Not Such a Bad Boy


WARNING:   This story is 18+ and NSFW as it contains sexual situations.  If you are offended by the subject matter, please do not read this chapter.

Club Deviant was the hottest club in town.  It was situated in the heart of the revitalized warehouse district, and the millennial crowd could not get enough of the place.  Each weekend they had a DJ on hand to spin music, and the place was packed.  If you didn’t have connections, you weren’t getting in.  Heck, even with connections, the list was long to get in.

Lucky for them, Bellamy Tanner, had connections and was able to get her group of friends on the guest list for Friday night.  Bellamy was a junior executive at a prestigious public relations firm and had connections throughout the city.  She tried not to take advantage of the people she knew, but this was a unique situation, so she made an exception.  Tonight, she was going out with her friends for the bachelorette party of one of her best friends, Danica.  They wanted to go someplace fun and to be in the middle of the action.  So, Bellamy decided to see if she could get on the list for Club Deviant.

Her connection, the owner, Micah Devlin, put her on the guest list to arrive late in the evening.  This allowed the ladies to get together and have dinner and drinks in Midtown and then do some barhopping before making their way to the warehouse district.  As the stepped out of the limo and made their way to the front door, they could hear the loud thumping of the music.  They also noticed the rather long line as it snaked around the building.  They ignored the cat calls from men in line as they walked toward the bouncer for entry.  Bellamy spoke to the bouncer, he looked at his clipboard and then unhooked the velvet rope to allow them entrance to the club.

As the five ladies walked in, they were amazed at the size of the club, the bar, and the fact that people were packed in like sardines.  They quickly scanned the room for someplace to sit.  Luckily, eagle-eyed Arial found a booth in the corner and took off to grab it before anyone else could.  The rest of the group quickly followed.  As they settled in, they began to realize why the seat had been empty, no server seemed to be interested in working the table.  It was decided someone would have to go up to the bar and get the drink order for the table.

They decided to do a round-robin of rock-paper-scissors to see who the poor soul would be.  As luck would have it, Bellamy got stuck with the job.  She hated the idea of having to do it.  It was quite ironic that she was in public relations because she was shy and didn’t do well in crowds.  In fact, she usually declined every invite from her friends when they wanted to go out on the weekends.  She’d go hang out at their house or go to lunch or dinner with one person, but wouldn’t hang out in clubs or bars if there were large crowds.   Her friends worried about her, they wanted her to get out and live a little.

By the time they had reached Club Deviant, Bellamy had several drinks in her.  She wasn’t nearly as anxious as she normally was, but she wasn’t entirely comfortable either.  As she stood to head toward the bar, she began to worry and let her friends know about it.  “Do you see all those guys up there?  That woman behind the bar is flirting with them, she’ll never wait on me!”

“Just be assertive,” Heather offered, “You’ve had a little alcohol in you so use it as your confidence booster.”

Bellamy took a deep breath and began walking toward the bar.  She pushed her way through the wall of men and saddled up to the bar.  She tried to flag down the bartender with no real success.  She was getting frustrated, and she turned to look around for a waitress, thinking she might just be able to place an order and have them get it.  Then she heard a husky voice speak to her.

“What can I get you, doll?”  She turned her head and came face-to-face with a dark-haired angel with piercing blue-gray eyes.  He was leaning forward on the bar, staring at her.  She felt like he was staring right into her soul.  “You need a drink?”

She jumped, “Sorry, um, I didn’t” she started to stutter which was a habit when she was nervous, “I, um, didn’t, um, see you there.”  She could not take her eyes off of him.  He stood before her in a white button-up shirt with the top two buttons undone.  She could see an elaborate tattoo stretch from his shoulder, up his neck, and over the collar of the shirt.  His sleeves were rolled up to his elbow, and she noticed tattoos that covered both forearms.  He also had a gauge in each ear lobe.  Damn, he was absolutely sexy.

A smile stretched across his face, “I didn’t mean to scare you, doll.  So, what are you drinking?” He put a napkin on the bar in front of her.

“Um,” she fumbled for a minute, “I need a Bud Light, Cranberry Vodka, Jack and Coke, Dirty Martini,” he cut her off before she could go any further.

