps table and was up several thousand dollars.  Evidently Daisy was his good luck charm, he kept her by his side with his arm around her and never letting her go, not even to throw the dice.  After thirty minutes he was up ten thousand and decided to not push his luck any further, good luck charm or not.

As they left to go cash out his chips, Chris pulled Daisy over to one of the many bars on the casino floor and ordered drinks.  “Figured we should start celebrating,” he said as he flagged down the bartender.

After several drinks the two of the headed over to cash out the chips and head toward their next destination.  They walked through the Forum Shops, Daisy had never been shopping in such high-end stores.  She preferred to window shop since she knew she couldn’t afford anything in these stores but her heart stopped when they walked past the window for Christian Louboutin.  There was a stunning pair of pink ballerina leather peep toe heels with a black bow on the toe that would look beautiful with the dress she brought from home.  She stood in front of the window staring at the shoes reminiscent of how a child would stare at a candy in a store.  Chris smiled as he watched her, captivated by her innocence.

He walked up behind her and leaned down to whisper in her ear, “Would you like to go try them on?”

She shook her head vehemently, “No, can’t afford them but they are so pretty.”

“How do you know you can’t afford them if you don’t go in and ask to look at them?”

She turned around and looked at him as if she could not understand how he could be so dense, “Christopher, do you know what store this is?  These are Louboutin’s and they aren’t going to be any less than $500 a pair and I’m sure that is still too low.  I can’t afford that for shoes!  Shoes that I may only wear once at that, I could pay my house payment for what I would pay for those shoes.”

“What if I bought them for you?”  He asked innocently, “I mean, I would do that for you if you really wanted them.  You deserve beautiful things and if you want a pair of Louboutin shoes, well you can have a pair,” he announced proudly.

“Um, no.  But thank you for offering.  No way that is too much…way too much.”

Chris was stunned at her refusal to let him buy her something nice.  He wanted to be able to shower her with gifts; didn’t most girlfriends want their boyfriends to make romantic gestures like that?  Shit, no wonder he was still single.  He was never going to figure this out.  He would find a way, though, he would definitely find a way.

She took his hand and led him away from the window and they continued walking through the shops; they were surprised that they had been left alone.  They were not complaining in the least but luckily they had been able to slip under the radar.  For that reason, Chris suggested that they not go to the nightclub event he had been invited to.  There would be quite a few celebrities there and media for sure, if they didn’t go they wouldn’t have to worry about being outed just yet.

Chris looked at his watch, it was close to 10 pm, he suggested they head back to the hotel and freshen up and head out to go drinking and dancing.  There were plenty of nightclubs to hit and all of them had VIP areas where they could party in private.

“Did you only bring one fancy party dress?”

“Yes, you told me that was for a special night, is that tonight or tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow; but you have something for this evening, right?  I mean do we need to go and a get you something?”

“No, I have another dress for tonight but it is not as fancy as tomorrows.  What is on the menu for tomorrow?”

“Wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you?”

She stuck out her lip and pretended to pout, “Not fair!”

He had been trying to hide his feelings for her but he was having a hard time keeping them under wraps.  She had been very vocal that she was worried about messing this up and he had concurred.  He had almost slipped and said a particular word to her several times during the day but he was not sure she was ready to hear it.  It was definitely no secret that he had a particular reputation for being a playboy and not being ready to settle down but she had changed that and it scared him that it happened so suddenly.

“Uh-oh, you look serious all of a sudden, Chris.  What’s going on in that head of your’s?”

“Oh, nothing, sorry, just thinking about where we should go tonight,” he was trying to quickly cover.

Chris offered the bathroom to Daisy, he said he had a few phone calls to make and she could start getting ready while he did that.  She gladly took him up on the offer and bounced off to the bathroom. She had showered, wrapped herself in a bath towel, and was starting to work on her makeup when he came in to take his shower.  It was the first time they had allowed each other the opportunity to shower unassisted.

Chris took the chance to nibble on her neck as he walked behind her to get his clothes.  She moved her head to the side and giggled as he did this, she loved the feel of his lips on her skin.  He had to stop now or they would never leave the room and if he wanted to actually get dressed and go out it would be best to get ready in the bedroom.

He dressed in dark gray trousers and a white henley pullover, it was an outfit he wore to a party once and he had been told it was a good look.  He heard the clicking of Daisy’s heels on the bathroom tile and turned to see her walking toward him.  His breath caught, she was a black keyhole neckline dress with a swing skirt.

“Is it too much?” He couldn’t speak he just shook his head.  “It is too much, dang it.  It is the only thing I have other than pants and sweater, let me change.”

“Don’t you dare!” He was finally able to get out, “You look stunning.”

“Well, you’re not so bad yourself, Evans.”




  1. Hi there, it’s me Fayrouz from Tumblr, I’m having troubles logging in to my Tumblr account, so I’ll be using this till I find a way to log in to my Tumblr account.
    I loved the last 2 chapters so much, Dasiy is so lovely and realistic and this story is so fun to read. Keep it up 👍🏻👏🏻


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