Attention: Just a Small Town Girl Readers


Hello, Readers!

I just wanted to let you all know I am running a little behind.  I frequently post and have a few chapters “in the bag” to post.  Unfortunately, at this point, I am 100% published up to date. This weekend, I took a girls weekend to Chicago to meet @Violetspike and while we talked plenty of story ideas, I did not get much writing done on the story of Daisy and Chris.

I do have part of a chapter written and hope to get it finished in the next day or so. I literally got eight hours of sleep combined for Friday and Saturday, so I need a nap! I am typing this on the train on the way home. Before you ask, I had to type out a scene for a story that was discussed this weekend and let me just say it is HOT and like nothing I have written before!

I am almost at my stop and then I have a two-hour drive to my house.  Don’t worry; I won’t leave you hanging!  I want to get this story out as much as you want to read it!  Let me know what you anticipate happening in the story and how you would like it to happen!

Have a beautiful day, and as always, thanks for reading!


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