Just a Small Town Girl: 18 – Regrets, I’ve Had a Few


Chris and Daisy were on the couch in the dark corner of the VIP section of the club.  The tempo of the music was beginning to pick up again but Chris didn’t move.  His head was buried in Daisy’s neck, his breathing was finally slowing down and getting back to normal.  His mind was screaming at him for what he had just done; his only saving grace was the fact that there were no cell phones in the VIP area.  He prayed that the tinted glass behind him was dark enough so that no one down on the dance floor below was able to look up and glean what might have been taking place or at least who was involved.  He didn’t need this getting out in the tabloids.  This was the first time he was having any type of regret with Daisy; they had both been drinking and that made the entire scenario worse.

Instead of pulling away and seeming cold and distant, he kissed her neck and nuzzled into her.  The last few minutes were a blur, he had let her control the pace since she was on top and she rocked and writhed on his lap perfectly.  He came quickly, which he knew would happen because he had to keep from coming when she slid down on top of him.  She did something to him, something carnal, because he didn’t get worked up like that generally.   He couldn’t explain it and part of him didn’t want an explanation.

He realized that Daisy was acting as if she didn’t want to be touched; she wasn’t reciprocating any of the affection he was giving.  Was she able to tell that he was going through the motions?  When he pulled back to look at her, he saw a blankness in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”  He asked.

“I want to get off your lap, but I can’t just leave you exposed.”

“Ok, can you ease off just a little so I can pull out?”  She nodded and was able to move so that if anyone else was watching they couldn’t tell that is what she was doing.  He reached under her skirt as she moved and pulled himself out and tucked himself back into is trouser and zipped them up.  “Okay, I’m all set,” he told her.

She didn’t immediately move, “Are you worried we might have made a mess of your pants?”

“No, I think we are fine,” he said coldly, “But can you hand me one of those napkins so I can wipe my hands?”

She did as he asked and then rolled to the side so she was sitting next to him on the couch.  She said nothing else and didn’t even sit close enough to touch him.  After a minute, she stood and retrieved her shoes from the other side of the table and then sat back down.

Zach and Shannon noticed that they were seated next to one another and took this as their opportunity to be able to rejoin them.  As they were approaching, Shannon could tell that Daisy looked a little upset.  She whispered into Zach’s ear to not say anything; unfortunately, Zach never passes up an opportunity this golden.

“Fuck, you two should have charged admission because that was one hell of a show!”

Daisy propelled herself off the couch and ran to the ladies room just around the corner.  Luckily, she made it into a stall just in time before emptying the contents of her stomach.  A moment later she heard the door open and the click of heels, Shannon had come to check on her.  Shannon said nothing but ran the water in the sink and a moment later pulled the stall door open and handed Daisy a wet towel.

Daisy wiped her mouth, flushed the toilet and walked out of the stall.  Shannon was standing against the wall, sympathy in her eyes but she said nothing.  Daisy walked to the sink and rinsed her mouth out; thankfully the VIP lounge had mouthwash in the bathrooms.  When she finished fixing herself up, she turned and looked at Shannon, “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

“I just want to know if you are okay?  Can I do anything for you?”

“You aren’t going to lecture me or anything?”

“Daisy, I feel awful because it was my idea and evidently you regret it.  I’m really sorry.”

“I think he regrets it and I feel ashamed.  I can’t believe I did that.”

“You cut loose, everyone needs to do that from time to time.”  Shannon pulled her into an embrace, “It will be alright, just hold your head high when you go back out there and act like nothing happened.  I’ll help get you out of here with your dignity.”

Daisy smiled and agreed.  She pulled the door open and walked out of the bathroom and as they got back to the couch, Chris and Zach stood up to greet them; neither man said anything.

Shannon turned to Zach, “Sweetie, I think Daisy and I have discovered that the last drinks we had didn’t settle right.  I’m not feeling so hot either.  Can we just go on back to the hotel, please?”

