Structural Damage – Chapter 13

WARNING:  This chapter is NSFW and marked as 18+ since it has adult content.  If you are offended by sexual material, please skip this chapter.

Chris and Sabrina had tabled their discussion on why Audrey was calling.  They could not agree, and it was going to lead to an argument, neither of them wanted that, particularly as it was their last night together.  No, they wanted peace and tranquility for the remainder of the afternoon and evening.  They remained snuggled on the couch, the silence between them was comfortable, nothing awkward.  Sabrina had her arms wrapped around Chris, her head on his chest, nestled into the crook of his neck.  His arms around her, gently stroking her side.  This was something he could definitely get used to, a lazy day, wrapped up with a beautiful woman, not a care in the world.

Okay, so he did have a few cares.  One care was this situation with Audrey.  He had dropped it with Sabrina because he didn’t want to fight, but the truth was, something wasn’t sitting right with him.  Sabrina was firm in her belief that Audrey had feelings for him, he was firm in his belief that she was wrong.  How could both of them be reading the same situation so differently?  What was Audrey doing with one that she wasn’t doing with the other?  After all, if she were really in love with him, he’d see the signs, right?

He thought about texting Audrey, replying to one of her messages, finding out what she was needing.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It would answer the question, clear the air right away.  That is, provided she responded by saying she was merely looking for Sabrina, it was all work related.  If her response was anything other than that, well, then there could be a problem.

The last thing he wanted was for there to be friction between Sabrina and Audrey; they had been friends for too long.  He didn’t want to be the reason they would have issues now.  But he also didn’t want to lose Audrey as a friend, she had been a confidant for him over the last year, he trusted her; the number of people he could say that about, outside of his family, could be counted on two hands.  For that reason, he wouldn’t call her, but he was so tempted.

The other thing that was weighing heavily on his mind, what was to become of this when he left?  What was the relationship with Sabrina going to look like when he walked out the door tomorrow morning?  Did he even want to know?  Over and over in his mind, he heard the soundtrack from his disagreement with Audrey, “Prepare yourself now to be disappointed because Sabrina Burnham does not make chemical and physical connections.” 

Now he had to wonder, did Audrey tell him that because it was true or because she had her own motivations?  Damn, he was now stuck in his own head and couldn’t find his way out.  All he wanted to do was to find answers.  Something to give him direction and all he found were more questions.

He felt movement, he was startled and looked up, finding that Sabrina had untangled herself from him and stood from the couch.  She kept her back to him and seductively stretched, then turned to step directly in front of him, moving forward and taking a position on his lap, facing him and straddling his hips.  She wrapped her arms around his neck, placing her palms on the back of his head and pull him toward her.  She licked her lips before kissing him, tracing her tongue along his lips, begging for access which he gave.  The kiss told him that she craved him and wanted to command him all at the same time.

She broke the kiss, smiling and looking into Chris’ cornflower blue eyes, “You were thinking too much, I could hear the gears grinding.  You needed a distraction.”

“That was a nice distraction,” he smiled back, then leaned forward to give her a brief kiss of his own, “Sorry, I have the same problem you have, not being able to turn my brain off.”

She moved forward, putting her forehead on his, staring down into their laps, “Would you be worried about your leaving tomorrow?”

He responded with a reticent, “Yeah, I am.”

“What happens to us when you leave, Chris?”  The tone of her voice surprised him, she sounded concerned that they might be over, which is not what he had expected from her.  “I’m not sure I’m ready for you to go.”

He sat back, raised his hands to her face, lifting it so he could look into her eyes.  “I’m only leaving because I have to, not because I want to.  I have a meeting with a studio on Wednesday, if it weren’t for that, I would have stayed longer.”  He tried to gauge her reaction, wanted to see if she tried to look away or divert her attention.  Instead, she continued staring into his eyes, “We need to talk about what you want when I leave, Sabrina.  What do you want for us?”

“I’m not ready for this conversation,” she said, slightly shaking her head back and forth, casting her eyes down, breaking her gaze with him.  “This means it’s real that you are leaving.”

