Just a Small Town Girl: 26 – You Are Served


Violet and Daisy talked about the decisions that needed to be made regarding a potential annulment or divorce.  Once Daisy’s mind was made up and the details worked out, Violet was prepared to leave and head back to her office but made the comment that she hoped Daisy was ready to deal with his wrath once he gets the papers.

“I can deal with him, he will just bark, and I can deal with that.”

“You don’t think he will come out here to fight you when he gets them?”  Violet asked, somewhat skeptical at Daisy’s positive attitude over this entire situation.

“No, he won’t do that, at least, I don’t think so.”

“Ok, well let me know what happens when he gets them,” Violet extended her hand to Daisy, who promptly took it.

“I certainly will and thank you so much for everything.”

Once Violet left the shop, Daisy could not help but want to poke the bear just a little.  She picked up her phone and read the text messages that Chris sent yesterday.  She also listened to his voicemails and then promptly hit redial to call him back.  He answered his phone immediately, it was almost as if he had been anxiously awaiting her call.

“Hey baby, how are you?  I was starting to get a little worried that I hadn’t heard from you.”

“Sorry, I had a busy day yesterday, and I turned the phone off so I could stay focused, and I forgot to turn it back on until earlier today,” she explained; giving him only a partial truth.

“So, how are things at the shop?  Keeping busy?”

“Things are picking up, but not too bad.  How are things out in LA?”

“Good, the international box office numbers are excellent so we are all excited for the US opening this week.  Plus a little nervous you know.”

“Yeah, but you have nothing to worry about,”  Daisy took a minute to work up her courage, “Chris, I had a meeting with my divorce attorney today.”

He was stunned and couldn’t find his voice, he had not actually anticipated those words, at least not yet.  “Oh…well…that wasn’t what I was expecting you to say, Daisy.”

“How can you be surprised, Chris?  I thought you understood my position when we talked on Monday, we need out of this marriage.  Today was my initial consultation, I needed to know the cost and get an idea of the timeframe.”

“So, how much is this going to cost and how long will it take?”

“Well, it seems we can get it over with fairly quickly regardless of whether we do an annulment or a divorce.  There is no waiting period for a separation, and since it will be clean with no fighting over money or property, it can be over with relatively fast.”

“How much is this going to set us back?”

“It isn’t going to set us back anything.  It will set me back because I am the one filing, you won’t be responsible for any of it.”

“Daisy that doesn’t seem fair, I should have to pay for half of it since I am responsible for us getting married.  Or at least partly responsible for us getting married.”

“Well, you would have to pay for your own lawyer, so you would have those fees.”

“I don’t think I need my own lawyer, Daisy.  I don’t anticipate you trying to do anything underhanded, right?  I trust you.”

Daisy took a deep breath, he said he trusted her, but she was about to do something that she wouldn’t normally do.  “I would be fair, but if you insist, the cost for everything is going to be $1600.  I am friends with the lawyer, and she said she will give me a discount.”

“Damn, could you not find a less expensive lawyer in your small town?”

“Probably, but Violet isn’t in town, she works in the city.  She is an old friend of mine, and she is quite successful like I said, she will give me a discount, but I haven’t asked for the amount yet.”

“You know, you seem so confident in your decision to get rid of me – what did I do wrong?  I mean, I was pretty sure I was doing everything right when you were screaming my name as you climaxed.”

Daisy began to blush, and she was so happy the phone was not on speaker since she had a customer browsing through the store.  “Chris, I have a client in the store, can we continue this conversation later?”

“No, you called me so we need to finish this.  I thought you said that you were in love with me because I know I said that I am in love with you.”

“I do love you, I meant that, and I do mean it.”

“Then don’t divorce me, you realize it makes no sense to tell me you love me one minute, and you don’t want to be married to me the next.”

“Chris, hold on and let me go take care of this client, I am not hanging up but give me a minute,” she set the phone down and walked over to see if the young woman in the store needed any assistance.  When she realized she was just browsing,  she went back and picked up the phone again.  “Chris, are you there?”

“Yeah, I’m here,” he said, and she was sure she could hear a smile in his voice.

She began to walk towards the back of the store where she could be a little more discreet on the call but could still watch for customers.  “We haven’t known one another long enough to be married, and you can’t tell me that you really love me enough to say you are ready to spend the rest of your life with me.  If I am going to get married, it is going to be forever, and we haven’t known one another long enough for that type of commitment.  Tell me that you don’t believe that.”

“I see we aren’t going to get anywhere because you have your mind made up already.  I’m going to hang up before you really piss me off, and I say something I might end up regretting later.”

