Just a Small Town Girl: 19 – Dinner and Ring Shopping?


Daisy had been taken off guard by Chris’s declaration and she had not been able to say it back in response.  She wanted to, she knew that she was in love with him but she couldn’t help but wonder if he just loved the idea of her or was he truly in love with her.  She wasn’t really in the mood to argue with him and they were running short on time for their dinner reservation.  He had worn down her defenses and she accepted the shoes.  It was a generous gift and she could not break his heart by turning them down; plus now she had her very own pair!  Her friend Melody would be so jealous.

Daisy put on the shoes and her earrings and once again Chris told her she looked exquisite.  Once they were ready, they walked out of the hotel room and towards the elevator.  Chris slid his arm around her waist and kissed her temple, “Tonight is a new night, we are going to have a fantastic dinner and then meet up with Zach and Shannon for drinks and surprise.”

“Oh?  Zach and Shannon, are you sure you trust me with her again tonight?”

“Absolutely, I have nothing to worry about!”

The walked out of the hotel into the crisp night air and into their waiting limo.  They had a short drive to the casino where they were having dinner.  Their reservation was at Alize at the Palms, one of the most romantic restaurants in Vegas.  The restaurant was on the 56th floor of the Palms’ tower; the elevator ride up was slightly unnerving for Daisy.  However, when the doors opened, she felt as if the long ride was worth it.  They were walked through a gorgeous wine room and bar area before entering the formal main dining room with floor to ceiling glass windows offering a breathtaking view of the city.

Daisy felt as if all eyes were on them.  They probably were, Chris’ face was everywhere these days thanks to the press for the movie and she was sure he was easily recognizable.  Chris felt comfortable enough that everyone was actually looking at his date; Daisy was stunning in her dress and she definitely oozed confidence when she walked. As they were seated, a waiter appeared with a wine list and presented it to Chris.  He didn’t need to look at it, he simply ordered a red wine and the waiter shuffled off.

“I take it you come here often?”

“Actually, no, I’ve never been here.  My agent told me about this place and told me which wine I should get, so I had a little inside information.”

“Ah, I see.  So, tell me, Chris, this isn’t a romantic dinner to end our fairytale is it?”

His eyes went wide, he was not expecting that question, “No, more than no, an emphatic no,” he leaned forward so that he could speak in a low tone and be sure that the tables around them would not overhear the conversation.  “Daisy, I meant what I said to you in the hotel.  I wasn’t just saying that.  I do love you and if you aren’t ready to say it back to me, I understand, but I’m not walking away from this relationship.”

The waiter returned with the bottle of wine and poured two glasses.  He took their order and stepped away again, leaving Daisy and Chris alone to their conversation.

“So, if we can’t talk about last night, what can we talk about?  Can we talk about what we are going to do after dinner?”

Chris smiled and took a drink, “You don’t like surprises do you?”

“No, I prefer to have everything spelled out for me so I am not thrown for a loop later.  I like to plan, and that includes planning the plan,” she said giggling and reaching for her drink.

“Okay, well we are going to have dinner and I will most likely try to kiss you on that long elevator ride downstairs. And then we are going to go meet up with Zach and Shannon, they need some help with something and then we are going to go to another club and drink and dance and then go back to the hotel.”

“And you won’t give me any details on the Zach and Shannon thing?”

“Nope!  Not my place to do that but just enjoy yourself.”

Dinner was served and they began to eat in silence but Daisy had to bring up something else from last night.  “Chris, how is it that I ended up waking up in the bedroom versus the living room?” Her question was innocent and she asked in a soft tone.

“I went to bed like you told me to,” he started out, “But woke up about an hour or so later and went in to check on you.  You were out cold and looked uncomfortable on the couch.  So, I picked you up and carried you to the bedroom, you didn’t wake up at all.”

“You carried me into the bedroom?”  She was a bit shocked at his nonchalance in providing this information.

“Yeah, you aren’t that heavy,” he said with a wink, “I got you out of your dress and put you on the bed and snuggled up to you and went back to sleep.  You started struggling about an hour or so later.”

“So you are a light sleeper because you told me to go back to bed?”

“You remember that part, eh?  I’m not that light of a sleeper but you were struggling more than you realize, I think you were having a dream or something and it woke me up.”

Daisy continued to eat her dinner and didn’t respond to anything that Chris had said.  He watched as she put her head down and didn’t make eye contact.  He put his fork down, wiped his mouth with his napkin and then leaned forward on the table.

“Daisy, you were having a nightmare, what were you dreaming about?”

“Nothing, it’s stupid,” she answered without looking up.