He let out a soft laugh, “Yeah, well we have to talk about this sooner or later, and I’d rather do it now than right before my flight leaves.  This gives us time to talk about it and then,” he lifted her chin to his gaze once more, “We can do a few things to take our mind off of it, okay?”

She began to nod her head and smile, “Okay, so what do you want to talk about?  I have absolutely no experience here, I’ve got no clue what I’m doing,” she admitted.

“Well, I’m going back to Los Angeles, and I split time between there and Boston when I’m not working.  Which means, if there is going to be something between us after tomorrow, it will be long distance,” he left his statement open ended and dangling, waiting to see how she would react.   The problem was, she wasn’t responding or reacting, he was going to have to say something, she was forcing his hand.  “Do you want a relationship?  Are you wanting to consider us dating?”

She looked away, unable to hold his gaze, staring out over the city she tried to find the words, “I’m not good with relationships, Chris.  I’m afraid of the whole label thing because it’s daunting.  Wouldn’t you be scared to call me your girlfriend?”

“No,” he didn’t hesitate to answer her, “I wouldn’t be scared or embarrassed or reluctant or any word you might want to throw my way.  But evidently, you are.”

“I’m terrified of the long distance aspect, I don’t know how this will work.  So, what if we don’t go with a label, we just say we’re seeing one another?”

Chris hated the idea, it meant that there was no steadiness in the relationship and it made him wonder how real it was on her side.  He thought maybe he would offer a suggestion, to see if she might be open to something more, “What if we said we were in a relationship?  I know, you told me you aren’t good with them, but this could be the exception.  I like the sound of it versus just saying we are seeing one another.”

Sabrina wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed him softly, “I can go with saying we are in a relationship, as long as you are patient with me.  I’m certain about a lot of things, Chris, but how to maneuver through a relationship, especially one that will be, um, as unique as ours, well I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“We’ll figure it out, I promise,” he murmured as he pulled her close, she put her head on his shoulder and nuzzled into his neck, “The positive in this entire scenario is that you’re in Chicago.  So it is easy for me to get to you, flights in and out of here are easy to come by.”

“Or, I might be able to fly and see you?”

“Yeah, baby, you can come and see me.  Or, we might go off somewhere else together, how about that?”

Sabrina smiled against his neck, she had to admit this might work after all.  He was going to be too good for her, she already knew it.   The pain she was going to feel tomorrow when he left, she was not prepared for.  She squeezed him a little tighter, nuzzled in a little closer, inhaled his scent and tried to memorize every detail of him.  Between now and tomorrow morning, she needed to be able to remember everything about him.

The day turned to night, the energy between them had become sexually charged thanks to their conversation and closeness.  She was on his lap, he couldn’t help but be aroused by having her so close.  He wouldn’t apologize for being turned on by her; he loved her beauty, her grace, her power, and her vulnerability.

He stood from the couch, his arms are wrapped around her to keep her from falling from his lap. Sabrina gently put her feet down, he helped ease her to the ground as her arms slid from around his neck and down his chest, she didn’t break eye contact with him.  He reached for her hand, lacing his fingers with hers and started walking her through the darkened penthouse, towards the stairway.  The only illumination came from the city lights shining through the large picture windows.  Chris had already memorized this apartment, it felt like home, and he knew his way around, even in the dark.

He led Sabrina up the stairs, taking each step slowly, building the anticipation for what would happen when they got to the top.  As he reached the top landing, he walked her just over the threshold of the bedroom.  He closed the distance between them, sliding his arm around her waist, bending to whisper in her ear, “Don’t move, baby.  I’ll be right back for you.”

Chris turned on the bedside lamp, picked up the remote, closing the blinds and the curtains.  He then pulled back the covers on the bed.  He walked back to Sabrina, took her by the hand leading her into the bedroom, toward her side of the bed.  She stood facing him, he placed his hands on her hips just under her t-shirt slowly moving his hands up her sides.  The t-shirt began to glide up her torso along with his hands, instinctively she raised her arms as he lifted the shirt off of her completely.  As the chilled air in the bedroom hit her skin, she shuddered, he moved in and kissed a trail from her ear, down her neck, and along her right collar bone where he gently pushed her bra strap off her shoulder.  He then repeated the action on her left side, reaching around her back with one hand and deftly unhooked her bra, letting it fall forward.  He helped ease it down her arms, tossing it behind him, it landed on the t-shirt, creating a nice, neat pile.