“Wow, you sure are thirsty.  Hold on a minute,” he put his finger up then turned and walked off a minute.  When he walked back, he had the beer and Jack and Coke, along with a small can of cranberry juice.  “Ok, Cranberry Vodka and a Dirty Martini, what else you need.”

She swallowed hard, “Liquid Cocaine and that will be all.  And these aren’t all for me, I mean, I’m with my friends over there, so I’m getting drinks for everyone.”

He smiled at her, thinking it was adorable that she felt the need to explain, “That’s good to know because this mix would probably make you very ill in the morning.” He started to laugh and watched her cheeks begin to flush with color, “So I bet you want to open a tab.  What’s your name so I can open one up?”

“My name is Bellamy.”

“Unique name, but I think you look more like a Bella.  So, Bella, I’ve got your tab open, and you can come see me to cash out before you leave tonight, okay?”  He winked at her and walked off, leaving her to figure out how to get the drinks back to the table.

She wanted to yell at him and correct him.  Her name wasn’t Bella, it was Bellamy.  She hated to be called Bella, her Aunt Trudie always called her Bella, and she protested it for years before finally giving up the fight.  After the Twilight books had come out, her distaste for the name grew even stronger.  Why couldn’t people just accept her name as Bellamy and leave it at that?

While she was seething over the bartender changing her name, her friend Jenny joined her at the bar.  “Do you need some help?  With the drinks, I mean?”

“Oh, yeah, thanks.  I can’t carry them all back on my own,” Bellamy announced and handed a few drinks to Jenny.  As the two made their way back to the table, their friends began to taunt her for her delays.

“So, that bartender was kinda hot, did you get his name and number?”  Heather asked.

“He was hot,” Jenny interrupted, “He has some amazing art on his arms, I would not mind tracing that shit with my tongue.”

“Did you stutter when you talked to him?”  Danica whispered in Bellamy’s ear.   Bellamy slowly nodded her head and Danica patted her hand, “It’s okay, he probably didn’t even notice.”

“He was watching you quite intently,” Arial offered, in the hopes of being encouraging.  “He seemed to be captivated by whatever you were saying to him.”

“Stop, it was nothing, I was ordering drinks, and he was nice.  He’s a flirt, he wants a good tip.  That’s all,” Bellamy responded back to her friends, “Besides, when I told him my name was Bellamy he shortened it to Bella.”

“Oh snap,” Jenny laughed, “And you didn’t jump over the bar and kick his ass?”

“Wow, I’m surprised you didn’t unleash on him,” Arial laughed, “He has no idea how lucky he is.”

“Yeah, well I figured there were too many witnesses,” Bellamy joked, “Besides, security would throw me out before I could enjoy my drink.”

The ladies drank and talked. Several of them got up and made their rounds on the dance floor.  However, as the drinks dwindled they still had the issue of no server, so someone was going to have to go to the bar again.

Heather, the boisterous leader of the group, decided to make a declaration, “The rock-paper-scissor event was for the entire evening. So, Bellamy you need to get your ass back to the bar and get our refills.”  The look Heather shot to the rest of the ladies at the table had them all realizing where she was going with her comment and they joined in with their approval.

“Hell no, you never said it was for the night,” Bellamy protested, she had no desire to go back to the bar and fight that crowd again.

What she didn’t know, since her back was to the bar, was that the hot bartender kept looking over in their direction.  It was as if he kept checking on her.  Her friends felt like they were doing her a favor.  Bellamy was overly ambitious, she finished college in five years with two bachelor’s degrees and an MBA.  It wasn’t that her friends weren’t ambitious, they were just as career driven, but they found balance in their life.  Bellamy didn’t understand the word.  Plus, she had never had much luck in the relationship department, so she swore off of them, and that just meant she worked more.  Her friends were bound and determined to get her out of that mindset and figured if she was getting loose with the booze and a hot bartender was paying her some attention – then tonight was the night!

“Yeah, well we didn’t think we had to spell it out Bell, it was implied,” Danica shot back at her.

“Quit your bitching and go get our drinks,” Arial snapped and then started to laugh.

