Structural Damage – Chapter 11

WARNING:  This chapter is NSFW and marked as 18+ since it has adult content.  If you are offended by sexual material, please skip this chapter.

Sabrina was lost in thought, her eyes drawn to the city below her but she was not really looking at the glass or the reflection in the window.  She didn’t see Chris behind her, wasn’t aware of his presence until she felt this ghosting of his lips on her neck.  He softly ran his fingers up her arm, and her skin reacted with goosebumps, she shivered.

Chris pressed is lips to her ear, in a low growl he said, “You’re standing naked in front of a full window, and you have no idea what I would like to do to you right this minute.”

She knew he could see her reflection in the windows, there was no hiding the smile on her face.  Besides, her body had already told him that she was turned on by his touch.  “I don’t know what’s stopping you,” she replied as she leaned back into him, her right hand reaching back and yanking his towel away from his waist.

“You aren’t worried about anyone watching?”  He asked hesitantly.

“Are you?”

“My aren’t you getting a little bold,” he whispered in her ear, “I’m a little worried, but only because you brought it up last night.  Before then, I had no concerns about this.”

“Then pretend I said nothing,” she gasped back at him, tilting her head in the hopes he would take the hint and kiss her there; he took the hint.  She opened her stance, ever so slightly, giving him the tacit approval to do whatever he wanted to do to her.  She was ready, and she now had a hunger for it.  He had ignited passion within her that she didn’t know she was capable of.

Chris put his hands on Sabrina’s hips and slowly snaked them around her waist.  His right-hand dipping below her waist, between her legs, while his left moved up to capture her breasts, squeezing gently.  All while he kissed and nipped at her neck and shoulder.  She softly moaned with his touch and with every kiss, there was absolutely no doubt that he was turning her on.

“You’re wet baby, am I turning you on?”  He knew the answer, he wanted to hear her say it.

She let out a ragged, “Yes.”

He moved his hands back to her waist and turned her around, she was facing him, her ass planted firmly against the window.  Instinctively her right leg moved to wrap around his left hip, giving him access to her, letting him know this is what she wanted.  He didn’t hesitate, stepping forward, placing his erect cock at her entrance and slowly entering her.  She was tight, the sensation was intoxicating.

Chris held her hips, Sabrina put her hand on his shoulders, his movements in and out of her were slow and sensual at first.  The pleasure building; it did not take long for her to beg him to go faster. Her nails dug into his shoulder, and Chris had to put his hand on the window to brace himself.  He began to twist his hips on each thrust, hoping to push himself up and into the right spot.

“Oh…fuck…Chris,” her voice was breathy, and she was having a hard time getting the words out, “Yes, right there…”

He buried his head into the crook of her neck; he had a primal urge to sink his teeth into her shoulder but thought better of it.  She had a meeting with the mayor tomorrow, and he didn’t want to leave her with that visible of a mark.  That is why he was careful to not kiss or suck on her neck, either.  She wasn’t as worried, her nails were digging into his shoulder, she was clinging on for dear life.

Sabrina began to contract her walls around him, providing friction that heightened Chris’ sensation and only made him want to push harder and faster.  It didn’t take long for Sabrina to cum, her cries muffled as she bit her lip and buried her head in the crook of Chris’ neck.  He loved the feeling of her orgasm around him, her cries, her quaking walls – he was able to hold out just a little longer, but not much.  Within moments, he was letting go; grunting in her ear and stilling himself.  His breath was ragged and for a moment, he was utterly unable to move.

Slowly Sabrina let her leg fall from his hip, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling her nails out of his skin.  She held him tight, feeling his heart beat against her chest; it felt as if it would pound out of his own.  His breathing was ragged, so was hers, but he did all of the work.  Finally, he stepped back, gazing into her eyes.  He was afraid he couldn’t hide the feelings he was having for her; that wasn’t just him fucking a woman against a window.  She cupped his face, pulling him to her and kissing him softly.

“That was incredible, Chris.  I’m sorry that you’re going to need another shower.”

He let out a soft laugh, “I have a feeling you aren’t that sorry.”

She still held his face in her hands, “You’re right,” she smiled back at him, “I’m not.  How about you join me for mine?”

“I never thought I would say these words, but I’m not so sure I have anything left after that.”

“It can be just a shower, Chris.  Come on,” she moved to take his hand and led him into the bathroom.  He leaned over to pick up his towel, making sure not to leave it on the bedroom floor.