When Chris heard Shannon’s words he immediately moved to Daisy’s side, “Hey, are you alright?”

“I think I just had a little bit more to drink than I should have, I think I need to just lie down for a bit,” Daisy said, playing along with what Shannon said so that she could use being drunk as an excuse.

“Um, yeah, sure, whatever you want,” Chris put his arm around her waist and turned to Zach, “Hey, I’m going to take her back to the hotel so I’ll give you a call about drinks later tonight, okay man?”

“Sounds great man, I hope you feel better Daisy,” Zach offered.  He watched the two of them walk off and collect their cell phones and leave the VIP area.  Only when they were safely out of the area did he turn to Shannon, “Is she really sick?”

“Yeah, she puked her guts up but I don’t think it was just the alcohol.  I believe she was ashamed of what she did and I think she believes Chris regrets it.”

“He does, he told me,” Zach answered matter of fact.

~ * ~

Chris walked Daisy over to the table to retrieve their cell phones and then led her down the stairs and out of the club.  He didn’t say anything but he had a firm hold on her and was not letting go.  He helped her into a waiting car and as the car door slammed she moved the opposite side of the seat to put some distance between them.  Chris didn’t object but he did watch her carefully.

When they exited the car at the hotel, she walked a few steps behind him through the lobby and towards the elevator.  Once inside, she again kept her distance and elected to say nothing.  Chris walked into the hotel room and tossed the room key onto the table next to the door and began walking back toward the bedroom.  Daisy walked to the couch in the living room, plopping down and staring out at the lights of the strip.  Everything looked so peaceful even though there was a storm raging in her head.

Chris had undressed and realized she had not followed him into the bedroom.  He was dressed only in his boxers and he walked out into the living room, standing behind the couch he finally spoke, “Are you going to come to bed?”

Her response was faint, “No, I’m going to stay out here.”

He didn’t argue with her or attempt to change her mind, he turned and went back to the bedroom.

~ * ~
Daisy startled herself awake, she had a nightmare and didn’t realize where she was.  She tried to move and realized she was held down.  It took a minute for her to understand that she was in the soft bed of the hotel suite and she wasn’t pinned down but Chris was spooned against her with his arm protectively wrapped around her.

She didn’t remember coming into the bedroom.  The last thing she remembered was being in the living room and deciding to sleep there, telling Chris he could have the bedroom.  She noticed she was covered in the bed sheet but realized she was completely naked underneath.  She didn’t remember removing her clothes, either.

She tried to wiggle out of his hold but for every attempt, he just held her tighter.  Finally, she heard him whisper, “I’m not letting you go, just relax.  There is no need to run.”

“I’m sorry Chris.”

“Quit apologizing and go to sleep.  You need to rest and we will talk about it later.  But just know that we are good…better than good, okay?”

She didn’t respond but she closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep.

~ * ~

A flood of light came into the bedroom as Chris pulled back the curtains letting in the midday sun.  Daisy rolled over and moved her arm over her eyes to shield out the sun

“Come on Sleeping Beauty, it’s time to get up and face the day.”

“Ugh..what time is it?”

Chris walked over and sat on the side of the bed, “It’s 4 pm and tonight we’ve got a dinner reservation at 9 pm.  So, I made you an appointment to get a massage and then to have your hair and makeup done.  You need to be downstairs in 30 minutes.  Get up, take a shower and get dressed.”

“Why did you do that?” she asked groggily

“Because I am an awesome boyfriend who wanted to spoil you and make you feel good.  Come on beautiful you need to get moving.”

Daisy sat up on the bed and Chris stood and offered his hand to help pull her up.  She took it, grudgingly, and began padding off towards the bathroom.  She did take note that he did not kiss her or show her any affection; she was pretty sure their fairytale was coming to an end.

She started to walk out of the suite and noticed Chris was in the living room reading emails.  He looked up when he heard her walking in, “Do you know where the spa is, babe?”

