Just a Small Town Girl: 17 – Let’s Have a Party

WARNING:  This chapter is 18+ and NSFW as it contains sexual situations.  If you are offended by the subject matter, please do not read this chapter.


Special Thanks to @VioletSpike for helping me with this chapter – your suggestions helped me find my way through this one


When Chris and Daisy finally left their hotel suite, it was close to midnight.  They had decided that they would go ahead and go drinking and dancing; while this would be late in most towns, this was when things were just starting to heat up in Vegas.  Chris nodded to the bouncer as they entered the nightclub, he had been to the club before and apparently knew the man who let them in even though there was a significant line.  Chris led Daisy up a winding staircase to the VIP lounge where another bouncer acknowledged Chris with a nod and then opened the door to give them access.  The room was busy but by no means crowded so it provided the perfect atmosphere for the two of them.  The lounge was spacious and the lighting was low; there were large windows that looked down onto the dance floor of the club and couches lined the windows.  Along the back wall was an expansive bar with backlit shelves displaying every type of liquor you could imagine.

Just inside the door was another bouncer, this one sat on a stool next to a table with a lock box.  As Chris and Daisy walked past he spoke to them, “Excuse me, Mr. Evans, I’m going to need to ask you and your date to relinquish your cellular device please.”

Daisy was astonished, “Why?  Why do you need my phone?”

“Ma’am, this is a VIP club and we take the privacy of our guests very seriously.  For your protection, we prohibit the use of cellular devices and cameras within this area.  I hope you can understand,” the burly man was polite when speaking to her.

“Oh, I see,” she responded and handed her phone to the man.  Chris handed his over without comment.

“Thank you both for your cooperation, when you are ready to leave, just let us know and we will retrieve it for you.”

Chris nodded in acknowledgment and put his hand on the small of Daisy’s back and led her to a dark corner near the window; the couch had a secluded spot and it was perfect for the two of them.  They settled in and their waitress came over to take their drink over.  Chris ordered a gin and tonic and requested a cosmopolitan to start for Daisy.

“Why do you always order my drinks?”

“Did you know what you wanted to drink my dear?”

“Well, no, but that is beside the point.”

They had been drinking and getting cozy for a little more than an hour when Chris noticed his friend Zach walking toward them.  Zach was one of his best friends from back home in Boston and he knew he was out in Vegas this weekend.  When Daisy was in the shower, one of his phone calls had been to Zach to see if he wanted to come out and join them.  Zach was a tall man, around the same height at Chris, with sandy blonde hair and piercing green eyes.  He was well built and cut a nice figure in a pair of dress slacks and a pullover sweater.  Daisy could not help but wonder what was in the water in Boston that Chris and his friends were all so good looking.

Zach was with his girlfriend, Shannon, a statuesque brunette who was wearing a dress that was cut low and barely came down past her hips.  She apparently wanted to leave nothing to the imagination.  She was wearing high heels that put her right about the same height as Zach.  You would think a girl like that would walk in like she owned the place, not Shannon.  She didn’t strut when she walked and she didn’t sneer at people. Instead, she had a softness in her eyes and she smiled warmly at everyone.

As the two of them approached the table, Chris jumped up and greeted Zach with a handshake and a bro-hug.  Daisy gathered that they had not seen one another in several months so this was a reunion of sorts.  Chris did a quick introduction and as Daisy was introduced she could tell that Zach and Shannon had already had quite a bit to drink.

Generally, the idea of meeting someone new would cause Daisy to shrink into wallflower mode, but she had already had several drinks so she was more friendly.  It helped that Shannon was friendly and relaxed as well; the two of them hit it off immediately.  The went the route of complimenting each other on their dresses and fashion sense but the ladies became instant best friends when Daisy looked down and noticed Shannon’s shoes.

“Shannon!  Oh my goodness, please tell me those are not the Jimmy Choo Cinderella shoes!” Daisy shrieked.

Chris and Zach stopped their conversation and looked over at the girls.  Chris had to laugh at how excited Daisy seemed to be at the sparkling shoes that Shannon was wearing.  He had to admit they were pretty but he wasn’t sure why she was so excited about them.

“They are!  I paid a king’s ransom for them – they aren’t supposed to be available until October but I was able to get a pair that had been made for fashion week.  I should never have paid that much for a pair or shoes but the are to die for!”

“I saw them in my bridal magazine, I wanted a pair for my store but there is no way I can afford them and no one coming into my store could afford them either.”

Shannon loved the fact that Daisy was a business owner and that it was adorable that she owned a bridal boutique in the middle of nowhere.  Shannon admitted that she and Zach were going to get married and while it would be fun to do a quickie wedding while they were in Vegas, she longed for a big romantic wedding.  Daisy offered for her to come to the store if she wanted to shop for dresses; she might be a small shop but she had excellent customer service.  Ever the salesperson, even when slightly inebriated.

The two ladies continued to chat when finally Shannon suggested that they go out and dance.  Daisy had noticed the dance floor when they first entered the VIP club but it had been empty the entire time she and Chris had been there.  She declined Shannon’s invite, at first, fearing she would go out there and dance and make an absolute fool of herself.  But Shannon wasn’t letting her off the hook so easily.  She asked Zach and Chris if they would go and get them fresh drinks; think the alcohol would do the trick.

As Daisy drank whatever Chris had ordered for her this time, Shannon continued to loosen her up and prod her into going dancing.  “C’mon Daisy, I don’t want to dance on my own and you know you want to do it,” Shannon pulled Daisy’s arm and, this time, there was no resistance.  The two ladies kicked off their shoes and left them at the table and then made their way to the dance floor.