~ * ~

The constant sound of the camera clicks filled the small room.  The telescope was trained on the window just across the river, the 80th floor of the Aqua building.  He had spent his evenings watching the penthouse apartment every night, taking pictures of Sabrina doing the most mundane things like washing dishes or working in her office nook.  Every night her routine was the same, close the blinds and the curtains, turn the lights on in the bedroom and then, presumably get ready for bed.  He had never been able to get a picture of her in lingerie or half-dressed, let alone naked.

He had made connections with one of the guards in her building, bribing him to keep him updated when she would have guests in her apartment.  The guard called him yesterday, telling him that she had a male guest and that he would be staying for a few days.  The guard said his name was Chris Evans but wouldn’t release any details about the man.

He watched the windows all night, nothing.  He was pretty sure that this would be another bust.  But his camera was set to begin taking pictures when there was movement; the shutter clicking made Kyle check out the telescope.  To his surprise, Sabrina was opening the blinds and gazing out the window, she was completely naked.  While he would enjoy these pictures for himself, he also knew they would allow him to increase the amount of money that he was receiving monthly.  There was no way Sabrina would risk these photos being leaked to the press.

What he didn’t expect, was the man coming up behind her.  He couldn’t see his face, but he had to guess that it was Chris, the man the security guard told him about.  The angle of the camera, along with the window brace and the curtain, kept him from getting a good shot of him.  He figured that it didn’t matter much anyway, the guy was probably just another boy toy that Sabrina had picked up, he was of no consequence.

As Chris moved behind Sabrina and began to make love to her, Kyle could not deny that he was turned on.  He unzipped his jeans and freed himself from the confines of his briefs.  As he watched his wife, although she would emphasize the “ex” in front of that, he stroked himself.  He could tell from their movements that she was close, and he could remember what she felt like around him; his movements up and down his own shaft increased, and it didn’t take long for him to orgasm.  He imagined he was climaxing at the same time she was, he always loved when they came together.

When Chris and Sabrina were done, Kyle reached for a t-shirt to clean himself up, and then checked the video equipment.  The video was crisp and clear – even for not getting Chris’ face, Sabrina’s was clear as day.  The pictures from the camera were golden as well.  He knew this would be a good payday when he brought these to her attention, he just had to wait for the right opportunity.

He had to leave to head back to his design firm within the next few days.  He had been working on a project and didn’t have to be on-site to do his drawings.  But now that the project work was done, he had to go into the office to turn it in and get the details for the next job.  Depending on the work involved, it would determine when and if he would be back to visit Sabrina so he could confront her about the photos.

~ * ~

Chris had not stayed in the shower long, he had only needed to rinse off.  He stepped out, dried off and dressed and announced he was going downstairs to see about fixing something for lunch.  Sabrina watched him exit the bathroom, and it was at that moment that the gravity of what they had done hit her.  It was her fault, she should not have been naked when she opened the blinds.  She had put them both at risk, and her mind began to race.  Just last night she gave the warning of the potential for people to watch with telescopes and how she didn’t want to risk someone watching them being intimate.  Then she goes and stands naked in front of the window and lets him have his way with her for the entire world to see.

Tears began to streak down her face, she had to get it all out now because she could not risk letting Chris see her cry or worry about this.  No, that would only make him worry about it, and he didn’t need that.  Hell, she didn’t need it, either.

She stood under the scalding hot stream of water, the hot water was her punishment for what she had let happen.  The problem was, she liked it; she liked the ‘danger’ of being on display even though they were so far up that the chances anyone could see them were slim.  She liked the fact that she allowed herself to do something she would not do ‘normally.’  She liked the fact that this man, whom she only just met, had allowed her to open up and find a part of herself that she didn’t know existed.

The water began to turn cold, and Sabrina turned off the shower, stepping out to dry off and get dressed.  She put on a light dusting of makeup, just to cover up the fact that she had been crying.  The hot shower might have washed away the tears, but it certainly did nothing for the puffy, red eyes that were a clear giveaway.  She dried her hair, pulled on a pair of pants and a t-shirt and made her way down the stairs.  She attempted to put on a happy face and hide the fear and guilt.

Chris was standing at the island in the center of the kitchen scrolling through his phone.  He glanced up as turned from the bottom step into the kitchen, “Hey, I was starting to worry.  I thought maybe you went down the drain or something.”

She forced a smile, “No, sorry, I just lost track of time, the hot water felt good.  Did you find something to eat?”

“Yeah, I made some pasta, thought that might be safe,” he smiled and could feel the flush in his cheeks, “Well, safe from the perspective that I can’t cook anything else, and your pantry is a little bare.”

“I’m okay with pasta,” she remarked as she walked closer to him, “So, you’re glued to your phone, something interesting?”

