Manhattan Memories – Part 5 of Snowed In Surprise


WARNING:  This part is NSFW and marked as 18+ since it has adult content.  If you are offended by sexual material, please do not read!

Chris was sitting at Juliana’s kitchen table, he had been awake for an hour or so.  He had remained wrapped up with her, but it was too tempting to wake her and have his way with her, again.  She needed to rest.  He made a cup of coffee and fired off a few text messages.  It was after 7 am, so it was acceptable to send them this early.   Last night, Juliana had said it was the best first date she had ever had and there was no way he could top it.  He was accepting that challenge and he knew just the way to do it!  It would take some work, though, and he needed to pull a few strings.

He didn’t hear her come down the stairs, she was stealthy.  But he could feel her presence as she entered the kitchen.  She was wearing his shirt from the night before; it didn’t fit, and that’s what he liked about it.  She had a few buttons done in the middle, but the bottom buttons were undone, clearly showing off the little lace panties she put on to come downstairs.  The top buttons were undone, and it gave him a fantastic view of her ample cleavage.  Her hair was messy, and she had hastily pulled it up on top of her head, and she had put on her glasses.  His heart stopped, and his dick got hard.

Chris locked his phone so she wouldn’t be able to see what he was up to.  He then reached for her hand, as she came toward him and touched him, he pulled her onto his lap.  She squealed with delight as she fell into his arms.  “You look so damn good in my shirt,” he growled at her, desire in his eyes.

“It doesn’t fit,” she mock-pouted at him, “I think I might just need to take it off,” she moved her hands to the buttons and began to undo them.  Chris’ hands moved to cover her’s.  “What?  You don’t want me to take off your shirt?  Aren’t you afraid I’ll mess it up?”

“I don’t give a fuck about the shirt, I just don’t want to have my way with you in the kitchen.  Call me old fashioned, but at least let me put you somewhere soft, like the couch,” he wiggled his eyebrows at her and gave a devilish smile.

Juliana hopped off of his lap and ran into the living room, unbuttoning the shirt while she ran away from him.  She held the shirt together and faced him as he walked toward her, his eyes were clouded with desire.  “You just gonna stand over there and stare at me all day?”

He slowly started walking toward her, “I forgot, you just watched me in a movie where the girl was wearing my shirt.  Did that give you this idea?” He asked, shaking his head and smiling at her.  “So do you want me to ask for my shirt back?  Tell you to give it back to me right now?”  His voice had turned seductive.  His hands were slowly moving her hands out of the way and gently pushing the fabric back to expose her soft skin.   “I will never get tired of seeing your beautiful body.”

“I’m getting chilled standing here in my panties and an opened shirt.  Any chance you might to something to warm me up?”  While his voice was seductive and gravely, hers was playful and light.

Chris moved one hand to the nape of her neck and kept one hand on her hip, pulling her in for a searing kiss.  He pulled away, trying to catch his breath, “Are you warming up, yet?”  She began to nod her head ever so slightly.  His hand on her hip slid down to cup her ass.  He dipped his head to kiss the spot right behind her ear, and then to trail kisses down her neck.  She tilted her head to the side, providing better access for him and letting out a soft moan as he nipped at her flesh.

Juliana ran her hands up under his t-shirt, running over his abs and gently playing with the tufts of his chest hair.  She stopped moving her hands and gave him a gentle push.  He stopped kissing her and stood back, making eye contact with her, “What’s wrong, baby?  Why do you want me to stop?”

“Don’t get me wrong, the kisses and the soft touches are nice.  But,” she bit her bottom lip and got nervous all of a sudden.  The fact that she was so self-conscience all the time and she was about to be emboldened to ask for what she wanted was a huge step, “I want you, Chris.  No, I need you inside me, I don’t want to wait.  Please don’t make me wait any longer.”

Chris picked her up, tossing her over his shoulder and made his way up the stairs, “Put me down, Chris, I’m too heavy, put me down!!!” She began to shriek as he moved swiftly up the stairs and toward the bedroom door.  He tossed her down on the bed, the shirt flying open and exposing her naked skin.  She eyed him carefully as he pulled his t-shirt off and slid down his pants and boxer briefs.  He immediately reached for the bedside table and the stash of condoms in the top drawer.  He quickly sheathed himself and then crawled onto the bed. He propped himself up on the pillows and motioned for Juliana to come towards him.  She was reluctant at first, but she crawled up along the side of him.

