Just a Small Town Girl: 20 – Zach & Shannon Get Married


Chris stayed in the store with Zach, although he kept walking up and down the cases of rings just looking at all of the different styles and cuts of diamonds.  He was confused by the different cuts, settings, and types of bands available.  Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t realize that Zach had walked back towards him.

“She liked this one over here,” he said, thumbing in the direction of the case to the right of where they were standing.

“What?  Did you say something?”  Chris asked as if he didn’t catch that Zach had been talking to him.

“Daisy, she liked the ring over in the other case.  It was just a wedding band though and not an engagement ring so maybe you better start with that.  Unless you plan on just whisking her off and marrying her and not doing the whole engagement thing and then the wedding band would work just fine.”

“I don’t think I’m ready to buy an engagement ring yet, I only just told her I loved her earlier today and I think I scared the hell out of her.”

“What?  Dude, you’re kidding?  Wow, Chris, this is fast for you.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.  I swear Zach it’s like I just know that this relationship is right.  I can’t explain how a chance meeting with her has led me to this but I’m not complaining.  I just don’t want to screw it up because I really do think this one can be forever.”

Chris did ask to see the ring that Daisy liked, just to get an idea of what her style was; Zach was more than happy to show his friend the ring and give him a little ribbing about it at the same time.  Zach finished up his transaction and when the two were ready, they walked back out of the store and went in search of their dates.  They found them in what appeared to be an intense conversation and they could tell they were not arguing with one another.  They could see that their lips were moving fast and they were animated with their hands; women always talked with their hands when they were trying to make a point.

They cautiously walked toward the ladies, trying to maintain a sightline so that they did not claim that the men snuck up on them.  Chris noticed as they got closer to them, the ladies dropped their conversation and got quiet.  It made him wonder what they had been talking about and then he determined he might not want to know.  He would ask Daisy about it later.

Since Daisy and Chris had access to the car service, they were using it to drive them to the wedding.  Ironically, Zach and Shannon and chosen to get married at the Aria Tower Suites in the Fireside Lounge.  It was an intimate area that would provide a romantic location for the ceremony.  Once the ceremony was concluded, they were going to go to one of the lounges at the hotel and have a few drinks before heading over to a nightclub to party into the night.

Shannon had admitted that while she wanted to have a big romantic wedding, she didn’t want to wait for how long it would take to plan.  She would rather go ahead and get married and if she had to plan it would be for a massive reception where she could invite all of her friends and family.  She told Daisy she would still love to come to her shop and buy a dress there for the reception and Daisy agreed to help her find the perfect dress and would give her a great deal.

When they arrived at the hotel, Shannon got out of the car and grabbed Daisy’s hand pulling her along with her.  Shannon had brought her wedding dress over to the hotel earlier in the day and she had just enough time for a quick change of clothes before the ceremony.  Zach and Chris slowly followed behind; figuring they need not rush.  Daisy followed Shannon into the dressing room off to the side of the fireside lounge and helped her into her dress.  Once she was in and everything in its place, Daisy left Shannon alone and walked toward the room.

The room was simple yet elegant; chairs were set up with an aisle down the middle and the officiant would stand in front of the large wall with the horizontal fireplace that ran from end to end.  The lighting was low so that the fire provided the central glow in the room.  There were white flowers in the back of the room near the entrance and petals down the aisle. There were also large white flower arrangements at the front row of seats.  It provided just the right amount of elegance in the room without being over done.  Daisy walked into the lounge and walked toward the front where Zach and Chris were standing.  Chris could not help but smile at how beautiful she looked and hoped one day she would be walking down that aisle toward him.

The wedding march began to play over the sound system and Shannon made her entrance.  She wore a beautiful trumpet style lace applique dress with a sweetheart neckline that provided off the shoulder sleeves.  There was a jeweled belt at the waist that helped to show off her figure beautifully.  Daisy was jealous of Shannon in this dress, she was tall so the dress hung perfectly on her and matched her body type.  Whoever sold it to her knew what they were doing and Daisy was jealous on the professional level as well.  Chris had to lean over and remind Zach to breathe and Daisy had to admit that it was a sweet moment.

Shannon and Zach were an ideal match and their wedding was sweet and their vows were perfect.    She had only known them for a little more than 24 hours but she had really liked Shannon and felt like they could be friends forever.  Daisy actually felt uncomfortable though when they kissed; it really was a little intense for the room.  Chris walked over to her and pulled her in for a kiss of his own and then whispered in her ear, “One day that will be us.  Okay, not that kind of kiss though because it might be inappropriate for our families.”

She smiled back at him, “One day, Chris and you are right, no kiss like that.”

~ * ~

Following the wedding, the four of them headed off to a nightclub to drink and dance.  Like the night before, they were able to secure access to a VIP room.  Also, like the night before, there was a no cell phone policy and Daisy did not challenge it this time.  It was hard to believe but this club was a little darker than the previous one – there were not as many windows looking down on the main club and the bar was not as backlit.  Daisy didn’t care and no one else seemed to mind at all.

