Just a Small Town Girl: 30 – I Fought the Law


Chris visited with the Proctors for about an hour before deciding to head back into town.  He got to know them and felt as if they were a great addition to, what Melody had referred to as, #TeamChris.  The conversation had provided him the perfect opportunity though to admit that he was, in fact, completely in love with Daisy.  He wasn’t trying to get out of this marriage and had no intention of running away.

He had shared with the Proctors what he had not yet shared with Daisy, that his Agent, Manager and PR team already knew about the wedding.  They had been watching for any tabloid leaks or any social media chatter so they could squash it.  Luckily, nothing had even registered.  Probably because Chris was recorded in the hotel under a fake name and he had never been linked to a girl named Daisy so it didn’t jump out to anyone.  And there had been no sightings of him in Vegas that weekend so the clerk’s office wasn’t watching for any licenses to come through with his name on them.

He knew this was a fear of her’s that news of the wedding would leak, and she would be outed.  He didn’t know if she was afraid of the reaction of the fans or if she was afraid his mind would be changed based on the opinion of everyone else.  If he had to wager a bet, it was probably a little of both.  He also figured she was struggling with the idea that he had so many female fans; she was a fan of his so she knew how women talked about him and what was said on certain fan sites, etc.  It was odd being on the other side of that now.

He knew that he really needed to sit down and talk to her, though.  He needed to see what her actual concerns were and how they could work through them.  She was so quick to want to end the marriage that they never discussed how they could work through these issues.  His mind was racing so much that he failed to use his turn signal when pulling back onto the main highway into town.  It was within a split second that the flashing lights of the cruiser went on, and the deputy that had been following him pulled him over.  Chris pulled the rental car over immediately but could not believe this was happening.

As Michael approached, Chris pushed the button to lower the window, “Good Afternoon, Michael,” he was jovial in his greeting in the hopes that the confrontation from last night could be put behind them.

“That’s Deputy to you, can you get out of your vehicle, sir?”

“Yeah, sorry about that Deputy,” Chris said with a heavy dose of sarcasm, “Why do I need to exit my vehicle for a directional violation?  Don’t you just need my license and registration?”

“You were driving recklessly so I’m gonna need you to come with me down to the station so I can run your license and write up your ticket.”

“Recklessly?  I failed to use my blinkah, and you are calling that reckless?”

“I am not going to ask you again, sir.  Get out of your vehicle,”  Michael’s voice was firm, and there was no hint that he was being friendly or joking.

Chris turned the ignition off and flung open the car door, he was not in a pleasant mood as he did so.  He quickly pocketed the car keys and evidently the move didn’t sit well with the Deputy, who immediately grabbed Chris and pushed him against the car.  “Hey, no need to get rough, Deputy, I did like you asked and got out of the car.”

“You have an attitude, sir and it is best that I squelch that right away.  You are being handcuffed for my protection as well as your own.  I am taking you to the station where I can run your license and write up your appropriate violations.”

“Oh small town cruisers, don’t have computers in your cars, eh?  Can certainly tell I’m not in LA or Boston.”

“Get picked up quite a bit do ya?  Well, we can just add this to your extensive rap sheet then,”  Michael sneered.  He then waved at the passing vehicle as he shoved Chris in the back seat.

~ * ~

Thomas Proctor slammed his foot on the gas, knowing that since Michael was busy, he wouldn’t stop him for exceeding the speed limit.  He quickly pulled up in front of the bridal shop and ran into the store yelling for Daisy.

“What’s wrong?”  She asked as she came running from the back.

“You need to get over to the Sheriff’s office immediately.  Close the store, this is an emergency.”

“Why, what’s going on?  You have me scared,” the fear was creeping into her voice.

“Michael pulled Chris over, and he had him in handcuffs and was tossing him in the back of the cruiser.”

“What?  What did Chris do?”  She was beginning to panic, then it hit her, how did her dad know who he was or that he was even in town?  “Wait, how do you know it was Chris?”

“Don’t pay no nevermind to that right now just go get your husband out of jail.”

