Snowed in Surprise – Part 2


WARNING:  This part is NSFW and marked as 18+ since it has adult content.  If you are offended by sexual material, please do not read!

When Juliana awoke, the living room was dark and cold.  The fire had long since burned out and the head had dissipated through the high vaulted living area.  She had no sense of time. However, one look out the window at the dark sky and twinkling stars, let her know that it wasn’t yet daybreak.  Juliana had the option of lying there thinking of how cold she was, or sneaking up to Chris’s room to see if it was still warm.

Against her better judgment, Juliana grabbed the heaviest blanket, along with her pillow, and made her way up the stairs.  Chris had slept with the door closed, she figured he did this to keep the warm air in his room.  Juliana tried to open the door quickly and quietly, she didn’t want to wake Chris.  When the door shut, she stood still and watched him for a moment to see if he stirred.  She only saw the rise and fall of his chest and figured he was still asleep.  Juliana noticed the room was, in fact, warm and the fire was still faintly burning.  She tiptoed to the end of the bed and placed her pillow and blanket on the floor.  She was just getting ready to lie down when she heard his voice.

“You weren’t nearly as sneaky as you thought you were,” Juliana jumped, but to her credit, she didn’t scream.  She turned to see Chris sitting up, his knees bent and he was leaning forward.  “You’re not sleeping on the floor.  I can’t let a lady do that.  I don’t bite, well not hard anyway.”

Juliana glared at him, not exactly sure how she was supposed to take his comment.  She elected to ignore the biting comment and move on.  “Yeah, well, I don’t think it’s right for us to share a bed.”

“C’mon, the bed is plenty big enough for the both of us to sleep without touching one another.”  Chris held up three fingers to mimic the boy scout salute.  “Scouts honor, I’ll keep my hands to myself if you promise to do the same.”

Juliana eyed him warily. “Were you even a boy scout?”

“No, does it matter?” Chris winked back at her.

“It might,” Juliana laughed while walking over to the other side of the bed and taking him up on his offer.

“Tell you what, while you get settled, I’ll throw another log on the fire to help warm you up.”  Chris got off the bed and Juliana watched him walk away; she was admiring the view.  Chris put the logs on the fire and stoked the embers so there was a raging fire.  When he turned, he noticed Juliana had snuggled into the bed and was already asleep.  He took the opportunity to watch her.  The fact that she was headstrong and challenging, well, that added to the beauty he’d previously recognized in her.  When she was arguing with him, he noticed the gold specks in her emerald green eyes and how they came alive when she was worked up.

If Damon and Veronica set the two of them up on purpose, he owed them for this one.  If this ended up just being serendipity, well, he owed them anyway.

~ * ~

Chris was warm.  Actually, he was hot, temperature wise that is.  His eyes fluttered open, it was then that he realized why he was hot – he was sleeping next to Juliana.  No!  Not just sleeping next to her, he was spooning with her.  His arm draped over her, her back against his chest, their legs intertwined.  They were like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together.

Suddenly Chris’s mind began racing.  He didn’t remember the two of them moving toward one another during the night.  Crap, did they do anything else that he didn’t remember?  He gently lifted the blanket and found, to his relief, they were both still fully clothed.  He discovered that he enjoyed seeing Juliana snuggled against his body and he wanted to push her honey blonde hair to the side and kiss her neck.  The urge was strong, but Chris resisted.  He wasn’t going to take advantage of the situation, besides, he promised her he would touch her.  So much for that!  Then again, maybe she snuggled into him not the other way around.  He couldn’t go there, his mind was a mess and he needed to just let it go.  He’d thought he made headway with her last night, tearing down the walls and potentially being friends with her.  Now he worried he might have ruined that.

Chris didn’t realize he was moving until he heard Juliana speak.  “Do you think you could quit moving around because you keep poking me in the back?”

Shit, no quicker way to lose the morning wood than to be called out on it.  “Sorry,” Chris tried to scramble back away from her as fast as he could.  He was thankful that Juliana couldn’t see the embarrassment that was evident on his face.

“Whoa, I didn’t say you had to stop snuggling with me.  I liked it,” Juliana offered unexpectantly.    “I’m just not a fan of getting poked in the back, usually I’m being poked someplace else.”

Wait, was Juliana flirting?  Juliana turned and faced Chris.  His voice was raspy, but he needed to ask her a question.  “You didn’t mind that we were snuggling?  I thought you didn’t want me to touch you?”

“No, you said you wouldn’t touch me.  I never agreed to the same rule when I got in the bed,” Juliana smiled and he could see a bit of wicked in her eyes.  “Did you not like it?  Is there something wrong with me that made you not want to touch me?”