“I want you on top, sweetie.  I want you to control how it feels.”

“I can’t do that,” she began to protest, “I’ll crush your legs.”  Her concern was ridiculous, she knew it, but she didn’t have experience this way and was afraid she wouldn’t know what she was doing.  Chris had more sexual experience than she did and she didn’t want to embarrass herself.

He pulled himself up and cupped her face, “You have nothing to worry about.  You are beautiful, and I want to have you on top.  I want to look up at you while you ride my cock and you move your hips to make sure it feels right.  And if you want it hard, hold on to the headboard and go for it,” he winked at her and gave her a devilish smile.

She still looked worried, but she tentatively swung her leg over his body and held herself up over him.  Chris held his erection in his hand, and she positioned herself so she could lower herself onto him.  He nodded that he was ready and Juliana slowly eased herself down, taking him in, inch by inch.  She let out a gasp as she seated him deep within her.  It felt so good to have him fill her completely.  And he felt so good inside her, she was tight and wet.

Juliana began to undulate her hips; Chris held onto her to help keep her in place.  Juliana’s hands were on his torso, and her head was back, eyes closed; she was lost in the moment.  He could not get over how amazing she looked, she was in control and it so sexy.

“Oh, fuck. Chris this feels so good,” she panted out to him, moving her hands up from his torso to cup her own breasts.  She was in the moment and coming into her own sexuality, blooming like a flower right before Chris’ eyes.  Her movements becoming more measured.

Without warning, she stopped moving.  Falling forward, her hands went to his chest once again, and she looked into his eyes.  Her hair fell across her shoulders and made her appear so innocent.   “Am I hurting you?  Being on top?”

He struggled to get the words out, “No, not hurting me.”

“Then why does it sound like it?  You keep grunting like you’re in pain,” her voice was innocent.

“I want to fuck you so hard right now, and it is taking everything within me not to take over.  I want to go faster and harder,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Then take me, Evans.  I’m yours.

That was all he needed, he flipped her over and took control.  Staking his claim and letting her know that she was his.  Chris had one hand on the headboard and the other on the pillow, next to Juliana’s head.  He used the headboard as leverage as he moved in and out of her in a pounding rhythm.    His grunts and moans are mixed with her keens of pleasure.  By far this was the roughest and most carnal they had ever been, and neither of them was complaining.  As Juliana clenched around him, her back arching off the bed, Chris captured her cries of ecstasy with his mouth and followed her over the edge.

~ * ~

Juliana elected to stay home from work for the day.  Preferring to lounge around the brownstone with Chris instead of going into the office.   Specifically, lounging around in bed.  They had made love several times during the day, taking their time and reveling in the passion.  They were not frenzied liked their earlier session.

Chris had told Juliana that he had a surprise for her that evening.  She tried to get the plans out of him, but she had no luck.  The only thing she could get out of him was the fact they had dinner reservations at 6:30.  Other than that, all of her attempts to hold out or ‘torture’ him for details were unsuccessful.  He either liked what she was doing or successfully turned the tables against her.

When they finally got out of bed to begin getting ready for their date, Juliana noticed that something was wrong with the bed.  “Chris, does the bed look like it’s sitting crooked to you?”

Chris turned from where he was gathering his clothes and eyed the large bed, “Um, yeah, it’s not level, it’s cattywampus.”

“Oh shit, I told you I was too big to be on top!  I broke the bed!”  Juliana was horrified, and she turned into his chest.  She wasn’t crying, but she was utterly embarrassed.

Chris let out a belly laugh, “Sweetie, you didn’t break the bed.  Hold on,” he released his hold on her and walked over to inspect the damage.  “Oh, I did this,” he turned back to look at her, “Remember when I held onto the headboard?  Evidently, I split headboard where it meets the frame.  And, I cracked the headboard where my hand was.  I guess I didn’t realize my own strength,” he began laughing again.

