Behind on my reading…

I am woefully behind on all of my fanfic reading.  This year has been rough, especially the summer.  I didn’t broadcast it at the time, but I had a severe stress and anxiety issue with work and had a minor mental breakdown.  I continued to write, although it was difficult at times.  I think that is why it took longer to finish Structural Damage than I had originally anticipated.

I had been a part of a regular chat with a few ladies and I withdrew from that.  I think several of them took it personally, but I just needed to focus on fixing me.  I would, from time to time, speak with a few folks on Tumblr but for the most part, I kept to myself.  I am in a much better place now and can say that I am doing well.  There have been several people that have been very uplifting and supportive these last few months, reaching out and saying hello and it has meant a great deal.  I am truly thankful for those ladies.

I hope to get caught up on some reading over the holidays.  I have started a new story – the long awaited sequel to The Heart Won’t Lie.  I cannot say when I will start posting; I do have the first chapter done and part of the second.

While I am not reading, I have been listening to audiobooks at work.  I have added a page to my site that details the books I’ve listened to over the past few years.  So, if you need reading (or listening) recommendations, feel free to peruse the list!

Again, thanks for your support and your friendship!  I look forward to what lies ahead

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  1. I didn’t take it personally. Well, maybe a little, but I just figured stuff was going on. I’m really so sorry to hear everything has been so stressful and I hope the stress and anxiety has been relieved. I miss you a lot. I really do. You are missed and loved 💞


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