“Audrey has been trying to reach me,” he murmurs, “I turned the phone on while you were in the shower, just to make sure no one in my family was trying to reach me.  She’s left me half a dozen voicemails and a ton of text messages.”

“She wants to know where you are, I am sure.”

“Yeah, and where you are.  She is freaked out that you didn’t come to work, and you won’t answer your phone.  Her one voicemail said she’s been trying to call you since yesterday afternoon, she’s worried something has happened to you,” he looked at her, trying to gauge her reaction.  When she didn’t seem moved, he continued, “Her last voicemail, though, she said she is guessing we are together and fucking like bunnies which would explain why we aren’t answering our phones.”

Sabrina shook her head, “I’d call her, but then I’d have to listen to her yell at me for not having my phone on.  I’m not sure I’m in the mood for that.”

“I don’t blame you, I’m not going to respond until I leave tomorrow.  I don’t want her to lecture me or try to get me to put you on the phone.”

“Why don’t you get us something to drink, I’ll serve up lunch since you cooked, deal?”  She leaned over and kissed his cheek, “I don’t want to discuss Audrey anymore, but thank you for not texting her or calling her.”

As they sat down to eat, Chris watched Sabrina carefully, he could tell that she was hiding something.  He was already learning how to read her body language, and honestly, her eyes gave away so much.  They were eating in virtual silence, so he decided to bring it up, “You want to tell me why you’re upset?”

Sabrina’s heart stopped. Actually, all movement ceased, she wasn’t anticipating the question.  She swallowed hard, trying to figure out how she was going to answer him.  Should she be truthful and tell him that she was worried about what happened upstairs?  Or, should she attribute it all to his leaving?

“Do you want to talk about it?”  Chris asked with his head tilted and eyebrows raised.

“No, not really,” she dropped her eyes to the table, not wanting to make eye contact with him.  “I have so many different things going on in my head, Chris.  It isn’t one thing, one action, one reaction; it makes no sense, I know and I can’t fully explain it.”

“I think there is one thing that is really bothering you, though, am I right?  One thing more than any other?”

She needed to be honest, no secrets, it wasn’t going to do her any good to lie.  “Fine, yeah, I’m worried about this morning.  I was so insistent last night that we are careful, and I allowed us to be careless.  I exposed us, quite literally.”

Chris let out a laugh, he felt as if he needed to play this off for her benefit.  “You do realize we are on the 80th floor, and no one on the street can see us, right?  There are no office buildings on your side of this tower, no one could see us this morning, sweetheart.  You’re paranoid for no reason.”

The truth was, he had been worrying about this as well.  In fact, he had done nothing but think of it while he was fixing lunch; wondering if anyone was watching and if he should be concerned.  But he didn’t want Sabrina to know that because it would only make her anxiety worse.

“So, you’re not scared, at all?” Her question was tentative.

“That’s irrelevant, I can’t let my life be dictated by fear.  If I did, I probably would never get out of bed.  For damn sure I wouldn’t be Captain America, probably would never have become an actor,” he watched her carefully, something wasn’t settling right with him because this didn’t seem like the confident, take no prisoners business woman that he met last week.  “You don’t look like the kind of person who has let fear ever dictate your life, Sabrina.  What aren’t you telling me?”

“I’ve never let fear stop me, I just have anxiety about this morning, that’s all.  I can’t shake it, and I can’t quite explain it,” she could explain it, the text message this morning had set warning bells off and she did not want to talk to Chris about that.  No, Kyle was something that needed to stay quiet for a while longer.

~ * ~

Audrey Clarke was starting to get worried, Sabrina had not shown up for work and had not left her any messages.  When she had arrived at work, a little after 6 am, the office was still dark, and the alarm was still set.  This was odd, especially for a Monday, Sabrina was always known for being in the office early on a Monday to get a jumpstart on the week.  She had tried calling her cell, no answer, it went straight to voicemail.  That early in the morning, Audrey figured Sabrina was in the shower or even in the elevator, no signal, no answer, no big deal.  But as the clock neared 8 am and she was still not in, Audrey was getting concerned.

At promptly 8 am, Alice Woodring, Sabrina’s Assistant, knocked on her door, “Ma’am, do you have a moment?”

Audrey looked up, the look on Alice’s face was a bit concerning, “Sure, is everything alright, Alice?”
“Ms. Burnham left a voicemail last evening on my phone.  It appears she is going to take today and tomorrow morning off, and she has asked me to clear her calendar of any meetings.  She wanted me to make you aware.  I’m also to let you know that she will not be answering her cell.”

“She said that?  Did she tell you where she is?  What she is doing?”

“No, ma’am, she didn’t provide any details at all.”