He swallowed hard, she was turning his game back on him and he wasn’t really sure how to play.  “Um, I thought you didn’t want me to touch you because you said it wasn’t a good idea to share the bed.”

“That was more for your safety than mine.”

Chris gave Juliana a wicked smile back, “Oh, my safety, eh?  I thought you hated me for barging in on your vacation.  What made you change your mind?”

“I’m about to sound superficial and shallow.  I thought you were attractive when I first saw you.  I know you get that all the time, I’m sure.  But as nasty as I’ve been, you’ve been so sweet and caring.  You haven’t let my nastiness keep you from being a good soul.  Honestly, that’s more attractive than anything.”  Juliana rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders, “I know, sappy, right?  I can’t help it.  Besides, you let me share this bed to stay warm.  And, well, I won’t say the other thing.”

“Oh, no, don’t feel like you need to stop.  Please say what you need to say,” Chris prodded.

“Well, you talk in your sleep, you said you thought I was hot.  So, that won you some brownie points, too!”

“Yeah, you should’ve stopped when you had the chance.”  Chris rolled onto his back, placing his arm over his eyes, “Although, I could have just been saying that with the two of us in bed it was hot.”

“No, that’s not what you said, but nice attempt at a save.”  Juliana let out a light chuckle and moved to get out of bed.  She wasn’t going to continue with the farce, she knew that the moment had passed and she wasn’t the type of girl Chris would be interested in.  Her own insecurities were creeping back into her psyche, she needed to get out of the situation before things got out of hand.

As she moved, Chris reached for her hand to stop her.  “You don’t have to get out of bed, you know.  I might be a little embarrassed, but that doesn’t mean you have to get up.”  She took his embarrassed comment the wrong way, he figured that out almost immediately.  “Juliana, I’m not embarrassed that you heard me say I think you’re hot.  I’m ashamed I didn’t tell you when I was awake, that’s all.”

She said nothing but just looked at him, unsure of what he was actually saying.  “I’m lost, so what are you actually saying?”

He sat up and scooted over on the bed so he was sitting close to her.  He used his right hand to support himself and raised his left hand, placing it on the nape of her neck and drawing her close.  He brushed his lips across hers in a soft, gentle kiss.  “I’m saying, come back to bed with me, let me hold you.  I’ll let you dictate what does or does not happen.  But it’s only fair that you know I’m attracted to you, and if it were up to me, I’d have your clothes off in a matter of minutes.”

Her breath caught in her throat.  No man had ever said those words to her, and she’d never expected a man like Chris to be the one to utter them.  She wasn’t quite sure how to react or what to say.  The seconds ticked by like minutes, she pulled back from his touch.  “I’m not so sure that it’s a good idea.  We don’t really like one another and I don’t need to be the butt of a joke the next time you and Damon get together for your infamous nights in Boston.”  Her words were not spat out in anger.  Instead, Chris could tell there was pain in her words.

“I never said I didn’t like you, Juliana.  In fact, I’ve been flirting with you since I brought coffee to the bathroom door yesterday morning,” Chris admitted with a smile.  “You’re beautiful, incredibly sassy, and a little smart-assy.  And for the record, I’d never kiss and tell, especially not to Damon.  Because if that guy has been friends with you for as many years as he has and he never saw your beauty, then he’s an idiot and doesn’t deserve any details.”

“You think flattery is going to get you in my panties?”  She asked with a straight face.

“God I hope so,” he admitted as he leaned forward to capture her lips again.  This time when he moved to deepen the kiss, she didn’t protest.

Juliana put her hands on his chest and gently pushed away, “You’re going to regret this, you know you will.”

“Wait a minute!  Now, I get it, I’m not your type, right?  Too handsome?  Too charming?  Shit, I knew it.  I need to remind my mom that being nice doesn’t always work for guys.  She apparently raised me wrong.” Chris threw his hands in the air in mock indignation.  Then he tossed back the covers and got out of bed.

Juliana was confused as to why she was being left alone in bed.  “Wait, where are you going?

“I’m putting another log on the fire.  We need to stay upstairs with the door shut to keep the heat in,” Chris said looking back over his shoulder.  “And, since you’re not going to keep me warm in bed, this is my only option to keep the room warm.”  Chris smiled through his comments to show he wasn’t being spiteful but rather playful.

She nodded in agreement and watched his body move as he stoked the fire.  Even though he was dressed, she could see the outline of his muscles through his henley.  He was perfectly sculpted, and her mind went back to seeing his half-naked form that first night.   She wanted him, but she was scared of what it would mean.  She wasn’t one to just have a casual fling with a random guy.