“Look up at me, sweetie, please,” he quietly begged and she did as he asked, slowly lifting her head.  Her eyes were sad but she wasn’t crying, “You had a nightmare because of the club, right?  You made yourself sick last night because you thought you messed up, right?”

She slowly nodded her head, “I told you I do things to mess up the relationships I want.  I don’t know why I let Shannon suggest that I do, you know that and then actually go through with it.  That is not the sort of thing I do, I’m not that kind of girl.”

Chris let out a light laugh, “Oh sweetie, let’s get something out in the open, shall we?  I loved what you did and I do think that you have that in you but you play it safe and are afraid to show that side of you.  You thought you messed up because I gave you that impression.  I was, um, less than enthusiastic after,” Chris admitted.  He reached for his wine glass knowing he needed to get a drink to get through the rest of this conversation.  “I began to freak out over the consequences, who might have seen us or did someone have a picture of it or worse, a video.  I went into damage control mode and shut you out and that is not something I should have done because it made you feel like you did something wrong and believe me, angel, you did nothing wrong.”

“We shouldn’t have done that in public,” she murmured.

“No, that was not the best idea but at least, we did it in a club with a no cell phone policy and we were in a dark corner.  The chances of anyone finding out about it are slim, so we should be good,” he offered with a smile.  Then he said something she was not expecting, “You know what is lost in all the discussions we have had about what happened?  The fact that it was highly erotic, I have never been so turned on before and that it was incredible.”

Daisy put her head down and began to blush, “Well, thank you but I had the most perfect inspiration; an incredibly sexy man on the couch who had piercing blue eyes.”

They completed their dinner and decided to skip dessert; what they wanted wasn’t on the menu anyway.  Chris settled the bill and escorted Daisy out of the restaurant.  As they were heading back to their waiting car, Chris called Zach to find out if they were ready to meet up and they were.  He directed the driver to head over to the Forum Shops.

“Why are we going back to Caesar’s?”

“Ok, Zach and Shannon have decided to go ahead and get married tonight so we are going to pick out their rings at the Hearts on Fire store and then they have a wedding chapel appointment.  Then we are going to go out drinking and partying to celebrate the wedding.”

“I thought she wanted a big formal affair?”

“I don’t know, she changed her mind I guess.  Zach told me about this last night before everything happened.  I called him earlier when you were still asleep to find out if everything was still a go.”

Chris and Daisy made their way through the Casino and Forum Shops entrance and over to the jewelry store, Shannon and Zach were already there looking at rings.  Daisy gave Shannon a hug and congratulated her on the impending wedding.  She then began walking around and looking at the jewelry herself.  Chris walked up behind her, catching her off-guard.

“Isn’t it a little early to be looking at engagement rings?”

She jumped at the sound of his voice, “You scared me!  These aren’t engagement rings silly, these are just regular rings.  I would not be so presumptuous to look at an engagement ring.”

“Why?  Don’t you think we’ll get married?”

“We’ve been dating for a month, I think it’s a little early to think about that don’t you?”

The two of them strolled around the store and made their way back to Zach and Shannon.  It was then that she was put on the spot by Shannon.  “Daisy, I can’t make up my mind so I would like your advice.  Out of these three rings, which do you like the best?”

Daisy looked over her selection and while they were all stunning, there was one that spoke to her.  It was the love five-stone band in platinum and it was one of the most stunning rings she had ever seen.  She told Shannon that it was her absolute favorite but that the other rings were also beautiful and she could not go wrong with whatever selection she made.  Shannon went with Daisy’s second favorite, the floral diamond band.

Shannon and Daisy went outside while Chris stayed with Zach while he completed the purchase.  They were window shopping at the adjacent stores when Shannon started the conversation, “Is everything alright with you and Chris?”

“He told me earlier tonight that he loves me,” she said it quietly and without a lot of emotion in her voice.

“Oh my God, Daisy you’re kidding?  That’s fantastic, wow, I’m so happy for the two of you,” she looked at Daisy and noticed there was no excitement from her with this revelation.  “Oh Daisy, why aren’t you happy about this?  I thought you would feel the same way about him?”

“Oh I do, I haven’t told him that yet but I do feel the same way.  This just puts a whole new wrinkle in the relationship thing, I mean I leave tomorrow to go home and him dropping the love word on me before I go is only making the distance thing harder.  We’ve been dating a month Shannon, a month and he tells me he loves me.”

“Well, when you find the right one you don’t need to follow a calendar or a clock,” Shannon offered with a shrug.

“Damn you are no help.  I have a store, I can’t just close up and move to LA.  And would I move to LA?  I mean, or would I move to Boston?  Good God, I can’t figure out what is supposed to make sense in a relationship that isn’t supposed to make sense at all anyway.”



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