Audrey hung her head, she could only guess what this meant, “Thank you, Alice.  I appreciate you letting me know.  If she reaches out and contacts you, will you please let her know that I have to talk to her?”

“Yes, ma’am, I will,” Alice nodded politely and turned to walk back toward her desk.

Audrey picked up her phone and immediately tried calling Sabrina again.  She knew what Alice had just said, but she was going to try calling her anyway.  Damn, the call went directly to voicemail. So, in fact, her phone was off.  Sabrina never turned her phone off, especially when large deals were hanging in the balance; she could literally not afford to be incommunicado.

She figured the cloak and dagger bullshit meant that she was with Chris.  She knew that if he were actually in California, it would be really early, but she didn’t care.  She dialed his number, anticipating he was across town with her best friend.  The phone rang a few times and then went to voicemail, at least his phone was not off.  She texted him, figuring that probably they wouldn’t talk on the phone, but might at least return a text.

By late morning, she had left multiple messages for Chris, both voicemail and text.  He wasn’t answering, he was electing to ignore her, which was infuriating!  By this point, she was starting to wonder if he was in Chicago.  She made a call over to the Trump Hotel, she wanted to see if he had checked out.  She knew what name he was registered under, it wasn’t his own name, so she was able to ask without it raising flags.  She had confirmation, he had checked out on Sunday; if he was in town, he was at her place.

Audrey tried to put it out of her mind, she didn’t want to think about what they might be doing.  Actually, she didn’t have to think about what they were doing, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  The problem was, she didn’t want to think about, it hurt too much to consider it.  What was bothering her the most was the idea that Sabrina would be blowing off work for potentially blowing Chris.  Not that she would blame her, she would do the same if ever provided the opportunity, but Sabrina never blew off work for any man.

As the day went on, she grew more and more agitated at the lack of communication from Sabrina.  She had left a couple of voicemails for her as well as an email or two.  She had also left voicemails, texts, and emails for Chris; several of the messages for Chris told him to have Sabrina call right away.  Audrey looked at the clock, it was 1:30.  The RFI for Boston was done, all she needed was Sabrina’s signature, she could even get it electronically if she would just answer her messages.

Audrey pushed herself away from her desk and walked over to where Alice was seated.  Her heels digging into the hardwood, she was walking with intent and purpose.  “Alice,” her voice boomed a little louder than she had wanted, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.  Has she reached out to you at all?”  Audrey motioned toward Sabrina’ office door.

“No, I haven’t heard from her at all.  Honestly, I’m not anticipating that I will.”

“I need to get her signature on some documents that are time sensitive.  Do you think you can try calling her?”

“She told me her phone would be off, ma’am.  I don’t think calling her would do much good.”

“Fuck!”  Audrey put her hands on her hips and began to  pace back and forth in front of Alice’s desk, “Fine, I’ll just head over there and knock on her damn door.”  She marched off before Alice could speak up and stop her.

Audrey grabbed the large RFI binder from her desk, her purse, and her keys and walked out of the office toward her car.  The Burnham Design offices were a few blocks from the Aqua building, on a good day, she would be willing to walk.  However, she was angry, and this wasn’t a good day, so she was taking a cab.

As the cab pulled in front of the Aqua building, Audrey started to get out before it completely stopped.  She tossed some bills at the driver before exiting and marched into the lobby of the building, heading straight for the security desk.  “Hi, Gregory, can you give me access to the elevator? I need to get up to see Ms. Burnham.”

“Hi, Ms. Clarke, I’m sorry, but I can’t give you access.  I’ve been given strict instructions, no interruptions unless it was an emergency.”

“What?  Come on, Gregory.  You know me, you know my position with her company, this is an emergency.”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Clarke, but the building isn’t on fire, so it isn’t an emergency.”

“Damn it, Gregory!  I’m not kidding, there is a multi-million dollar deal on the line here, and I need her signature, that’s all.  Call up there this minute and tell her to get her scrawny ass down here and sign this fucking document!”

Gregory hung his head, he hated that Audrey was angry, but he could not go against the wishes of Ms. Burnham.  He valued his job too much, Ms. Burnham could fire him, Ms. Clarke would just yell and curse at him.  “Ms. Clarke, I do understand you are upset, but I cannot interrupt her.  She was very specific that they not be bothered.”

“They?  She has someone up there?  Who?  Is it a man, Gregory?”

“I’m not at liberty to discuss that, ma’am,” he realized he slipped up, and he had to quickly try and recover.