She grabbed her purse and keys and scribbled a note that read ’Closed due to family emergency!’ and hung it on the door.  She ushered her dad out and locked the door and ran the two blocks to the sheriff’s office.  When she walked in, sure enough, Chris was being led into the holding cell, and Michael was slamming it shut behind him.  Daisy marched right through the gate that separated the waiting room from the processing area.  The receptionist went to stop her, but when she saw the determination in Daisy’s eyes, she thought it best to back off.

“Michael, what in the hell do you think you are doing?”

Michael was stunned to hear Daisy’s voice behind him, and he turned around slowly as if he has been caught red handed doing something inappropriate.  “You aren’t supposed to be back here, so I think I should be asking you that question instead.”

She walked up to the holding cell and looked at Chris, “Are you alright?”  He nodded his head but didn’t speak.  She turned back and looked at Michael, “What did you arrest him for?”

“Reckless driving,” he said proudly, puffing out his chest as if he had just solved an important case.

“I failed to use my damn blinkah, that’s all,” Chris yelled over Daisy’s shoulder.

She turned and gave him an odd look, “Blinkah?  You and that damn accent, your blinker?”  Chris nodded in agreement, she rolled her eyes and turned back toward Michael.  “So, let me get this straight, he failed to use his turn signal, and you arrested him for reckless driving?  Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Well it is the rule of the road, and it is in the driving handbook, I’m not completely out of line.  But to be fair, I was only going to give him a ticket initially.  I was just going to bring him back here to run his license, but he had an attitude, and I didn’t like it so I arrested him for that.”

Daisy put her hands on her hips and glared at him, the kind of look you give to someone when you are at a complete loss for how stupid they can be, and you just don’t know how to put it into words.  It took a few minutes to form her thoughts, and he was beginning to fidget, he was aware that this was not going to be good for him.

“You know Michael, you are a fucking moron!  Not only are you an idiot for pulling him over because he didn’t use his turn signal but you fail miserably when it comes to fundamental powers of observation.  Put a beard on a guy and have him wear a baseball hat and you can’t even tell he’s your favorite fucking superhero!  No wonder you flunked out of the FBI!”

Chris let out a laugh, and Daisy turned to cast her stare at him.  He immediately turned and held his laughter back; he realized real quick that he didn’t want to be on the business end of her tirade.  But he had to admit, this was comical to see her dress down the deputy.  It was a wonder that boy lasted two years with her.

“Now wait a minute that’s not fair.  Quantico was harder than you think and I didn’t fail because of not being able to observe properly,” he was downright flustered at this point, “And just where do you get off coming in here ranting and raving just because I arrested your husband?  And what does any of this have to do with superheroes?  I have to admit that now I’m lost,” Michael shot back at her.

“Let me go slow for you, Barney.  Have you looked at hid ID yet?”

“Quit calling me Barney, you know that pisses me off.  And no, I haven’t and why should that matter?”

“Because, if you would look at his ID he is clean shaven on his driver’s license so he looks an awful lot like Steve Rogers.  Then you will notice his name is Chris Evans, as in the Chris Evans, who plays your favorite superhero, Captain America,” as Daisy said these words Michael’s eyes grew wide, and he looked over at Chris, who was just smiling and nodding his head.  “Yeah, so you just handcuffed and made an ass of yourself to your favorite actor.  How’s that make you feel, Barney?”

Chris began to chuckle behind her, finding this entire scenario suddenly quite funny.  However, when Daisy spun on her heels to stare him down again, he suddenly did not find it funny any longer.

“And you!  What in the hell, were you provoking him?  Arguing with him?  Trying to prove your point that he was wrong and you were right?  I mean, he was was wrong but could you not just be respectful and go along until he saw your ID and realized who you were?”

“Where did you pick him up, Michael?”

“Turning on the main road, he was coming back from your parent’s house.”

“He’s been following me all day,” Chris chimed in quickly, in the hopes that she would not latch on to the fact of where he had been.