Chris walked back over and took Juliana into his arms, kissing the top of her head, “I did that, he had nothing to do with you.  Well, that’s not true, if you weren’t so fucking sexy and you weren’t driving me wild, I wouldn’t have been so animalistic.  So, okay, it was entirely your fault, nevermind.”  He continued to laugh, hoping it would help her to realize he was telling her she was, in fact, beautiful and irresistible.  “We won’t have time to go shopping tonight for a new bed to replace this one, we’ll have to go tomorrow.  I’ll assume you have another bed we can ruin, I mean sleep in tonight?”  He winked at her as he asked his question.

She finally relented and began to laugh, “Yeah, I’ve got two others we can break.”

He kissed her and rested his forehead against hers, “That’s the spirit!”

“Chris, can you at least tell me what the dress code is for tonight?  I mean, do I need to dress up or is it casual?  Can I get a hint, at least?”

“Not casual, but not formal.  How’s that for an answer?”

“Can you be more specific?  What are you wearing?”

“I’m wearing a sports coat but no tie, does that help?” He volleyed back to her, he really didn’t want to give anything away.

“You are so damn difficult!” She proclaimed as she marched off toward the bathroom and slammed the door behind her.  She could hear him laughing through the closed door.

Forty-five minutes later, she descended the steps and found him in the living room waiting for her.  He was on the couch, playing with this phone, most likely texting with someone.  He glanced up as he heard the heels of her shoes clicking on the stairway.  He was wearing a charcoal suit with a dark blue shirt, and as he promised, no tie.  The shirt made his eyes sparkle, she almost wished they weren’t going out to dinner because she wanted to just get him out of those clothes.

“Whoa, you look beautiful,” he gasped at her, “I mean, not that you don’t always, but wow!  Maybe I need to rethink this date,” it was almost as if he could read her mind.

Juliana had decided to wear a curve-hugging, long sleeve gray side furcal sweater dress that was accented with a chunky navy blue necklace, earrings, and heels.  She had not known what he as going to wear, so the fact that they were color coordinated was a coincidence.  Her hair was down and curled, framing her face.  All Chris could think of how she would look underneath him, her hair splayed across the pillow as she gazed up at him.

“Thanks, you’re not so shabby yourself,” she approached him and let out a low growl into his ear, “I’d almost rather stay in and get you out of that suit, though.”  Chris closed his eyes and swallowed hard.  “So, should we go?  I don’t know where our reservations are but it is after six, so we best be going.”

He took a deep breath to steady himself before he could respond, “Yeah, the car is outside waiting for us.”

They had a nice dinner at a steakhouse on West 36th Street.  In all of her time in Manhattan, Juliana had never eaten there, so it was a special treat to dine there.  The place was historic, and the atmosphere was unique.  They shared a Chateaubriand Steak dinner and bananas foster for dessert.  Chris checked his watch and then flagged down the waiter for their check.

“We have to get going, we’re going to be late,” he explained.  He provided his credit card to the waiter without looking at the check.

“Late for what?” Juliana inquired, he was still keeping her in the dark regarding the rest of their plans for the evening.

“You will see, my dear.  I’d rather show you instead of telling you.”  The waiter returned to the table with Chris’ card and the credit slip.  He quickly signed the receipt and slid the card back into his wallet.  He then stood and helped Juliana with her coat and let her back to the street and into their waiting vehicle.

When the car turned on Broadway, Juliana’s heart began to beat a little faster.  Surely he had not bought theater tickets?  But why else would they be driving down Broadway if they weren’t going to the theater?  She had her answer, the car stopped in front of the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

“Oh my God, you got Hamilton tickets?” Juliana squealed like a child on Christmas morning.   She was staring out the window at the lit marquee and the larger than life sign emblazoned with the musical’s name.  Looking back at Chris, he could see the dampness in her eyes, “You really go tickets for us to see Hamilton?  Are you kidding me?”

He placed his hand on her cheeks, pulling her in for a soft kiss, “I’m not kidding, sweetie.  I got you tickets to see Hamilton.  I had a few connections of my own, and I was able to score tickets.  Now, do you want to get out of the car and go see it or do you want to sit in here all night and keep freaking out about it?”

Juliana quickly flung the door open and began bouncing up and down.  Part of it was because she was cold and the action was to keep her warm.  The other part, well that was because she was so excited she couldn’t contain herself.  Chris took her hand and led her to the box office Will Call window to pick up their tickets.  They had ten minutes before the curtain went up.