Chris disconnected the call, and Daisy had to admit she was not expecting that at all.  She was a little put off that he actually hung up, but she didn’t think she really had a right to yell at him.

~ * ~

Chris was sitting in his office at his house, reading a new script when he heard the doorbell.  He jumped up and went to the door, signing for the FedEx envelope and trying to determine what might be delivered.  He looked at the return address, and his heart sank, he had an idea what was in the envelope before he even opened it.

He walked back into the office and sat in the large armchair by the window.  He decided if he was going to read these he didn’t want to be sitting at his desk because he would most likely want to throw something.  He ripped the envelope open and pulled out the thick envelope from the Law Office of Violet Morgan.  He took a deep breath and then opened the large manilla envelope and pulled the thick, bound stack of papers out.

The papers were titled, “Dissolution of Marriage of Christopher Evans and Daisy Proctor via Annulment.”  The words struck him hard, she really wanted to wipe it off of the books and to pretend as if it never happened.  He had searched on the internet, and he knew what the possible options were for annulment, and he was aware that they didn’t really fit into any of the categories.  They were not intoxicated, they have video evidence to prove that point, and he would use it.  They were not related so that was not a viable choice and there was no fraud, and they were not married under duress.  He was curious as to what in the world she was going to try to spring on him.

His eyes glanced across the annulment reason, and his anger began to flare.  He read it again, almost positive he read it incorrectly.  No, it said the same thing the second time he read it.  As he was beginning to get fully enraged, his front door opened and his brother, Scott came in.

“Hey, Chris, where are you?”  Scott announced as he walked in, without hearing a response.  He walked over to the office and saw Chris and could see how red he was turning, knowing this was not good.  “Are you alright, what’s wrong?  You look like you are about to explode.”

“Daisy has filed for an annulment, she wants to end the marriage,” he said soberly.

“Well, that can’t be a shock, right? I mean she told you that is what she was going to do, so why do you look like you are all pissed off?”

“The reason she is using, that is why I am furious, Scott.  She is saying she wants to annul the marriage because, and I quote, ‘The Inability to Consummate Marriage, either spouse was physically incapable of having sexual relations or impotent during the marriage.”

Scott immediately burst into laughter and had to sit down on the floor to keep from falling down. “Oh, shit Chris, I had no idea you had sexual performance issues.”

“I don’t!” He emphatically declared as he jumped up from his chair.  “Damnit, I need to book a flight,” he said as he walked around to his computer and began doing a search on his computer.

“Chris, you can’t just fly out there.”

“Why the hell not?  She is my wife, and I’m going to talk to her about this.  She is not getting away with filing shit like this, Scott.  She wasn’t complaining about my sexual performance on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday so how can she claim this?”

“Are you sure you had sex with her after you were married?  I mean you did tell me that you two were extremely drunk on Saturday night into Sunday.  I mean you were actually hungover when you got home.”

“Trip is booked, I have to pack, flight leaves in a few hours.  I am not letting this go.”  Chris took off for his bedroom to begin packing.  He threw a few things into a bag and then came back into the living room.  “Scott, will you take me to the airport?”

~ * ~

Daisy was handling a delivery in the store when her phone chimed that she had a text message.  When she had the boxes checked in, she looked at her phone and noticed that the text was from Violet.

“The papers have been delivered…confirmation from FedEx….let me know if you hear from him.”

Daisy took a deep breath, knowing that this was just the beginning.  This was not going to settle well with him, and she was sure he would have some sort of reaction, and she was just waiting for it.  Honestly, she was wondering why he hadn’t called already.

She decided not to dwell on it.  Instead, she decided to throw herself into work and forget about him and about the papers.  There was a chance that someone at the house signed for them, but he had not read them yet.  There was also the chance that he just saw the papers and decided not to read them but just sign them and get it over with.  That chance was slim, but you never know, he hung up on her so that meant he was getting frustrated.

She lost track of time in the quiet of the store so she was startled when she heard the butler bell ring.  She was about to walk around the display to see who walked into the shop when she heard his voice and her blood ran cold.

“Daisy, where in the sam hell are you?”

She didn’t move, she was frozen in place and was hoping she hallucinating.  Surely he didn’t actually fly all the out there after getting the papers this morning.  There is no way he did that, right?

“Daisy, you have to come out at some point, get out here and talk to me.”

She slowly walked out from around the display and found him standing in the middle of the store.  He was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt; his hands on his hips and his face flush with anger.  She had to admit he was damn sexy standing there, but she knew he was not happy.  He looked at his watch and then walked over to the door and locked it, pulling down the shade.

“You have no place to go, Daisy, you have to talk to me now,” he said as he walked back toward her.


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