New Story Alert: Structural Damage

I have been teasing this story, and now I am excited to announce that it has come to fruition.  I have completed the first two chapters of the story and have started on the third; this means that I will begin posting within the next week.  I prefer to have several chapters written to make sure have the tenor and voice of the story clear before I share it.  Right now, I can say it is shaping up very nicely.

This story is not at all like anything I have written in the past; this is not romantic and certainly not fluffy.  This story has more adult tones, and the main female character is unlike Harper, Grace, Carter and certainly far from Daisy.

Sructural Damage

Sabrina Burnham is a successful architect in the city of Chicago.  She has power, influence and most certainly gets what she wants without hesitation.  When her best friend and general counsel, Audrey Clarke, introduces her to Chris Evans, the sparks fly immediately. The two are immediately taken with one another even though they don’t act on their attraction.

They finally do give in, and while it is hot and they can’t deny their feelings, they realize they need to keep it casual.  Neither one of them has the capacity for a serious long-term relationship with their workload.  But what happens when those feelings emerge and they aren’t honest with one another about them?

Both of them are left with Structural Damage.


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