Bellamy let out a disgusted huff and stood up and began to stomp toward the bar.  She glanced back over her shoulder, and her friends were all laughing at her.  But when she turned back to the bar, the bartender was smiling her way and leaning against the bar, drinks lined up in front of him.  Damn, that smile could melt her panties right off of her.  She noticed now that his dark hair was long on top and a little tousled.

She got to the bar and looked up at him.   He spoke first, “I have your drinks all ready for you, Bella.  Do you need help getting them to your table?  I can give you a tray this time.”

“My name is Bellamy,” she shot back at him, a little fire in her eyes even though she couldn’t muster the fire in her voice.

“Yeah, but Bella suits you since it means beautiful,” as he said the words he noticed her cheeks beginning to flush crimson.

“Fine, I’ll give you a nice tip, just remember my name is Bellamy.  And give me a tray so I can carry these drinks back to the table.”  Somehow she had found her voice and was able to get the words out without a stutter.  She knew she sounded a little harsh, and she should probably apologize, but if she went for the niceties, she might lose her sudden courage.

“Oh, and you’re feisty, I like that,” he joked as he got a tray and set the drinks on it for her, “You sure you can carry that on your own?”

“Yes, I’m sure.  Just add the drinks to my tab.”  She picked up the tray and turned to walk back toward the table.  The problem was she was no shaking.  Had he been flirting with her?  Dear heavens he was handsome, and she was hoping to make it back to the table before falling apart.

“He’s watching you again,” Jenny announced as Bellamy sat the drinks on the table.  “He gave you a tray this time, wow what a prince.”

“Was he flirting with you?  Because he had a devilish smile when you were up there, like he could just eat you alive.”  Heather said the words with a growl as if she was jealous of the entire situation.  Which was funny, because everyone at the table was jealous of Heather and her marriage to Dean, a successful attorney who had GQ looks and was often mistaken for a television star.

Once again the conversation turned, and the ladies enjoyed their drinks.  Bellamy realized this time that her drink was a little stronger than the last one.  She was starting to feel it, and she was becoming a little bolder, one more of these drinks, and there is no telling what sort of trouble she could get into.  All of a sudden the conversation at the table stopped and when Bellamy turned her head, she was starting into the hips of her bartender.  All of the ladies at the table now understood why Bellamy would have stuttered when she talked to him.  From far away he was handsome, but up close and personal, he was stunning.

He leaned over the table and began replacing drinks, picking up the empty glasses and bottles.  He looked directly into Bellamy’s eyes and declared, “I thought you ladies might be ready for another round.  I didn’t want to make Bellamy walk back to the bar, so I thought I’d make the delivery.”

Collectively the ladies sighed.  Bellamy was unable to move; her mouth was suddenly dry.  He was closer to her now than he had ever been at the bar.  Her body was alight with desire, something she hadn’t felt in a long time.  It took a minute, but she finally got out a “Thank you,” before he stood up and walked off.

“Oh shit, you have got to go get his number,” Danica blurted out, “That man is walking sex, and he evidently has an interest in you, Bell.”

“Fuck, for once I wish I wasn’t married,” Heather announced, “I’d never cheat on Dean, but that man would make me actually consider it.”

“Bellamy, you need to go after him.  I think he wants you to go after him,” Jenny offered quietly.  “I believe he was almost begging you with the way he was looking at you.”

Bellamy said nothing, she slammed her drink and stood up from the table.  She was a little wobbly from the alcohol, after all, three liquid cocaines on top of the other drinks on the night had provided one hell of a buzz.  She could see him working his way back through the crowd toward the bar, he was going to the opposite end of where she usually saw him.  She pushed through the crowd to follow him.

He sat the tray on the bar and yelled over to the two female bartenders, “I’m taking a break, be back in fifteen.”  When he turned around, he bumped right into Bellamy.  “Whoa, sorry, doll didn’t know you were standing there.  What can I do for you?”

“Are you flirting with me?” She asked quietly, almost in a whisper.

A smile crept across his face.  He gently put his hand on her to lead her away from the bar and the crowd of people, “I’m going on break, why don’t you join me outside?”

“Just answer me, will you?  I mean, you keep smiling at me, and I really suck at reading signals,” she felt like she was babbling.

The door opened, and the two of them stepped out into the alley.  “Do you want me to be flirting with you?”