Now that her breasts were free, he took the opportunity to pay them special attention.  Cupping one while he kissed and caressed the other; Sabrina’s head was back, her eyes closed, biting her bottom lip as she let out soft moans of pleasure.  He took special care to give equal attention to each breast; tugging on each nipple but being cautious so that he did not hurt her.  He then moved to trail soft kisses down her stomach, stopping just above the waist of her pants.  She had dressed in a pair of drawstring, knit pants when she got out of the shower.  Chris slowly untied the drawstring, slipping his hands just inside the elastic waistband on either side of her hips.  He made sure he had the band of her panties looped around his fingers as well as he slowly began to inch them down her thighs, she gave no resistance.  Instead, she widened her stance ever so slightly to ease them down, then stepping out of them completely and kicking them to the side.  Chris ran his hands back up her legs, stopping momentarily to run one finger along her slit, testing to see how wet and ready she might be for him.

He leaned into her ear, letting out a low growl, “Someone’s wet and ready to play.”  He quickly lifted her off her feet, placing her on the bed, she let out a small yelp as she was not anticipating him literally sweeping her off her feet.

Chris made quick work of shedding his clothes and then climbing onto the bed to join her.  As he started to move up the bed towards her, Sabrina sat up and began moving towards him,

“What are you doing, babe?” Chris asked, somewhat confused.

“Last night you took care of me,” she reached out and traced his jawline ever so slowly and softly, “Tonight it is my turn.  I want to memorize your body before you leave.  I want you to remember what it felt like for me to touch you and to have my mouth on you.”  She moved forward so that she could whisper in his ear, he didn’t move, it was as if he was frozen in place, “I want it to be my touch you are thinking of when you have to take care of yourself when are alone out in LA.  I want you to wish it was my hands on your dick, my lips taking you in, and you cumming in my mouth.”

As she rocked back, she noticed that Chris visibly shuddered at her words and swallowed hard.  She also saw that he was fully erect, her words had definitely turned him on.  She turned so she was sitting on her hip, her legs bent, she gently patted the mattress next to her, “Come up here and lay down, baby.”

Chris was a little shocked at Sabrina’s tone, he hadn’t really anticipated this from her.  He never expected that she would turn into the dirty girl, but he liked it, a lot!   He moved to the top of the bed as she requested, situating himself on the pillows she had set up for his comfort.  She knew he would want to watch what she was doing, all men liked to watch.  She had taken him into her mouth when they were at the hotel, he had enjoyed it immensely.  But she was acting differently tonight, he didn’t know what to expect, but he had a feeling that he would not be prepared for what she had in mind.

Sabrina sat on her knees at Chris’ feet, prodding him to open his legs, just a little; he did as she asked.  He had expected that she would position herself between his legs.  Instead, she moved and straddled him, hitching her right leg over him, situating herself just above his waist, careful not to touch his cock, which was standing at full attention, practically begging to be touched.

“What?  What are you doing?”  He asked, surprised by her movement, there was even a hint of whining.

She put a finger to his lips, “Now, now, Chris.  You have to trust me.  Do you trust me?”  He slowly nodded his head, her finger still on his lips, “Good!”  She leaned forward, removing her finger and taking his lips with hers.   She then leaned forward, removing her finger and taking his lips with hers.  After breaking the hot kiss, she left Chris wanting more; which is exactly what she wanted.

She kissed along his jawline, down his neck, and across his chest.  She came to the tattoo along his clavicle, this was such an erogenous tattoo.  She could not explain it, but all she wanted to do was trace the words with her tongue.  So, she did.  Ever so lightly, she knew it was driving him mad.  He reached up to grab her hips, she pulled his hands away, lacing her fingers with his.  She knew it would do no good trying to hold him down, he was stronger than she was.  But if she held his hands, it would at least keep him from trying to push her off of him.

