Just a Small Town Girl: 23 – Facing Reality


Daisy sat on the stool behind the counter and put her head in her hands.  She could not comprehend what she had done in her life to deserve this – suddenly married to one of the hottest men on the planet and trying to find a way to divorce him and her mother being supportive of her opening her heart and giving the marriage a chance.  She was pretty sure she was living in an alternate universe, or she was having one hell of a nightmare.  Her phone chimed to indicate she had a message, but she was not about to look at it; she was pretty sure it was Chris, and she wasn’t in the mood.

She gave herself some time to dwell on what was happening and then tried to compartmentalize it to get through her day.   There were wedding gowns to order and invitations that she needed to follow up on.  Her business didn’t stop because she ran off and got married.  She had a few customers come in but, overall, it was a slow day.

Melody stopped in and asked what time she should show up for dinner, and Daisy told her 7 pm.  It was now 5:30 and Daisy was about to make a last minute stop at the grocery and then head home.  As she was getting back in her car, the phone chimed again, yet another text message for her to ignore.  This was the fourth one on the day, and she knew he was now just doing what he could to mess with her.

She got in the house, changed her clothes and was waiting on Melody when this time the phone rang.  She figured she would answer it and just tell him to leave her alone once and for all.  The problem was, this marriage was a nightmare, but Chris was not.  She still had feelings for him and could admit she still loved him.  It was just not the ideal time to be married to the guy.  He just finished a world press tour, his movie is about to open in the US, and he has personal appearances scheduled for the summer.

“Hello,” she said, somewhat exasperated as she answered the call.

“Hello wife, how are you?  I see you have already taken to ignoring me when I try to reach you,” Chris was almost gleeful as he spoke.

“Quit calling me your wife!”

“Why?  We are married, remember?  I have the video to prove it, do you want to see it?  The quality is actually excellent, I don’t know what kind of phone he had.”

“Oh, Chris, come on.  You sound like you are actually enjoying this,”  Daisy opened the front door to let Melody in while she continued her conversation, “I am glad you can find the humor in this situation because I am freaking out.”

She listened for a minute, but he didn’t respond.  The line was quiet, and she checked her phone to see if he had actually hung up, but he hadn’t.  She didn’t understand why he was silent and then she wondered if he was doing it to mess with her even more, which of course he most likely was.

“Chris, why aren’t you freaking out?  I mean we fucked in a nightclub, and you freaked out because people could have seen us but now you are married, and the entire fandom could find out, and you are calm.  Hell, you even seem to be enjoying it, you are perverse!”

“Daisy, baby, getting worked up and freaking out over this isn’t going to help.  You are right, this could get out.  But Zach isn’t saying anything, and neither is Shannon.  There is always the possibility that someone in the clerk’s office in Vegas could leak it, and if they do, we deal with it.  But I am not going to freak out about it, you are doing that enough for both of us.”

“Oh my God, you are infuriating Evans!”

“Yeah, I know but you love me for it.  So, look I have a few days where I can sneak off and come out there, and I needed to know what your schedule looks like so I can make the arrangements.”

“No, you are not coming out here.  I am going to call a friend of mine, she’s an attorney who handles divorces, and I’m going to have her draw up papers.  We will have this over with soon, no need to make a trip.”

“Well, come on, don’t you think we need to talk about it?  I mean, before you throw in the towel on our marriage shouldn’t we even consider counseling?”  He was having a hard time suppressing his smile.

“I’m hanging up on you, Melody is here, and I am going to drink, and I’m not talking to you the rest of the night.”

“Be careful, you know what happened the last time you drank?  I don’t want to have to worry about you marrying someone else tonight.”

She let out a frustrated groan and disconnected the call; she was almost positive she heard him laughing as she did so.  Daisy turned and looked at Melody, who was standing in the kitchen holding back a laugh of her own.  “What?  That man is impossible, do you know what he said?”

“I don’t know what he said but what is this about the two of you fucking in a nightclub?”

“Oh hell, I’m not drunk enough to tell you about that yet,”  Daisy said as she walked over and started to pour a glass of wine.  She quickly took a big drink and then poured some more.  “He told me to be careful drinking because he didn’t want me to go off and marry someone else tonight.  Where in the hell does he get off saying something like that?”

She took another long drink, and Melody had to wipe the tears from her eyes because she was laughing so hard.  “Oh Daisy, he sounds nothing like what I actually anticipated; I have to admit he sounds quite charming.”

“Oh yeah, he is a charming one alright,”  she walked in and plopped in the oversized chair in her living room.  Finding a way to get comfortable without spilling her glass of wine.  “The problem is Mel, I love him.  God help me I do.  He is truly charming and warm and wonderful.”

“Ok, so why is this a problem?  I guess I don’t see why being married to him is such a bad thing.”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because he is one of the biggest superheroes in the movies.  He is unfazed by the idea that we are married, genuinely unfazed.  I actually think he likes it…he is enjoying giving me crap about the fact that I’m freaking out about it.”

“Daisy, do you think that you are freaking out because of who he is or the fact that you actually got married when you figured it would never happen to you?  Is this because of him or because of you?”