“I, well, I’m,” the stuttering had started again which she had no control over at this point.

He took a step closer to her, “See, I’m not supposed to flirt or have anything to do with the customers,” his voice was soft, and she could feel his breath on her.  He smelled of alcohol and sweat, it was a potent smell and turned her on more than she would like to admit.  “But, you are a beautiful woman Bellamy, and I have to admit, I’m more than a little intrigued by you.  So, yeah, I’m flirting, are you going to report me?”

She slowly shook her head.  As he took another step toward her, she put her hands up to rest on his chest.  Holy hell, he was slim, but she could tell he was built under that shirt.  His chest was firm, and she was pretty sure if she moved to his biceps she would find the same.  “I don’t even know your name.  You know this isn’t normal for me, I don’t confront guys and go out into the alley with them.”

“Yeah, I kinda figured that.  Maybe I shouldn’t do anything since you’ve been drinking, I wouldn’t want to take advantage or anything,” his mouth was at her ear, and his lips barely grazed her.  As he pulled back from her, he said softly, “Sebastian, my name is Sebastian.”

“Fuck, you’re not taking advantage of me.  I’m acutely aware of what I’m doing.”  But before she could say anything more, he took her mouth like it belongs to him.  Her body immediately responded, her lips parting to give him access and allowing him to taste her.  Pleasure coursed through her body, he was so damn intoxicating.  He moved her so that she was up against the brick wall of the building and she barely registered that his hands were moving up under her skirt.

She let out a moan as his lips continued to assault her neck, “Oh, Sebastian, that feels so good.”  Then she felt his hand between her legs, pushing the thin fabric of her panties to the side to get access to her aching and wet center.  He parted her folds and began to rub her clit and then eased a finger inside her.  “Oh, God,” she groaned into the crook of his neck.

“You like that, don’t you?” He asked as he continued to play with her. She didn’t answer with words. Instead, she lifted her leg and wrapped it around his hip.  That was all the answer he needed.  Bellamy reached down to rub her hand against his crotch, his cock hard and straining against his jeans.  This time, it was Sebastian who let out the moan.  “I’m gonna work you to the edge, but you’re not gonna cum until I’m inside of you, do you understand me?”

“Then hurry, please tell me you’ve got a condom and are ready to go,” she hurried to unbutton and unzip his jeans to free his straining erection.

Sebastian stopped fingering her long enough to pull a condom out of his pocket and rip open the package.  He deftly rolled it on and positioned himself at her entrance, “Are you ready?”

“Just fuck me already,” she growled, and with that, he pushed himself inside her.  The feeling was incredible, and while he had waited for to adjust to him being inside, she couldn’t back, “Just move, please move, now.” She was begging, her arms wrapped around Sebastian’s neck, her lips on his and he began to pound into her like there was no tomorrow.  Bellamy rolled her hips and Sebastian hit the right spot, sending her over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm.  Her walls tightened around him and began to milk him, it was almost too much for him to take.

“Holy shit,” he began to pant, unable to think coherently or even speak.  Bellamy contracted her walls, and that was all it took, Sebastian stilled and came hard.  His forehead rested against hers, the two of them were dripping with sweat and have been thoroughly sated.  “That was incredible,” he was finally able to say as he moved to kiss her.  He slowly pulled out of her, but remained wrapped up with her against the wall.

Bellamy started to laugh, “Yes, it was.”  She unwrapped her leg from his hip and tried to stand up on her own, she felt like jelly.

Sebastian pulled off the condom, and Bellamy helped him back into his jeans; he tied off the used rubber and tossed it into the nearby dumpster.  “I have to go back in, my break is over,” he said with a pout.

“Yeah, I know.  You better go clean up first,” she pulled him forward by his shirt and kissed him one more time.  “I promise, you’ll get one hell of a tip for your service tonight.”

Sebastian laughed and opened the door, and the two of them walked back into the club.  As Bellamy approached the table, she noticed that each one of her friends went wide-eyed.  “What?”   She asked innocently as she took her seat.

“Um, Bell, your lipstick is spread across your face, and your hair is messed up.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’ve been freshly fucked,” Arial declared matter of factly.

