Goodbye, old friend…

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I saw goodbye to my dear, Ernie.  Our faithful companion, sweet baby, and fierce protector.  To some, you were just a dog or a pet, but to us you were family.  A loving member of our family who wormed your way into our heart the minute we saw you.

It hurt to see you struggle to breathe, to know that you weren’t feeling good.  In our head we knew the decision that needed to be made, it was our heart that made this difficult.  I’m not sure if it was easier or harder for us to have held you as we said goodbye.  I just know that you are at peace, and that is all I can ask.  You are no longer in pain, although the same cannot be said for those that are left behind.  Yes, you were a dog, but you gave unconditional love, and that is going to be missed.

I hope you can find my dad in heaven, Ernie.  I know he will give you good scratches and will play fetch.  And I promise he won’t tease with threats of baths like I did.  I will miss you terribly.

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