Juliana loved the musical and Chris was surprised to learn she had been listening to the soundtrack and knew every song.  While she was not actually singing, she was mouthing the words to some of the songs; he had to admit this was adorable.  If he had to venture a guess, he might have topped the first date.  If he were a betting man, he would put money on him getting lucky when they got back to the house.

~ * ~

Juliana was in her office, trying to finish up the stack of paperwork on her desk before Damon got into work.  It was December 30th and for most people that date held little to no significance.  However, for Juliana, it meant that Damon would sit in her office all day and discuss his New Year’s Eve party that was set for the next evening.  He would want to run down the events of the night and make sure he had not forgotten anything.  Nevermind that he had a wife who was taking care of the party planning.  No, Damon stressed over the party because it would get media coverage and be detailed on Page Six.  His reputation was at stake, and this was his annual meltdown.

Juliana skipped the party every year.  She hated the idea of the glitz and the glamor.  While Damon and Veronica thrived on the attention, Juliana withered in its glare.  Every year she had an excuse for not attending, and it usually began with, ‘I don’t have a date.’  Unfortunately, they seemed to have taken care of that reason for her this year.  She knew she would have to be creative to get out of this year’s party.

Her office door flung open and Damon walked in.  Today he had elected to go casual, one of the perks of owning the company.  He walked in and took his customary seat, propping his new custom cowboy boots on her desk.  “Did you enjoy Hamilton?” He was so smug when he asked the question.

“It was incredible, and I loved it.  I was completely surprised that he got the tickets.”

“Had I known you wanted to go so bad, I would have gotten you tickets months ago,” his face turned from jovial and light to solemn.  “Juliana, you know you can ask me for things like that, right?  I mean, we’ve been friends for too many years to count.”

“I don’t want to take advantage of our friendship or your status.  It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been friends, Damon.  I won’t use you in that way.  I would think you’d know me better than that,” she sounded hurt and more than a little disappointed.

Damon didn’t want to dwell on that, he wanted to keep the mood light.  “Yeah, I know you better than that.  I just wish you knew me better and realized I’d do anything for you.  But, hey, I want to talk about me now! That’s why I’m here, you know that, right?  I mean, it is time for my party!”

“Oh, I know.  Your grand party for the New Year!  How many people are you expecting this year?”

“This year we only invited about 100, we aren’t doing it at a hotel.  We decided to have the party at the house.  Now that we have the place renovated, it only makes sense.  Besides, since we are right at Central Park we can go on the rooftop terrace and see the fireworks.”

“Sorry, I’ll miss it.  Sounds so delightful,” she kept the biting sarcasm in her voice, not even bothering to hide it.

“Oh you are coming this year, you have a date.  I’ve already talked to Chris, and he’s RSVP’d on your behalf.”

She rolled her eyes and let her head drop back on her chair.  Apparently, she should have discussed her strategy with him ahead of time so he would be prepared when Damon approached him.  The poor soul was unaware that he needed to decline the invite.

“I know that look, Juliana.  You can’t kill your boyfriend, you haven’t been dating long enough.  Put on a shiny party dress, blow the boy away and come to the party,” Damon put his feet back on the floor, slapped his knees and then stood up.  He put his hands in his jeans pockets, and he reminded Juliana of when he was an awkward teenager.  Back in the days when he had trouble communicating with girls but could always find a way to talk to her.  She was his touchstone.  “Veronica would like for you and Chris to get ready at the house, she wants you guys to spend the night there with us as well.  She is so excited that you two are dating, she thinks it would be fun for a sleepover.”  He rolled his eyes as he said the words, knowing that Juliana would laugh at the notion.

And she did; letting out a hearty belly laugh that almost brought tears to her eyes.  “A sleepover?  Is she going to get us all matching jammies?”  Damon swatted his hand in the air and turned to walk out the door.  “Wait!  Ok, I’m sorry.  Damon, don’t go, I’m sorry.”  Juliana tried to control her laughter and got up from her chair and walked over to her best friend.  She pulled him into a hug, one he tried to resist at first and then finally he gave in.  “Fine, I’ll tell Chris we’re doing a sleepover.”