“She’s got Chris up there, doesn’t she?  Damn her!”  Audrey slammed the binder on the security desk, the sound reverberating through the lobby, causing more than a few people to turn and stare.  She pulled her cell out of her pocket and began to walk away from the desk as she dialed Sabrina’s number.  When the call connected and the voicemail message provided the beep, Audrey let her have it, “I’m in the lobby and you have 5 minutes to get your ass downstairs and sign this binder for the Boston RFI.  I’m not kidding, Sabrina, you let this deal die, I’m not taking the fall for this.  Your security team won’t call upstairs, and they won’t give me access, get down here, now!”

She emphatically hit the end call button and then quickly dialed Chris’ number.  The phone rang several times and rolled over to his voicemail, again she left a rather terse email, “Chris, tell Sabrina to get to the lobby right now.  I’m not kidding, she needs to sign this document for this deal, or she risks losing millions.  Tell her to put some goddamn clothes on and get down here.”

She hung up and sent a text message to him that virtually said the same thing.  As she finished, she looked over at the security desk and noticed that Gregory was watching her intently.  She stood straight, pulled her shoulders back, and walked back to the desk.  “When did she come home?  I mean, specifically, when did she give you the do not disturb notification?”

“Yesterday, she came back to the building around 11:30, ma’am.  And, before you ask, they have not left the building since she came home.”

“I was afraid you were going to say that,” Audrey picked up the binder and began walking toward the door, heading out to the street to hail a cab back to the office.

“Ms. Clarke, the five minutes you gave her have not passed,” Gregory called after her, somewhat worried that she was leaving with time left on the clock.

“Face it, Gregory, she isn’t coming downstairs.  That was the sixth or seventh message I’ve left for her today, and she hasn’t answered any of them, she isn’t going to respond to this one either,” Audrey was dejected, her tone and body movements clearly indicated it.

~ * ~

Chris and Sabrina were cleaning up the mess from lunch when his cell phone began buzzing on the kitchen counter.  Sabrina walked over and looked at the screen, “It’s Audrey calling, again,” she announced, with a touch of bitterness in her voice, “I thought you were turning your phone off?”

He walked up behind her, placing his hand on her shoulder and kissing the back of her head, “I’m not answering it, so does it matter if it is ringing?  But, this is the sixth or seventh time she’s called, you realize it could be important, right?”

Sabrina’s head dropped, and she let out a defeated sigh, “She just wants to rain on our parade you know.  Tell you what a horrible person I am so she can have you all to yourself,” she let out a laugh and turned to face Chris.

He slid his arms around her waist, “She is not like that, and you know it.  Audrey and I do not have that sort of relationship, we are friends and good ones, at that.”

“You know, she’s not talked to me about how you two met or anything.  I may regret this, but, did you sleep with her?”

Chris let go of her waist and stepped back, putting space between them.  He was standing directly across from her, his ass against the counter, her’s on the island; it wasn’t a lot of space, but it was enough.  He was nervous to talk about this, he didn’t want to open up about himself and her best friend.  He slowly shook his head, “No, I didn’t sleep with her, but I did kiss her, more than once.  There was no, how do I put this, spark or intensity.”

“Wow, really?  But you were attracted to her?”

“Sabrina, why are you doing this?” He asked and just stared at her, waiting for a response that didn’t come.  “Fine, we were drunk, in a casino in Vegas.  She was playing blackjack and winning, I was at the table, and yeah, I was drawn to her.  She’s a beautiful woman, she cursed like a sailor and drank like a fish.  We talked, and she never tried to impress me or treated me differently; later I realized she had no clue who the hell I was, which made the whole thing even better.”  He stopped, trying to gauge Sabrina’s reaction, once again, she had none.  She had only moved slightly, crossing her arms over her chest and letter her gaze because more intense.  “I did take her back to my room, I did kiss her and try to get her out of her clothes, but it didn’t feel right.”

“So you stopped, or she stopped you?”

Her question and tone made him stand up straight and close the gap between them, “Are you asking if I was forcing myself on her?  Wow, you have some god damned nerve.”  He picked up his phone off the counter, it had been sitting off to the side of where Sabrina had been standing.

“No, I’m not asking if you intended to rape her for fuck’s sake, Chris,” she took off after him, he was walking away from her, and his stride was long.  He was to the stairs before she had even gotten away from the island.  She reached out and grabbed his arm, “I’m asking if you realized it didn’t feel right or if she did?  I have a reason for my question, and it has nothing to do with whether I think you are a bad guy or not.  And for the record, I don’t believe that you are.”

He noticed that her eyes were soft, she wasn’t glaring at him with bitterness or anger.  Her touch was not rough, but he felt as if she was pleading with him.  The entire situation was suddenly different in his eyes, “Then why are you asking?”

“Come on, sit with me and I’ll explain, but I am not making you the villain.”

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