“What?  Is that true, you’ve been tailing him all day?”  Daisy began to tap her foot waiting for him to answer but he wasn’t offering up any response.  Instead, he played with the rim of his hat the he held in his hand.  “That is harassment you know.  Is this all because of last night?  I have no problem talking to your father about this, do I need to go down that route?”

“No, don’t, I swear I will leave him alone, I will leave the two of you alone.  Yeah, I was still upset about last night, and I didn’t handle it very well, and I’m sorry.”

“Unlock the cell door and let Chris out,” she directed Michael and then she turned back to Chris, “Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about where you were.  We will discuss that, but I am not doing that here.”

The handcuffs had been removed from Chris when he was put in the holding cell so all Michael had to do was open the cell door.  He was fumbling with the keys, Daisy made him nervous, and her tapping of her foot was not helping.  And the pointing out that the man in the cell was Captain America, well that really didn’t help either.  As he unlocked the cell, Michael could not look up or make eye contact with Chris; he was too embarrassed with what had transpired over the last hour.

As Chris walked out, he offered his hand to Michael in an act of goodwill, “Look, no hard feelings, okay.  Chalk it up to a simple misunderstanding and let it be water under the bridge.  I know there is a history between you and Daisy and I probably could have handled things better last night; I think I was just trying to make light of the situation.”

Michael returned the handshake, “Thank you, I am sorry for earlier, and I definitely let my, shall we say, emotions, get the better of me.”

“Do you two want to kiss and make up or can we leave now?”  Daisy asked.

Michael leaned forward to Chris, “By the way, my condolences for marrying her.”

“I heard that Michael!”  Daisy barked.

Chris laughed as he walked over and took Daisy’s hand and laced his fingers with hers and walked out of the station and back towards the bridal shop.  They were halfway down the street when Chris finally got up the nerve to say something to her.

“Thank you for rescuing me, you’re my hero you know,” he leaned over and kissed her temple.

“Yeah, well I am sure the entire town will know by the end of the night that I am married to Captain America, and that means the tabloids will know, and your cover will be blown.  My emotions got the best of me, and I blurted it all out.”

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him.  They walked like that for the remaining block back to the shop.  Daisy was oblivious to the people on the street watching them.  She got to the shop and opened the door and pulled the sign off the door and Chris followed her inside.

“Babe, how exactly did you know I had been arrested?”

“My dad, evidently he was driving past as Michael was shoving you in the back of the cruiser.  He made a mad dash for the store and told me to get over to the station and save you.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t let me rot over there,” he spat out, immediately wishing he wouldn’t have said it.

“Had I known where you were coming from when you were arrested I would have.  What in the hell were you doing going out to my parent’s place?”

“I wanted to meet my in-laws, and I had a feeling you wouldn’t introduce me.”

“Oh my God, they aren’t going to be your in-laws for long!”

“I like them, nice folks, good people and they absolutely adore you.  They said they have been asking you to introduce me, but you keep saying no.  And by the way,  Martha is quite upset that you filed the first set of annulment papers.  She is equally mad at me for not telling her what the reason was that you used to file but she is mad that you filed.”

“Damn it, I should have let you rot over there in the jail.  I wonder if Michael will take you back.”

“Oh, come on,” he said as he walked over to stand behind her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and resting his chin on her shoulder, “It gave me a great opportunity to tell them how much I love their daughter.  How we might have been married in an unconventional way but that I am fighting for what I want, and I promise to take care of her, and I don’t intend on breaking her heart, and I sincerely hope she doesn’t break mine.”

His words lingered in the air for a  minute and then Daisy raised her hands to hold onto his arms, “You told my parents that?  Really?”

“Yeah, every word.  So answer me this, if I work here in the store with you this afternoon, will you take me to my rental car tonight?  It is kind of far for me to walk?”

“Yeah, I might be able to do that for you,” she said with a slight smirk.

“Great, but I think I might need the new hire orientation like I had yesterday when I first got here.  Do you think we could have another meeting in the office this afternoon?”  He whispered in her ear and then nibbled and kissed down her neck.

“Well, let’s see how well you work the rest of the afternoon before we make any plans like that.”



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