Juliana was so lost in her thoughts she was paying no attention to what Chris was doing.  She was suddenly surprised when she heard soft music playing, and he was standing next to her with his hand extended.  “What are you doing?”

“I think we should dance.  Isn’t that what people do when there is soft, romantic music playing?”

“Where is the music coming from?  We don’t have electricity?”

“My phone,” he pointed to his iPhone which was situated on the mantle and playing from his iTunes library.  “Come on, give me a chance to prove I’m not a bad guy.”

She smiled then placed her hand on his allowing him to help her out of bed.  He led her directly in front of the fireplace where he’d cleared an area so they could move around unencumbered.  Chris put one hand on her waist and held her other hand, a standard dance pose, and their bodies began to move to the music.   It took everything within him not to immediately kiss her, but he needed to gain her trust.

It didn’t take long for Juliana to step forward, wrapping her arms around Chris’s waist and resting her head on his shoulder.  She wanted to feel his body against hers, she craved it.  Since she woke up snuggled against him, she wanted to feel that closeness again.  He rested his head on hers, the intimacy was precious.

They had cycled through a song or two, Chris lost count.  He wanted to make his move but was unsure if she was ready.  Before he could even consider acting, she made the decision for him.  Juliana raised her head and placed soft kisses along his jawline; he let out a soft moan.  He immediately raised his hands to her face, holding her in place as he took her lips as his own.

“If you want me to stop, just say so,” he gasped as he pulled away from her, trying to catch his breath.  “But, please tell me you want this?”

Juliana nodded her head feverishly, “I want this, Chris.  I want you,” her words came out just as breathless.  She began walking back towards the bed, her hand on the waist of his pants, pulling him along with her.  When the back of her legs hit the mattress, she began to pull on the waistband of his pants.

Chris stepped back, barely out of her reach and gripped the bottom of his shirt.  He deftly pulled it up and over his head, removing it along with the t-shirt he wore underneath.  She eyed him carefully as he pulled off his pants, leaving his boxer briefs in place.  Although there was no doubt that he was stretching their limits and his erection was attempting to escape.

“Are you just going to stand there watching me?” He asked playfully before reaching up and pretending to wipe the drool from her chin.

“It’s more fun to watch you undress than it is to see me jiggle out of my clothes,” she replied back to him.

Chris stepped forward and leaned in to kiss her neck, directly under her ear.  He then trailed soft kissed down the column of her neck before saying, “I don’t know about that.  I happen to find you sexy and think it would be quite pleasurable to watch you get undressed.”  He moved to begin placing his kisses on the opposite side of her neck, not wanting to show preference to one side over the other.

Juliana let out a slight gasp as his lips moved over her skin.  He sent jolts of electricity through her body.  She needed to strip off her clothes, this going slow was increasing her desire for him but was also torturing her.  She was pretty sure he knew this and was testing her limits.  She reached for the hem of her sweater, preparing to pull it up and over her head when Chris took care of the job for her.

“Sorry, you were taking too long,” he whispered as he reached his hands up to her shoulders to gently push the straps of her bra to the side.   “Nevermind, I’ll leave this for now.  But the pants,” he kissed along her jaw and nipped at her ear, “Baby, they need to go.”  She reached for the waistband of her leggings and began to shimmy out of them.  Chris put his hands on hers to stop her, “Panties too, baby.”

Her eyes widened and then moved back to her waist, pushing them down to meet the waistband of her leggings.  She had bent over slightly and had pushed them over the cheeks of her ass when Chris suddenly grabbed her and moved her to the bed.  Juliana was surprised that he had picked her up and moved her with such ease.  She was self-conscience about her size and the fact that he was not concerned and moved her without issue; well, it took her breath away.

His crystal blue eyes had a hint of mischief in them.  He grabbed hold of the waistband of Juliana’s panties and leggings and in a swift motion, pulled them off of her legs.  She let out a gasp, not expecting him to do that.  Instinctively, she moved her hands to her lap to cover herself.  Chris said nothing, but he leaned forward, supporting himself on the bed, kissing her again.  The thought going through his mind of how he could get used to doing that all night long.

Chris stood up and pulled Juliana toward him, reaching around to unhook her bra.  As he unhooked the clasp, he placed soft kisses on her shoulders.  The now unhooked piece of lingerie fell forward, freeing her ample bosom.  He wasted no time at all in caressing them and sucking on her nipples and bringing them to firm peaks.

“You have gorgeous tits, you know that?”  His voice was thick with desire.  It didn’t take him long to notice that she seemed a bit uncomfortable and almost appeared to be shielding herself.  He immediately stopped and stood up, placing his hands on either side of Juliana’s face and forcing her to look at him.  “What’s wrong, baby?  Talk to me and tell me what’s going on.  Am I making you uncomfortable?”