She didn’t answer, she just drank her wine and stared into the glass.  The problem was she didn’t know if her friend might actually have a point.

~ * ~

Daisy stared at the ceiling and watched the rotation of the ceiling fan blades.  She had not slept well last night; she had stayed up late talking about what had happened in Vegas with Melody.  She had spilled everything – her first night with Chris to the incident in the nightclub.  She even detailed the regret afterward and how she was confident that she had messed up the entire relationship with him.  She told Melody about the shoes and how he gave her the Louboutin pumps she saw in the window, and she tried to decline to take them but secretly was ecstatic that he bought them.  Then Melody wanted the details about the wedding, the one thing that Daisy really couldn’t talk about.

She tried to recount what Chris told her; the timeline as presented by Zach and the cellphone video.

“Do you want to see the video?”  Melody had asked.

Daisy didn’t have an answer then, and she didn’t have an answer for that now.  Her head said no that it wouldn’t matter and wouldn’t influence the decision that needed to be made regarding the ending of the marriage.  However, her heart wanted to see it.  Her heart wanted to know if they weren’t drunk, what did they say to one another?  Did they look lovingly and longingly into each other’s eye when they spoke?  Was the kiss dynamic and passionate or was it chaste?

Would a video show that the two of them looking like they were two people who knew what they were doing and were in love when they were doing it – would that make her want to stay married and give up the ghost on the idea of getting divorced?

Daisy swung her legs off of the bed and padded off to the bathroom to start getting ready for work.  She began mentally cataloging her day and what she needed to get done.  She needed to call Violet, her friend from high school who now worked in the city as a lawyer.  She didn’t see her as much as she saw her friends that were in town but they chatted online and talked via phone and text regularly.  Violet would know what to do and could help give the direction she needed regarding divorce or annulment and how quickly she could get it resolved.

As Daisy made her coffee, she fired off an email to Violet asking her to give her a call when she had time.  Telling her this would be a need for professional services but she wanted a consultation first.  As she was heading out to the car, her phone rang and to her surprise, it was Violet, already returning her call.

“Good Morning, Violet, I honestly didn’t expect you to call me so quickly.”

“I had some time before a day packed with dispositions and client meetings, I figured I might as well call you now when I had a window of opportunity.  So, what is going on?”

“I need to know the steps to get an annulment or whether I should just get a divorce.  Which way will be quickest?”

“You need a divorce?  When exactly did you get married?  I thought it had only been a couple of days since we last talked to one another?  I’ve been busy but damn I didn’t realize I had lost that much time.”

“It has only been a few days, you’re right.  I went to Vegas last weekend with this guy that I’ve been seeing and it appears we got married.”

“Hold on, so you have been dating someone you didn’t tell me about, and you ran off to Vegas with him for the weekend, and you got married to him and didn’t realize it?  Exactly how does one do this, Daisy?”

“Fine, I met this guy, and we have had a relationship, long distance for a few weeks.  He has been out of the country, and when he got back, he thought we should take a trip.  So we went to Vegas for the weekend, I left last Thursday.  On Monday, when I was unpacking a few things, I found a marriage certificate.  We evidently got married on Saturday night.”

“And why didn’t you notice this on Sunday?”

“We were evidently hungover, and I woke up two hours before my plane was supposed to leave.  I woke up and hurried to dress and gather my stuff to leave for the airport and didn’t know.”

“And you didn’t get a license prior the marriage so you had 24 hours to stop it from being filed and that would have been by 8 am Monday since the wedding was on Saturday.  I am taking you missed the deadline because the two of you were unaware that you actually had a marriage filing to stop, correct?”

“Yeah and we have an extra wrinkle in this whole situation.  I need to dissolve the marriage quietly because I married someone famous.”

“Well of course you did, Daisy because that is what everyone does when they marry someone by mistake.  Who is this famous guy?”

“Chris Evans.”

“Wait, Chris Evans?  You need to divorce Chris Evans?  As in Captain America Chris Evans?  Or the ginger Chris Evans who is hosting the revamped Top Gear?  Because the ginger one is…well, he is….eww.”

“The Captain America Chris Evans, Violet.”

“Why in the hell would you divorce him if you were able to get him to marry you?  Daisy have you had your head examined?”

“Violet, come on, this is serious.  I’m really trying to get this whole thing resolved.”

Violet wanted to continue to give Daisy some grief about this, but she could tell that her friend was actually quite upset.  She needed some additional detail but felt that she needed to give Daisy some time before she tried to get all of the facts.  “I’m taking it that you are just want to dissolve this quickly, and you aren’t asking for money or property, right?”

“Oh God, Violet I don’t want his money!  This isn’t about money – I’m not like that.”

“I know you aren’t, but I just needed to make that clear.  I tell you what I’ll do, I will work up some preliminary documents and then you and I can set a meeting to go over some specific information and finalize them before we send them to him for signature.  I need to do a little research on whether we can go down the annulment route or if we should just do a divorce – I want to get you the fastest resolution.”




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