“No, but I’m pretty sure I can find it.  Do I need the access code for the elevator to get back up here?”

“Yeah, I texted it to your phone while you were in the shower.  Enjoy the pampering and I will see you when you get back.”

“Chris?”  She said his name tentatively, not really sure what she was going to say.  “I’m really sorry about last night,” she was looking at the floor, unable to look at him because she didn’t want to see the look of anger or disappointment in his eyes.

He got up from the couch and walked over to her, putting his hands on her shoulders and then kissing the top of her head, “Go get pampered and don’t worry about it.  No frowns or pouts, okay?”

It wasn’t exactly what she wanted to hear and didn’t give her any encouragement.  She gave a nod, however, and moved toward the door and off to her spa appointment.

~ * ~

Daisy walked back into the hotel room at 7:30, the lights were dim and for a moment, she was afraid she was in the wrong place.  A small lamp was on in the living room and the dimmer light over the dining room table was on in the middle room but as she made her way to the bedroom, she could see all of the lights were on.  Chris was sitting on the end of the end of the bed watching the television.  He had his suit pants on and a white dress shirt but it was not buttoned and he did not have on a tie.  She didn’t know how dressed up he would be and she was terrified she might end up being overdressed.

She cleared her throat to let him know she was back, “I’m just going to go and finish getting ready.”

His eyes didn’t move from the television, “Ok, your dress is still in the bag but it is hanging up in the bathroom.”

She was disappointed that he didn’t seem interested in looking at her and he had not shown any affection all day.  She wished she could get out of going to dinner but after the money he spent on the massage, hair, and makeup it would be rude for her to make the suggestion.  She unzipped the bag and pulled out the pink dress and stepped into it.  The dress was magnificent and made her feel like a princess.  She smoothed out the skirt and made final adjustments before turning to leave the bathroom, that is when she saw him standing there.

This time, he was completely dressed wearing a charcoal gray suit with a white shirt and a pastel pink tie that matched the color of her dress perfectly.  He also had a pocket square in the perfect shade of pastel pink.  She could not hold back her surprise, “Wow, you look amazing.”

“You, my dear, are exquisite but you are missing something,” he walked over to the closet and she could hear him rustling a bag.  When he turned around, he had a shoe box in his hand and when he opened it she saw the Louboutin pumps she had been staring at the day before.  Her hand flew to her mouth and her eyes went wide.  “These, my dear are for you and I think you are correct, they will match your dress.”

She shook her head, “I can’t take these.  I…I…I can’t wear them.  Why…what…I’m at a loss Chris.”

“They are my gift to you.  Angel, you wanted them, I could tell the way you looked at them through the window.  I buy nice things for the people I love and you wanted these shoes.”

She stared at him for a minute, trying to digest what he had said.  “Chris, did you just say?”

He stepped toward her and put the shoes on the countertop, “Yeah, I did.  Look, I know you think I am mad about last night and I’m not.  I freaked out, that’s all, and if you are honest with yourself, you will admit you freaked out, too.  Daisy, I can’t explain it but the two of us have clicked in a way I have never clicked with anyone else.”

“I had too much to drink last night.”

“No, you were fine.  You let loose and I liked the Daisy that came out to play.  You were not afraid and you had fun and you were daring.  It was beautiful to watch and I was aroused and turned on and you knew it.  I’ve done a hell of a lot of crazy things Daisy, but I have not had sex in public in a club before.  That was a first and I will admit that I regretted it and freaked out.  But, I’m over it because honestly, it was a beautiful moment between us and I realized I wouldn’t give that up.”

“You don’t hate me?”

“No, not at all.  I have been in love with you, Daisy Proctor, from the moment we met.  It just took a little bit of time for my head and heart to catch up to one another,” he put his hands on her face and softly kissed her lips, a sensual kiss that felt as if it lasted for hours.  “Now, please put on these lovely shoes I bought you and we have a dinner reservation to go to.”

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