She closed her eyes for a moment and then slowly shook her head.  “I’m just not real comfortable being naked, where you can actually see me, that’s all.” She freely admitted.

“Are you kidding?  Baby, you’re gorgeous, why would you even think like that?”  He watched her, hoping her expression would change, but when it didn’t, he decided to go on.  “You have got the most beautiful body, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.  Besides, you’re not naked all alone.  I’m naked, too you know.”

“Well, technically,” she bit her bottom lip and raised her eyebrows at him, “You’ve still got your boxer briefs on.”

Chris’s eyes went wide, and he looked down, “Wow, okay, so I do.”  He quickly shed them, freeing his erect cock, kicking his briefs to the side.  “There, is that better?”  He started to laugh and she could not resist joining him.  “Now, where were we?”  He leaned forward to kiss her, but this time, he moved her hands away from her body and began touching her.  He let his hands explore and caress while he kissed her lips, her neck, her shoulder, and nipped at her flesh.

Juliana loved the sensation, a soft moan escaping her lips as he explored her body.  She wasn’t a virgin, but it had certainly been a while since she’d been intimate with a man.  She could tell that Chris had a wealth of knowledge and had no concern over what he was doing and whether he was doing it the right way or not.  She decided to just go with it and leaned back, bracing herself on the bed, trying to enjoy the feeling of his hands and his lips upon her body.

“Move up on the bed a little, okay baby?”  Chris panted out to her, “I need you to be up on the bed all the way.”

Juliana did as he asked, moving up on the bed, putting her head on the pillows.  Chris pulled the sheets and blankets back toward the foot of the bed; he wanted to make sure they didn’t get in the way.  He braced himself over her, staring down into her glassy green eyes which were warm with desire, “I’m about to show you how beautiful I think you are.  If you need me to stop, you tell me.  Deal?”

Juliana nodded her head in agreement.  Although, she knew damn good and well that once he started, there was no way he was stopping.  Not unless he just didn’t like her, because she had no doubt that she would enjoy his mouth on her.  Her body was tingling with anticipation, and he knew it.  He started with soft kisses at her collarbone and made his way down her chest.  His hands never touching her, only his lips.

He paid particular attention to each breast.  He swirled his tongue around the nipple on each breast, teasing it to an erect peak.  He would then take it into his mouth, letting his teeth nip over it as he released it.  He finally put his hands on them, caressing them gently and Juliana’s moans of pleasure became a little louder.  “You have perfect breasts, you know that?  They are the perfect handful.  Damn, I could play with these all day.”

“They’re not that great,” she giggled back to him, not quite sure what he thought was so fascinating about them.  “I always thought they needed to be bigger.  They were never in perfect proportion with the rest of my body.”

“Oh, I disagree,” he whispers as he moves back to lavishing them with attention.  Once he feels as if he has sufficiently provided the perfect amount of attention to them, he started to venture down Juliana’s body.  He trailed kisses down her stomach and started to caress her hips.  He sat up on his knees and ran his hands over her hips and thighs.  “It’s a shame you’re lying on your back,” he smirked.

“Why is that?”

“Because I can’t admire that ass of yours if you’re lying on it.”

“You mean all that junk?  Chris, you realize those are the things you say to get a girl naked, and you’ve already got my clothes off.  You don’t need to say shit you don’t mean.  I’ve got no preconceived notion that this is anything other than a fling, okay?”

He was wounded that she would say something like that.  But more importantly, he was offended that she would think he would say these things to her just for the hell of it.  She was close to making him lose his focus and his desire.  He crawled back over her, making direct eye contact with her, so she knew he was serious when he said the words.  His body hovering over hers, his erect cock pushing gently at her slick, wet opening.  It would take no effort at all for him to slide right inside her, but he wouldn’t.  At least not without her consent.

“Juliana, listen to me very carefully.  I’ve not said one word to you that I didn’t mean.  If you don’t have self-confidence, then I’m going to find a way to make you believe in yourself.  Because you are a beautiful woman and I’m telling you that I want to claim every fucking inch of you as mine.  Do you understand?”  She slowly nodded her head, acknowledging what he had said to her and the sincerity in his voice.  “I’m not saying this is forever or that this is nothing more than a fling, but right now I want this and I need you.”

She let out a tiny gasp followed by the words, “Okay, I’m yours.”  A smile spread across his face as he began to push forward and then stopped suddenly.  Before he could say anything, Juliana asked, “Do you have condoms?  I’m on the pill if you don’t.”