Juliana pulled away from Damon and walked over and sat on the couch against the windows that looked down on the streets below.  She patted the seat cushion next to her, the international sign for Damon to come and sit next to her.  Reluctantly, he joined her, although he did not give up his pout quite yet.

“Does the party have a theme this year?  I mean you live in a mansion that was built in 1898, so are you going with some old world theme?”

“No, absolutely not.  Just formal New Year’s party attire.  But please don’t wear your ball gown, okay?  Just a nice dress will do.”  Damon patted her knee and stood up, leaving her office almost as quickly as he had entered.

Juliana’s mind was now in overdrive.  She had dresses in her closet that would be appropriate for the party; there would be no need to go shopping.  The only problem was, she had no clue which one to wear or if they would fit properly.  She did breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the party was at Damon’s house, though.  When it was at the hotel, there was a red carpet and a grand entrance for everyone.  With this being more private, the risk of this getting on Page Six was minimal.  And if she were going to get ready at Damon’s house, well she wouldn’t have to worry about photographers snapping pictures of her.  The anxiety of this party was going to drive her to the brink of insanity.

~ * ~

The Clarence Whitman Mansion on East 76th Street on the Upper East Side was a beautiful townhouse just off 5th Avenue.  It was a limestone building and had been meticulously cared for over the years.  As Juliana walked up the wide steps and held on to the black scrolled ironwork railing, she dreamed of what it must be like to live in such a historical and grand property.  She knew that Damon and Veronica had paid an outrageous amount of money for the home when it was on the market in 2015.  She didn’t even want to think about how much they had put into the renovation, although that was possibly too strong of a term.  They had to redo the bedrooms from the previous owner and make some modifications to the upstairs bathrooms.  They didn’t dare touch the marble floors or the coffered ceilings.

Veronica opened the large metal door before Chris and Juliana could even think about knocking.  “I am so excited that you are here.  Damon hurry, Chris and Juliana are here, you must come and welcome them,” her voice bellowed through the vestibule.  “Please come in,” she ushered them inside.

Damon came walking in from the rear of the house.  Juliana had never been in the house, and she was stunned at the grandeur of it.  She could not get over the high ceilings, the crown moldings, and the marble floors.  “This…I’m…wow,” was all she could get out as she looked around.

“Would you like a tour?”  Damon asked, his chest puffed out with pride. Chris and Juliana nodded, and Damon walked them through the seven-story townhouse.  Specifically pointing out the gallery and dining room on the street level, as well as the upper gallery, living room and library on the second floor where the festivities would be held that evening.  He also took them to the seventh floor to show them the solarium and the terrace.  This is where they would enjoy the fireworks at night’s end.

He capped off the tour by placing them in the elevator and taking them down to the fifth floor.  This is where Veronica was waiting for them.  They were shown to their bedroom for their stay.  Damon took Chris back down to the library where they could relax and have a drink while the ladies talked about their battle plan for the evening.

~ * ~

Chris and Damon sat in the dark leather chairs in front of the fireplace in the library.  “I feel like I should be sipping cognac and smoking a cigar,” Chris commented as he watched the flames dance across the logs.

“I can take care of both if you want,” Damon offered, but Chris just shook his head.  “So, tell me, how are things going with Juliana?  I mean, I don’t want sex details if you two are doing that.  I just mean, are you two doing alright, getting along okay?”

“Are you trying to play the role of her big brother?  Make sure I’m treating her right?”  Chris watched as Damon’s face turned pink and he looked away.  “I think that’s commendable.  You need to know something, I find her to be mesmerizing.  She’s amazing, and I can’t put my finger on what it is that captivates me the most.  I owe you and Veronica for setting us up.  I’m not sure what made the two of you think we would work, but maybe you need to open your own dating service because you have some sort of magic touch.”

“It isn’t us, it’s all Juliana.  She’s special, Chris.  I think she needed to right guy to help her with her confidence issues.  Evidently, you’re that guy.”

“Do you think she’s happy?  I mean, she seems like she is, but I don’t know what she’s like when I’m not around.”

