My Favorite Superhero

While it is true that I have images of Captain America on my computer or figures of him in my office, the first superhero in my life and my favorite was always my dad.  He didn’t leap tall buildings or run faster than a speeding bullet – but he loved me, kissed my boo-boo’s and made me feel safe.  He always encouraged me when I needed it and pushed me to do things I didn’t want to do because he knew what was right.  I hated him for making me take accounting in high school, but he was aware that I would be good at it, and it would play a part in my career; he was right.

Today is always hard for me because he is not of this earth; gone now for his 22nd father’s day.  I miss you daddy and would gladly do anything to have one more hug from my favorite superhero today!    If your dad is around, give him a hug and tell him you love him while you can.  If he is too far away for a hug, at least give him a call!  Believe me, you’re gonna miss it one day.

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