Chris was able to reach over to the nightstand table and open the drawer.  He prayed that Damon and Victoria were prepared.  Sure enough, there was a box in the drawer, and Chris pulled out a foil wrapper, ripping it open with his teeth and quickly sheathing himself.   He then began to push forward, entering her slowly, wanting to make sure he didn’t hurt her.  But who was he kidding, she was tight, and the feeling was amazing, he wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible.

“Oh God,” Juliana exclaimed, making Chris freeze momentarily.  “No, don’t stop, that feels so good.”  With permission granted,  Chris began to move again, this time he didn’t stop until he was inside her completely.

His arms were braced on either side of her head, he was looking down at her, “Are you okay?”

Juliana looked up at him, desire flooding her eyes, “Oh fuck, you have to move, please.  I need it.”

“As you wish,” he smiled back at her and slowly withdrew from her slick channel only to slowly push back inside her. His motions were slow and rhythmic, her tight walls making his cock pulse with an increase in desire.  He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to hold on.

Suddenly his tentative and somewhat shy object of affection turned on him, “Faster, oh God, Chris, fucking go faster.” Her voice was breathy, and she reached up to grab his hips, her nails digging into the cheeks of his ass.  “Fuck me harder, please.”

He had to admit that he wasn’t expecting that but he was not going to disappoint her.  He changed his position slightly, allowing himself to hit just the right spot. Juliana began to moan, and he could feel her body tighten, she was about to orgasm, and he was not about to slow down.  He reached down to play with her clit as he continued to pump in and out of her.  This brought her to climax almost immediately, her walls quaking and milking him.  He continued to hold out, although he wasn’t sure how much longer he would be able to.  His dick was hard, and he wanted to release, but her tight pussy felt too damn good all around him.

He slowed his pace and bent down to kiss her, “Didn’t know you had a sex kitten inside you.”

“I’m full of surprises,” she winked back and then grabbed his face for another kiss.  “Please don’t stop, because I want to cum again when you do.”

Chris gave her a wicked smile and began to move again.  If he was honest with himself, the friction felt good.  The last time his movements were about making her feel pleasure, this time it was all about him.  He had a steady rhythm going and was pretty sure he was going to have his release when he saw Juliana reach down between her legs.  She began playing with her clit, pleasuring herself to bring herself to climax.  When Chris saw this, he came undone.

“Oh fuck, baby.  I’m gonna cum, Juliana, oh shit,” he squeezed his eyes shut and began to pump faster, and then suddenly his body stilled and with a loud grunt he let go.  “Holy shit! That was incredible.” He fell forward, his arms bracing him to keep from falling on her.  He had no idea if she climaxed when he did and to be honest, he didn’t care.

She reached up and wiped his sweat-drenched hair from his forehead and gave him a smile.  It was her turn to ask the question, “Are you alright?”

His breathing was heavy and labored, “Yeah, I’m better than alright.  I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

She shook her head, “If you did, it was worth it.”

Chris finally collapsed onto the bed at Juliana’s side.  He reached over and pulled her close to him, not wanting to let her out of his grasp.  His hands slowly danced up and down her arm with feather-like touches.  “Do you think Damon and Veronica planned this?  Not the getting snowed in or losing the electricity part, but the idea of you and me in the cabin together?”

Juliana let out a laugh, “I honestly wouldn’t put it past him to arrange for the power to be out.  He’s a damn billionaire, I’m sure he has connections.”  She placed a trail of kisses over his collarbone and then ran her fingers along his tattoo, “I think they set us up.  Damon must have thought we were right for one another.”

“Remind me to send him a thank you card.”

~ * ~

Chris woke and found he was still tangled in bed with Juliana.  At some point during the night, they had reached for the blankets to cover their naked bodies.  The empty condom wrappers on the floor and nightstand reminded him that they had several more sexual dalliances overnight as well.  He was definitely sated.

Juliana’s honey-blonde hair was splayed across the pillow.  She was his own personal angel, and he was so happy to have her.  He had absolutely no desire to wake her up just yet; well, not unless she was ready for more lovemaking.  Since he awoke her passion last evening, she was more beautiful, if that was even possible.  He realized as he laid there in her arms that there was a faint glow from behind him.

He turned his body to see that the lamp on the nightstand was on.  This meant that the power to the cabin had been restored.  Most likely it also meant that the roads were passable and Juliana could free her vehicle and leave.  He didn’t want her to leave, not now.  Not after what they had shared.

So, Chris reached over and turned off the light.  Ignoring the fact that the power was on.  He snuggled back into Juliana, kissed her neck and attempted to go back to sleep.

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