Damon didn’t answer.  Instead, his mouth dropped open, and he slowly stood up from his chair.  Chris watched him and then stood up and turned around to see what had caught his eye.  He realized he had the same stunned look that Damon shared.  In the doorway stood Juliana in a gold and black lace form-fitting gown.  The dress looked vintage, and she carried it off so well, her hair and makeup completed the look.  He was utterly speechless.

“Do I look that hideous?  Neither one of you is saying a word.  I can go change,” she turned to head out the door when both men finally spoke up.

“NO!” they yelled in unison.

Chris took a few steps toward her, “Don’t you dare change your clothes.  You are…christ, you are stunning.  I didn’t know what to say,” he turned back to look at Damon.  “Got anything you want to add?”

“I honestly don’t think I’ve seen you look better.  You are gorgeous,” Damon hurried over to embrace his best friend.  Practically pushing her boyfriend out of the way as he moved.  “Where in the world did you get this dress?”

“I bought it last year when I thought I was going to go to the charity event with Andrew.  It’s been in my closet all this time, he paid for it, so I wasn’t about to return it.”  She let out a slight laugh with the remark, trying to make light of the fact that her ex-boyfriend paid for a ridiculously expensive designer gown.  “I tried on four or five dresses, nothing seemed to really look good.  I was afraid this one was too tight.”

“It fits you perfectly,” Damon countered and pulled her in for an embrace.  “I almost wish I would have invited Andrew tonight just so he could see how you look in this dress.” He turned to look at Chris, ‘You are one lucky bastard, that’s all I’m saying.”  Damon gave her a soft peck on the cheek and then excused himself and left the room.

There was an awkward silence between Chris and Juliana.  It was finally broken when Chris stepped forward, taking her hands in his, “You do look incredible.  This dress was made for you, there is no doubt about it.  I kinda wish we didn’t have to this party now.”

“Yeah, well I didn’t want to do it at all.  I just didn’t tell you not to confirm with Damon that we would attend,” she playfully slapped him on this chest.  He moved in to kiss her and she put her finger up to his lips, “You don’t want to mess up my lipstick now, do you?  Go get ready, make yourself sexy, but not too sexy.  I don’t have a full range of movement to beat the women off of you tonight.  This dress limits my ass kicking motions.”

Chris pulled Juliana close, growling into her ear, “I’ll take a raincheck on the kiss.  And I’m sure I’ll be kicking the asses tonight of any man that gets near you.  Believe me, as pretty as you are in that dress, I can’t wait to get you out of it.”  A shiver went up her spine as he said the words.

~ * ~

Damon and Veronica had kicked off the evening with a dinner party for a select number of guests.  Then the number of guests expanded as the full-fledged New Year’s party kicked into gear.  Every year in the hotel, he had a large concert planned, and everyone looked forward to seeing who he had booked.  This year, with the event being in his home, he had elected to skip the major concert.  Electing instead, to have a singer accompanied by a piano or a string quartet.  He had wanted Michael Buble, but a family medical crisis had caused him to cancel.  He had thought about Josh Groban, but he was on Broadway, so that was out of the question.  Then he decided to throw caution to the wind and just get a DJ for regular party music.  Why not, after all, how often would he be able to do that in this house?

As guests that were business associates of Damon’s began to arrive, Juliana started to work through the crowd.  She explained to Chris that while she hated parties and large groups, she had to play nice and mingle.  He understood and wanted to give her space.  He noticed that even though he and Damon had told her how beautiful she was, she still seemed to be a little self-conscience.  She kept her head down as she moved from person to person.  But Chris noticed that all eyes were on her.

Every man in the room was watching her.  He started to hear whispers through the room, comments on how hot she was and how had they never noticed her before.  He really didn’t want to be that guy, but more than that, he didn’t want his girlfriend being the topic of that kind of talk.  He was so intent on watching her, he didn’t realize that Veronica had saddled up next to him.

“So what is going through that head of your’s Mr. Evans?”  His head snapped to look at her and that devilish smile on her lips.  “Your brow is furrowed, and you look as if you could rip a few heads off.  So, what has you all worked up?”

“Answer me a question, will you?  How in the hell does that woman not know she is gorgeous?”