“You can’t touch, babe,” she gently chided him, “If you want more of what I’m giving, you have to play nice.  Do you want more?”

He couldn’t actually form an answer, he slowly nodded his head and let out an incoherent moan.  She let out a soft chuckle and then began moving down his chest, trailing her finger through his chest hair and then providing soft kisses.  She would move her body, careful not to brush against his cock, she wanted the ache to build and wanted him to bed for her touch.    She traced around his nipple with her tongue, then gently bit down and tugged with her teeth, not hard, but enough to get a little moan out of him.  Of course, she had to take care to do the same to the other, you can’t let one feel neglected, now can you?

As she came close to the Bardsley tattoo, she stopped, she knew this was his memorial for his good friend and to do anything dirty or seductive to it would be disrespectful.  Instead, she provided kisses near it and then sat back up, running her hands over his chest, “You are a beautiful man, Chris.  I totally understand why women swoon over you,” her voice was soft and melodic, with a seductive quality.

“Sabrina, please, baby, you’re torturing me,” his breathing was starting to get ragged, his eyes were pleading.

“You said you trust me, are you changing your mind?”

He shook his head, “No…but…I need you to touch me.”

She ran her nails down his chest, “But I am touching you, isn’t that what you said to me last night?”  There was an almost evil quality in her voice.

“Bitch,” he chuckled under his breath, somehow he knew his own words would come back to haunt him.

Her head snapped up, and she smiled, she heard what he said.  She also knew that he realized she had been paying attention to his words the night before.  She laughed back at him, he knew she wasn’t angry, but he also knew that she was going to make him pay.

“I’m not done with you yet, but I have to change positions,” Sabrina announced as she unlaced her fingers from his.  She braced herself and then swung her leg over, careful not to touch his body.  She pulled herself up onto her knees, looking down at him, taking in his naked form.  “I should get my camera, what better way to preserve how beautiful you look than to have a picture of it.”  She noticed the look of absolute terror on his face, “Relax handsome, I’m kidding.  I would not do that to you!”

“You really are evil,” he muttered.

“Oh, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” she replied as she moved to her position between his legs. She placed both hands on his hips, softly running them down the ‘v’ of his Adonis Belt.  Sabrina always thought this was one of the sexist attributes of a man, Chris had the perfect definition of this look.  Her touch was light, her fingers ghosting over his skin.  He was barely holding on, his breathing was shallow and ragged, he was moaning with desire.

She replaced her hands with her lips, softly kissing where she had just touched.  Chris reached for her, trying to pull her up, “I need you,” he growled, “I need to be inside of you,” she noticed his hips were starting to buck.

She gently slapped his hands away and sat up, “I said no touching.”

“Ugh, fuck,” he let out a desperate groan, “Sabrina, please!”

She stifled a laugh, “Fine, one touch, but that’s all.  I’m not done, and you’ll need to wait.”

She ran her nail up the pulsing vein on the underside of Chris’ cock, she thought he was going to explode.  He let out an exasperated, “Oh my God!  Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

“Now, be a good boy, and there is more where that came from,” Sabrina placed her hand on his belly, a gentle touch as she went back to kissing his Adonis Belt.  Finally, she was ready to give his dick the attention it deserved.  She knew he was in agony, he had the sheet balled up in his fists.  She lifted her hand from his belly and moved to hold his hip down with one hand.  She gently blew on his cock, he let out a moan, he was ready.

With her free hand, she firmly grasped the base of his penis, enough pressure to really make him squirm but she knew he liked it.  With a long, fluid stroke of her tongue, she licked up the aforementioned vein and Chris’ body came up off the bed.  The sounds of pleasure let her know that he approved.

The assault with her tongue did not stop; she flicked her tongue at the ridge of the head of his dick.  His breathing became even more ragged.  “Don’t….stop….fuck….don’t…stop.”  He could barely get the words out.  She paid attention to the head and to the vein, but never took him into her mouth fully; she also never released her grip, in fact, she would rotate between loosening it and tightening it.

