Structural Damage – Chapter Delay

I am letting you all know that this week there will not be a chapter posted of Structural Damage.

I apologize for the delay, but I hope this explanation with clear things up, and you will bear with me.  Recently, work has been incredibly stressful, and I have been drowning.  I am working more hours and have less free time to write.  Traditionally, I would have four or five chapters “in the bag” to post while I am writing.  That way I am always ahead, and I know the story stays tied together and is cohesive.  Unfortunately, with the way I have been at work, I am currently caught up.  I finished Chapter 12 last night and began working on Chapter 13 today.

I would usually post on Thursday of this week; I would like to delay that by a few days in the hopes of getting ahead and making sure the story is coming together.  I don’t want to lose my rhythm or shortchange you, the reader.  If you read Chapter 11, you have a sneak peak into some big things that are on the horizon for Sabrina, Chris, Audrey, and even Kyle.  I don’t want to feel rushed in getting these chapters out, and I need the decent into chaos to be deliberate and to flow properly.

I hope you all understand and can support the decision.  I promise the story is NOT going on hiatus; I am looking at just a brief delay of a few days to allow me to get far enough ahead to keep the story moving.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

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