Bellamy said nothing as she sat back down and picked up a napkin to wipe her face.  She pulled a mirror out of her purse to see if she had taken care of the smudges and when she looked up, she noticed the entire table was staring at her.  “What?  Do I look that awful?”

“What happened?”  Danica questioned, “You went to talk to him and then the next thing you know, you come back looking like this.”

“Was he as great as you thought he might be?”  Jenny asked as she moved a little closer.

“Please give me all the dirty details so I can live vicariously through you,” Heather propped her elbows up on the table and rested her head on her hands.  She wanted to get comfortable to hear all the dirty details.

“I’m not telling you anything,” Bellamy declared while looking around for something to drink.  Not seeing anything, she started to get up when a server came over and sat down a drink in front of her.

“Seb said you might need this,” the server winked at her and then walked off.

“Who the hell is Seb?”  Danica asked, then as if a lightbulb went off she smiled.  “Oh my God, his name is Seb?  How sexy is that?  Is it short for Sebastian?  Please say it is, because a guy that fucking hot needs a sexy name.”

“Yes, his name is Sebastian.  That much I’ll tell you,” Bellamy realized the server brought over a shot and not her regular drink.  She eyed it suspiciously and then went ahead and slammed it.  “Oh hell, he sent me tequila.”

“Uh, Oh,” Jenny reacted, “He has no idea what he has just done.”

Arial bolted from the table and ran to the bar, coming back with a bottle, shot glasses, lemons, and a shaker of salt.  Once you got Bellamy started on tequila, it was all she would drink, and she could slam back the shots.  Twenty minutes later, the bottle was gone, and Bellamy was close to passing out.

Heather left the table and went to the bar.  The crowd was thinning out as it was nearing the last call.  She called out for Sebastian to get his attention.  As he walked over to her, she introduced herself, “HI, I’m Heather, one of Bellamy’s friends.  She’s in no shape to come over and settle the bill, so I need to do that.”

Seb peered around Heather and noticed Jenny and Arial attending to Bellamy.  “Is she alright?” His voice was thick with concern.

“The tequila was a bad move, we generally keep her away from it. She has a weakness for it, once she starts it is hard for her to stop.  She’ll be okay, it’ll hurt like hell in the morning, but she’ll live.”

He grimaced, “Sorry.  Now I feel horrible for sending it over.”

As Heather began to fill out the credit card slip, she took one of the customer copies and flipped it over, scribbling something on the back.  She passed it over to Sebastian, “Here’s her phone number, if you’re really concerned about her, call her tomorrow and check on her.”

“How did you know I was going to ask for her number?”  He was amused that she was so forward on behalf of her friend.

“Because I’m pretty sure you fucked her in the alley, and you don’t look like the love ‘em and leave ‘em type,” Heather winked at him and turned to head back toward the table.  This time it was his turn to blush.

~ * ~

The sound of music woke Bellamy up.  The sound was faint, but the bass was thumping, and it didn’t want to be ignored.  She rolled over and pulled a pillow over her head in the hopes of muffling the sound so she could go back to sleep.  No such luck.  She opened her eyes, and the bright light assaulted her.  The hangover was intense.  She needed the thumping music and the bright lights to go away, along with the spinning room.

There was no way she was going to go back to bed.  As soon as she put her feet on the floor, the room stopped moving.   She took a deep breath and tried to hold back the urge to rush to the bathroom.  It seemed to work, nausea passed, and Bellamy eased herself up and out of bed.  She pulled on her bathrobe and shuffled into the living room to find her Aunt Trudie sitting on the couch reading a book.

Bellamy had moved into the warehouse district of the city a little more than two years ago.  In the last few years, this area had become the trendy place to live.  Warehouses that had long been forgotten were being converted into elegant apartments for the millennials to overtake and make their own.  This meant the rent and the traffic in the area were increasing, two things that every neighborhood hated.  On the upside, it meant that restaurants, bars, and bodegas were moving in.  Businesses that would once shy away from the area were now clamoring to open up and garner the patronage of the wealthy residents.  It also meant that contemporary art galleries, coffee shops, and niche gift shops were opening and trying to secure their own piece of the market.