The music was being pumped in from the dance floor below so the DJ had no idea what the girls upstairs were doing.  It was probably a good thing.  They were definitely cutting loose and Daisy had more moves than she had let on.  Zach and Chris were in the corner talking; while Zach was not paying much attention to the ladies, Chris never took his eyes off of Daisy.

This did not escape Shannon, “Hey Daisy, how long have you and Chris been together?”

“Um…a few weeks, why?”

“Well that boy is watching you right now like a hawk watches its prey.”

Daisy glanced over her shoulder and noticed that Chris was looking at her quite intently.  She gave a little wave and then went right back to dancing.  She didn’t see the smile that crossed his lips when she did that or when her hips began to shake a little more.

The music from downstairs started to change to slower and seductive music, which meant the dancing moved in that direction as well.  Shannon leaned over to Daisy, “I have an idea, why don’t we give the boys a show?”

“What do you mean?” Daisy asked innocently, not quite catching on to what Shannon was referring to.

“He isn’t taking his eyes off of you, the music is changing, let’s have a little fun.”  Shannon quickly filled Daisy in on her idea and Daisy agreed.

The two began to dance slowly and move toward one another. Eventually dancing close together, their hands on each other’s shoulders and their hips gyrating.  As the song became more seductive, so did their moves.  Shannon seemed to lead and Daisy was following, or was it the other way around? They were either oblivious to everyone in the VIP area watching them or they were enjoying giving them a show.  Either way, they didn’t let up and the dancing was getting hotter and hotter.  Chris had to readjust himself on the couch and that caught Zach’s eye and made him instantly turn around to see what Chris was watching.

His eyes went wide, he could not believe what he was seeing and more importantly, what he had been missing.   “Holy shit, I thought you said your girlfriend was extremely shy?  Seems she gets a little wild when she gets to drinking.”

“Shut the fuck up Zach, I’m watching the ladies work.  Don’t kill the buzz.”

“Well your little wallflower better not steal my girlfriend, that’s all I’m saying.”

Chris never imagined that Daisy would have something like this in her and was not sure how he should react; was he supposed to be turned on or jealous – the answer was both.  He was instantly hard and was ready to spring off the couch and have his way with her right there on the dance floor.  The ladies continued to dance, their inhibitions were gone and he was almost positive the two women were going to kiss and he was afraid he might explode if they did.

His hands were twitching, his throbbing cock could not take much more of this.  Shannon could see this in his eyes from across the room.  She leaned into Daisy’s ear and whispered, “You need to go over and give your baby a private dance, I think he has a need for you…you’re turning him on.”

Daisy looked up at Shannon, “In public?  I can’t do that!”

“Sure you can, you know you want to, he won’t last long, sugar.  And you can’t tell me that with this music and that man that you aren’t turned on.  Besides, have you looked around and noticed that there are other couples up here doing that already?”

Daisy quickly looked around and then nodded at Shannon; smiling she released her hand from Shannon’s and began to walk over toward the couch.  When Zach saw her walking that way, he excused himself and moved toward the dance floor.  Providing privacy in the dark corner for Chris and Daisy.  Chris had reclined back, his arm along the back of the couch and his legs slightly spread apart.  Daisy could see the bulge in his pants and smiled because she knew she was the reason for it.

She stood between his legs with her knees against the couch, she leaned forward, “Would you like your own private dance baby?”  She whispered seductively in his ear.

He couldn’t respond with words, he could only nod.  Daisy hiked up her skirt and climbed onto the couch, straddling him.  She placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned forward to capture his lips, thl of herself.

slightly inebriated.

or dresseeir tongues colliding and the passion exploding.  The song was fast and Daisy began to move on his lap to the pace of the song, he immediately put his hands on her hips to stop her; they never broke from their kiss.

When they did break the kiss, Daisy tried to move again and Chris kept her in place, “Why don’t you want me to move baby?  Don’t you like my dancing?”

Chris was holding on to the fabric of her dress as if he held on for life, “I don’t think I can take it if you move, I’m on the edge baby,” his words were breathless and she could tell he was struggling to speak.  The music changed, it was as if the DJ knew what was about to go down.

The song Black Velvet began to pipe through the sound system and Daisy had a devilish twinkle in her eye and she reached for his hands, taking them in hers.  She began to move to the song, grinding her hips into him and he squeezed her hands hard, knuckles turning white, he wasn’t kidding he was fighting the urge to cum.  She stopped moving and let go of his hands, reaching down in front of her she pulled up her skirt and reached for his the zipper on his trousers.

“Daisy, what are you doing?”  He was stunned at what was happening, “Honey, we are in public you can’t do that.”

“I have a long skirt, no one can see what we are doing.  We’re in a dark corner and you need to cum, so let me help you,” she said then leaned forward to kiss him and in doing so raised her hips off of him ever so slightly.

At this point, Chris didn’t care, he needed this and if she was offering he wasn’t going to say no.  He reached under her skirt to push her panties to the side and on cue she lowered herself onto him.  She tossed her head back in pleasure as she took him in completely, the feeling was exquisite.  This was a new sensation for her and she had to admit that she liked it.

Chris let out a guttural moan as she slid down his cock, her walls were wet and tight and he was doing all he could to hold on.  “Fuck, it’s always the quiet girls that surprise you the most.”

The song provided the perfect tempo for her to move and for anyone in the club to think she was doing nothing more than giving her boyfriend a lap dance.  However, the long skirt and the dark corner provided the perfect cover for them to be able to take care of the need that had been building through the evening.  Chris buried his head in Daisy’s neck and held on to her hips as he thrust one final time and exploded into her as the song was coming to an end.




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