“Has she told you about Andrew?”  Chris shook his head, realizing he had only just heard the name earlier in reference to the guy who purchased the gown.  “He was her last boyfriend, and he did a number on self-esteem and body image.  He made crude comments about her and elected to do it in public forums, including social media.  It is probably why she has not had you with her while she’s worked the room.  Why else would she leave the most handsome man, next to Damon, of course, all alone?”

“Wait a minute, you’re telling me that he body shamed her in public? Good grief.  I’m amazed she is willing to trust me at all,” he remarks as he takes a drink from the glass of scotch that he had been nursing for the majority of the evening.

“Well, I think she realizes you’re sincere.  And, Damon hated Andrew and warned her not to date him, but she did it anyway.  I think when she realized we helped set you two up, that we trusted you and didn’t believe that you would do to her what he did.”

Chris handed Veronica his empty glass, “If you will excuse me, I think I would like to whisk my girl away and show her how beautiful she really is.”  He kissed Veronica on the cheek and then moved through the crowd toward Juliana.  She was standing at the far side of the gallery, almost at the entrance to the dining room, talking to a group of men.  They couldn’t take their eyes off of her, and they were keeping her engaged in conversation.

Chris walked up behind her, sliding his hand around her waist.  Juliana flinched at first until she realized it was Chris.  He leaned forward to address the group of men she was talking with, “Excuse me, gentlemen, I’m sorry to interrupt, but  I need to steal Ms. Ryan away for a few minutes.”  The gentlemen all nodded politely, and Juliana smiled and turned to Chris and began to walk away.

“Why did you do that?” She asked although she had a smile on her face, so she wasn’t really complaining.

“I was getting lonely,” Chris responded, sticking his lip out in a fake pout.  “Honestly, I was getting tired of all of the men in the party getting to stare at you all night long.  You know they couldn’t keep their eyes off you, right?”

“Mr. Evans if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were jealous.”  Chris started walking Juliana up the stairs, and he didn’t respond to her comment.  He didn’t stop at the second floor for the festivities that were going on there, he just kept ascending the stairs.  “Where are we going?”

When they reached the fifth floor, where their bedroom was located, Chris walked her down the hall toward the dressing room.  He stood her in front of the full-length mirror and took his place behind her.  “Do you see this woman in the mirror?”  He asked, and Juliana slowly nodded her head in response.  “You need to understand that this woman is amazing.  She is intelligent and has an amazing personality.  But more than that, she is gorgeous both inside and out.  I know you have self-confidence issues, but let me just remind you of something, okay?  Women are like roads, the more curves they have, the more dangerous they are,” Chris rested his chin on Juliana’s shoulder and watched as a smile began to form on her lips.

“How long did it take for you to come up with that?”  She finally asked him, as she turned and wrapped her arms around his neck and stared into his beautiful blue eyes.

“Um…I actually stole that from Mae West.  But, I wholeheartedly believe it.  I really did get a little jealous of everyone staring at you tonight.  I mean, to stand off to the side and watch them practically eye fuck you when you walk by.  And then to hear them talk about you, it drove me insane.  I don’t want to be that type of boyfriend.”

“Ah, now you know what it will be like for me to hear all the little fangirls go on about you!”

He put his forehead against hers, “So, do you still want to be my girlfriend even if I want to keep you to myself and keep everyone else from staring at you?  But you know that all the girls will be doing that to me?”

Juliana acted as if she was thinking about it; pretending it was a difficult decision.  “Are you going to break my heart, Chris Evans?”

“Not if I can help it, Juliana Ryan.”

“I’m willing to give it a try, I guess,” she teased as if it was a hardship to give him a chance.  “Are you sure you really want me as your girlfriend?  I mean, in all seriousness, I’m not the typical Hollywood girlfriend.”

“I know, that’s why I like you so much!  You are real and honest with me; not telling me what you think I want to hear but what is the truth.  When we met, you weren’t trying to impress me because of who I was.  You had no idea I was famous,” Chris kissed her, letting his lips linger so he could savor her sweetness.  “You aren’t using me to climb some social ladder.  You’re not going to call the paparazzi to have your picture taken with me so you can be famous.  You like me, for me.”

“Are you going to start singing that song now?” Juliana joked as she moved in for a kiss.  “We don’t have to go back downstairs, do we?”