However, her building was not one of the posh, renovated warehouses.  Instead, it was an artsy, older building that had definitely seen better days.  It had character and its own brand of charm.  It was actually the type of building that most people would see and run from; scared that living there would mean certain death.  This is exactly why Bellamy loved it.  It is also why her Aunt Trudie loved it; well, that and the fact it was rent controlled.  Trudie Tanner was an eccentric artist who had moved into the apartment twenty years ago.  Back then, the neighborhood was full of drug deals and mob hits.  The police activity was due to murder investigations but never a patrol for residential safety.  Trudie didn’t care, she loved the idea of living on the edge.  Back then she lived with her girlfriend Coco and their two dogs.  The guy across the hall was a painter and taught self-defense classes twice a week in his apartment.  Trudie and Coco felt safe and vowed to never move.

Trudie and Coco never had any children, but they had practically adopted Trudie’s niece.  Even though Bellamy’s parents were alive and well, she spent more time with her Aunt, and they had an almost unbreakable bond.  So, when Coco died in a car accident, and Trudie’s health took a turn, it was only natural that Bellamy would move in with her Aunt.

The building that housed Bellamy’s unit had only four apartments, two on the bottom floor and two on the top.  Each apartment was separated by a long hallway in between, which provided a closed off, rather standard look when you happened upon them.  But each apartment had a large retractable door that would allow the entire apartment to open up.  Provided you liked your neighbor across the hall, you could each open your whole apartment and have one hell of a party across the entire warehouse floor.

Trudie looked up from her book as she saw Bellamy walking her way, “I see someone decided to wake up.  I was beginning to worry about you.”

“Well I heard music, and it woke me up.  Who in the hell is playing loud, thumping music so fucking early in the morning?”

Trudie let out a soft laugh, knowing if she let out her typical belly laugh it would really set her niece off.  “Sweetheart, it is almost 3 in the afternoon.  You’ve been in there sleeping since 4 am, so I think the neighbor’s music isn’t the problem.  He has the wall open, he’s working on a new project.”

“Huh?  What happened to Marty?”

“Marty moved out two months ago, his nephew lives there now.  He’s a welder and artist in his own right.  He’s a good guy, about your age.  Very handsome, too.  I need to invite him over for dinner,” Trudie stood up and started walking toward the door.  “I’m going to invite him over for dinner tonight, I think he is off this evening.  You need to go and take a shower and freshen yourself up.”

Bellamy started to protest and realized it would really do her no good.  She marched back off to the bedroom to get her things and then went off to the bathroom for her shower.  When she came out, she was dressed, and her hair and makeup was done.  Her headache had not gone away, but at least she looked like she was back among the living.

Trudie was in the kitchen, starting to cook dinner.   She looked at her niece as she came walking in, “Bella, I have a glass of water for you over on the counter along with two ibuprofens.   Take that, and it should start to make you feel better.”  She could hear Bellamy moan slightly as she moved toward the glass and medicine.  “I’m happy you went out last night.  Sorry, you seem to be hung over, but you really did need to get out and enjoy life a little.  You mope around this place too much.  All you do is work and take care of me, I swear girl, you need to get laid.”

Bellamy almost spit out her water, “Trudie!  I can’t believe you just said that!”

“What?  I’m old, but I’m not dead for heaven’s sake.  You’re a beautiful girl, and you should get out and find yourself a hot guy.  I mean unless you’re into girls, which is totally cool with me.  In which case, get you one of them.  But find someone and starting making a life for yourself.”

Bellamy couldn’t help but laugh, “I can’t believe we’re having this conversation.  I like guys, I’m just not really good with talking to them.   I get all nervous and stutter and make an ass of myself.  But I did meet someone last night,” she admitted.

“Oh, do tell!  He works at the one club we went to, he’s a bartender,” Bellamy went around the counter and sat down on one of the barstools, “He was very handsome, and there was some, um, chemistry there.  But I ended up getting so drunk I didn’t get his number before I left.”

“I guess that means you need to go back to the club and run into him again,” Trudie offered.  As she was about to ask her next question, there was a knock on the door.  “Ah, our dinner guest is here, can you go let him in?”

“Sure,” Bellamy said as she got up and started walking toward the door, “What’s this guy’s name?”

Trudie called out as Bellamy answered the door and saw him standing there, “Sebastian!”

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