Without warning, as she was flicking her tongue on the ridge and beginning to hum softly, Chris let out a loud grunt and suddenly shot off like a rocket.  “Fuck.  Oh…God!”  From the position she was in, Sabrina didn’t get hit, but he definitely made a mess of the fancy sheets on the bed.  She didn’t stop her assault either, he kept cumming, and she kept right on licking and sucking him off.

“Oh fuck, Sabrina, you have to stop…shit…too sensitive…oh…God,”  he was squirming and panting, she could tell he was on sensory overload.

She released her grip and sat up on her knees, grinning with pleasure over her work.  The sheets were a mess, but she didn’t care.  She crawled up his body, laying over him, her arms folded on his chest, her chin resting on her arms, “So, you shot off like a rocket, is your body in orbit?  Do you feel like an astronaut now?”

“Fuck you,” he muttered, not able to look at her or even move, “My God where did you learn to do that?  Nevermind, I don’t think I want to know.”

“Don’t worry baby, I don’t kiss and tell,” she whispered as she leaned forward and kissed his chin.

“I’m sorry about the sheets, I think I made a mess,” his voice was still shaky, he breathing was finally starting to get back to normal.

“I’m not complaining, but we should probably change them before we go to sleep,” she laughed as she patted his shoulder and rolled off of his body, onto the opposite side of the mess they made.

As Sabrina got off the bed, she reached over to offer him a hand.  He sat up slowly, she could tell he was a little dizzy, “You alright there, rocket man?”

He glanced over and gave her a dirty look, “Yeah, I’ll be fine,” he smirked back at her.

“Did you maybe cum just a little hard?”  She was sarcastic and snarky, if he weren’t missing a beat from sensory overload, he probably would have been able to come back with some sort of quick-witted response.  “I’m sorry, Chris.  Here let me help you.  Do you want to go take a shower while I change the sheets?”

He stood up, unassisted, got his bearings and then cupped her face with his hands and kissed her as if there would be no tomorrow.  She stumbled forward and had to brace her hands on his chest to keep from falling.  He stepped back from the kiss, satisfied as she seemed momentarily flustered, “Yeah, I’m gonna take a shower, do you want to join me?”

“Oh my, damn you and your kisses, Evans.  Fuck,” she shook her head, unsure of how the two of them got to this point, but damn happy that they had.  “No, I am pretty sure we would pass out in the shower and end up drowning.  I’ll change the sheets and take a quick shower once I’m done.”

Chris walked off towards the bathroom, Sabrina started the removing the sheets from the bed.  She had the new set of sheets put on the bed and was walking into the bathroom just as Chris was exiting the shower.  She stepped in behind him, took a quick shower and then joined him in the fresh sheets.  She snuggled up next to him, he held her close, her arm draped across his torso, his arm across her back.  They wrapped their legs together and within a few minutes, Chris’ breathing was even, and Sabrina was sure he had fallen asleep.

She ran her nails through his chest hair, he had the perfect amount for her liking.  She listened carefully to see if he said anything, wanting to make sure he was asleep; she looked up, and his eyes were closed.  Quietly she began to speak, “I’m not supposed to fall for guys like you Chris.  I’m not meant to fall for anyone, I can’t risk being broken, not again.  Please don’t break me because God help me, I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Chris had heard her breathing even out and had expected that she fell asleep, he shut his eyes and tried to drift off.  That’s when he heard her soft voice, she must have thought he was asleep, he didn’t want to let her know he was awake.  He listened to what she said, and something immediately caught his attention, “I can’t risk being broken, not again.”  What did she mean by that?  Who broke her before, and is that why she said she can’t do a relationship?

His own self-doubt also wondered what she meant when she said she wasn’t supposed to fall for guys like him.  He was back to wondering if he was just a toy for her, and this was a game.  But if it was, she was way too serious about everything else.  He was as emotionally torn as she was.  The only thing that he knew for sure, he was in the same boat she was, he was pretty sure he was falling in love with her, too.

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