Chris felt it only proper to order champagne since they were celebrating.  Daisy had never really been one to enjoy champagne so she was unsure of how it would impact her; she would find out almost immediately.  One glass in and she could already feel a buzz but she tried to maintain composure so not to let Chris know.  She had several more drinks and it was becoming a little more difficult for it to remain hidden.

Shannon asked if she wanted to dance and Daisy did not hesitate; however, she did tell Shannon there would be no lap dances tonight.  They were enjoying the music and when the seductive music started, Chris and Zach decided to join them on the dance floor.  Chris stepped directly behind Daisy and she reached up to loop her hands around his neck and danced with him that way.  His hands on her hips and occasionally roaming down her thighs or up her stomach.  He was careful not to grope her breasts or go under her skirt, he didn’t want to start something that could cause them an issue in the club.  Not tonight, he didn’t want that tonight.

After several songs they went back to their table to finish off another bottle of champagne; they couldn’t remember if that was their second or third bottle.  The only thing that Daisy was sure of was that tonight Chris was more intoxicated than he was the night before.  They decided to go ahead and skip another bottle and go with their regular drinks and continue to dance.  Chris lost his tie and jacket.  Well, he didn’t lose them, he left them at the table and rolled up his shirt sleeves and unbuttoned a few buttons.  They were enjoying the night and Daisy was enjoying his dance moves.

The two of them were not shy when it came to PDA either.  Where she was once afraid to kiss him in public, she was not worried about that this evening.  They were careful not to go to far and they were tasteful in their actions, but they were certainly not hiding that they were a couple.  Thank heavens for the no cell phone rule.

~ * ~

The buzzing of an alarm began to break the silence of the room.  Daisy opened her eyes in the darkness and tried to focus on the sound and where the offending device might be.  She realized it was in her purse which was not in the vicinity of the bed.  She kicked off the covers and scurried to find it before Chris woke up.  As she opened the bedroom door, she was assaulted by the bright sunshine coming into the hotel room from the large, uncovered windows in the living and dining rooms.

She found her purse, sitting on the floor near the dining room table and realized from the clock that it was 11:30 am – her flight home left in 2.5 hours.  It was at this time that she finally realized she was naked, not a stitch of clothing on.  She looked down and saw that both her clothes and Chris’ clothes were scattered along the floor from the front door of the room all the way back to the bedroom door.  She was currently standing on his dress pants.  She certainly didn’t remember this.  What in the hell happened?

She scurried around to pick up all of the clothes and rushed back to the bedroom.  The alarm had been set so she would know she needed to leave and get to the airport, she didn’t intend for it be an alarm to wake her up.  She found her bag in the bathroom and began stuffing all of her clothes into it.  She didn’t have time to make sure everything was correctly folded and packed.  She really didn’t have a chance to take care of the chiffon dress she wore last night; she went ahead and put it on a hanger and put it back in the garment bag and figured she would have to worry about getting it cleaned and cared for when she got home.  She had kept a few things out for her to get dressed for the trip home.  She looked at herself in the mirror and she looked like a trainwreck.

For the plane ride home, she surmised she could get by with her hair in a messy ponytail and no makeup.  She would be landing late anyway and no one would be at the airport to get her, she had her own car.  This way she could get home and go right to bed and get up in the morning to get ready for work.  Besides, she had a screaming headache thanks to the alcohol and looking like death warmed over would be her penance and would match what she felt like.

She began to wipe off her face and took off her earrings and jewelry.  She realized she was wearing a ring that she didn’t remember putting on but if she didn’t remember stripping in the hallway how could she remember what she put on to go out?  But this was a beautiful ring and it did look familiar.  She tossed it in her makeup bag along with her earrings.  She threw the makeup bag down in her purse and then hurried to put on her socks and tennis shoes.

She walked out of the bathroom with her bags and stopped to admire the naked man laying on the bed.  Chris was completely naked with a sheet covering a section of his ass.  He was such a sexy man and it was taking everything within her not to take advantage of him at that moment.  Instead, she walked around the bed so she was near his head and gently kissed him.

He stirred when he heard her voice, “What time is it and why does my head feel like it is full of cement?”

“I feel the same way, it’s now noon and my flight leaves at 2.  I have to go, what time are you supposed to leave?”

He slowly sat up and pulled the sheet across his lap.  He started to scratch his beard and squeeze his eyes shut so he could think, “Um, six I think.  Damn, I don’t have time to get ready and take you to the airport.”

“No, it’s okay.  I’ll call you when I get home tonight.”  She kissed him softly and began to walk out of the room.  She stopped at the door and then walked back and gave him another kiss and said, “I love you.”



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