Chris took her hand and led her from the dressing room back into the bedroom.  He spun her around back into his arms, “No, I have no intention of taking you back to the party,” his eyes were dark as he looked down at her.  He leaned forward and began to trail soft kisses down her neck; starting with the spot directly behind her ear.  As he moved down her neck with his lips, his hand moved to the back of her dress and gently tugged the zipper on her dress down.

Juliana’s hands moved to pull Chris’ shirt out of his pants and started to unbutton his tuxedo shirt. She wasn’t going to attempt to take his jacket off of him while he was busy unzipping her dress.  She pulled his bowtie and unbuttoned the last button just as he got the dress completely undone.  Chris began to pull the dress forward, exposing her shoulders and immediately started kissing her soft skin.  Juliana pulled her arms out of the dress, and Chris realized she wasn’t wearing a bra.  She wore pasties over her nipples but had elected to go without the extra restriction for the evening.

His eyes went wide with the revelation, “Well, this is a pleasant surprise.  Thank you,” he commented as he released the dress and began to caress her breasts.  “Can you take those off?  I don’t want to hurt you, and I have no intention of sucking on those pasties!” He said with a laugh.

Juliana wiggled the dress down off of her hips, leaving herself standing there in a pair of lace panties and sexy pair of garters and thigh-highs.  Chris swallowed hard, he was not expecting to see her in such sexy lingerie under that dress.  “I’ll remove the pasties when you remove some of your clothes.  You are entirely overdressed for this particular party, Mr. Evans.”  She moved to push his jack off his shoulders and down his arms.  She let it fall to the floor and gently kicked it to the side.  She then ran her hands up his naked torso, between the opening of his shirt that she had recently unbuttoned, and pushed it off of his shoulders as well.

Chris toed his shoes off and then reached for the button on his slacks.  Juliana moved his hand, wanting to take care of it herself.  As she unzipped them, her hand brushing against his erection, Chris let out a hiss of pleasure and pain.  He was ready to explode, and she was torturing him.  Damn it, was she doing it on purpose?

“Oh, I think you liked that,” she whispered and ran her fingernail down his chest while she looked up at him and smiled.  “Would you like me to touch you again?”  He couldn’t speak, he just nodded his head in response.  Juliana grabbed ahold of the side of his pants, making sure she had the waistband of his briefs as well, and slowly pulled them down his legs.  She moved them painstakingly slow.  He put his hands on her shoulders, keeping her in place.  As his cock sprung free, it took everything within Juliana not to immediately reach for him and begin stroking him.

Instead, she helped him step out of his pants and even took his socks off.  Leaving him resplendently naked in front of her.  Juliana sat up on her knees, taking Chris’ cock in her hand and gently stroking him.  His head dropped back, his eyes closed and he let out a deep sigh.  She knew that he liked the feel of her hands on him.  Without warning, she opened her mouth and took him deep, her warm mouth enveloping him.

“Fuck, dear God, Juliana,” he gasped.  She began to work him with a fervent tempo; his breathing was labored, and she could feel him tighten.  He was about to cum, and she was prepared.  However, he suddenly pulled himself out of her mouth with an audible pop and pulled her to her feet.  His lips are crushed against hers, and he pushed her back against the bedroom wall, lifting her slightly.  He lifted her right leg and wrapped it around his hip and reached between her legs to pushed the lace of her panties to the side.  “I’m going to apologize in advance for this,” he said sweetly and then forcibly kissed her while he thrust inside her.   She didn’t care, she liked it rough with him, this wasn’t the first time they had been rough.

Then she realized he wasn’t apologizing for it being rough.  He was apologizing for taking her so quickly that he didn’t put on a condom.  She didn’t care, this felt so good, it didn’t matter.  She felt herself beginning the shatter; the sensation almost too good.  She buried her head in the crook of Chris’ neck and began to pant and scream his name as she came apart.  This was all it took for him to join her.  As they flew headlong into an incredible orgasm, the revelry of the city and the fireworks let them know it was midnight – New Years!

Chris lifted Juliana’s head and kissed her softly; their tongues sweeping across one another and deepening the kiss.  As he pulled away, he stared into her eyes and smiled, “Here is to a very happy new year, baby.”


Dress Inspiration – by request



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