Getting The Shaft


WARNING:   This story is 18+ and NSFW as it contains sexual situations.  If you are offended by the subject matter, please do not read.  

She wasn’t sure what she had done to piss Murphy off, but today he had thrown every one of his laws at her. If appeared as if something could possibly go wrong, it had. And each time it had been epic! Today was an important day in her career, a day that could make or break her in the advertising world. Calista Baxter was due to give a presentation for Livesay Pharmaceuticals, a company that was looking to relaunch and rebrand themselves after a major scandal. One of their production facilities had become contaminated, and the drug produced there almost killed their patients; the problem was, the drug was supposed to help transplant patients to keep them from rejecting their new organs. Callie wasn’t proud of what they had done, but she had been given the opportunity to put together the campaign that could help rebuild their reputation. And they would definitely need it once they were done with the lawsuits and the Congressional hearings. She was confident that she had produced the campaign that would help them achieve the goals of restoring trust and rebuilding their brand.

However, the most important day of her life had not started off so well. Her boyfriend had left the house early, and evidently, her alarm did not go off; Callie woke up thirty minutes late. She zoomed through her morning routine and was able to leave the house only five minutes later than normal. She figured she could put her lipstick on in the parking lot before the meeting. Of course, leaving five minutes late made a massive difference in her commute. That’s what happens when you live in Los Angeles. Now she was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, and she hadn’t even hit the freeway yet!

Callie began calculating alternative routes to work, but the radio traffic report indicated each one was backed up as well. She was starting to think that stopping by the office to pick up her co-presenter, Jason Wilhite, was not going to be an option after all. She didn’t want to take him anyway, he didn’t do any of the work on the campaign and didn’t pay attention in any of the meetings outlining the plans and execution. She had no choice, though, he had to go as a representative of the company. After all, Callie worked for Wilhite and Graves so it would look impressive to have a Wilhite on her team. Even if he was window dressing.

Jason was the son of the Preston Wilhite, the founding partner of the agency. While Callie loved Preston and felt as if he had been a mentor to her. She could not say the same for Jason; he had no desire to be in advertising and was only doing the job because his father was making him. The only reason she didn’t have an honest conversation with Preston over the inadequate performance of his son was due to her desire for a promotion. This presentation was her chance to move up, and if she made waves with Preston, it could hurt her chances. She had to accept that Jason was part of the package.

Callie dialed Jason’s cell number and waited anxiously for him to answer. This was her third attempt to dial him, she was growing frustrated. When he finally picked up, she did her best to tamp down her attitude, “Jason, we need to make an adjustment for this morning because I am stuck in awful traffic.”

“You’re not here, we need to go, when are you picking me up?” Jason asked, he was completely oblivious to everything Callie had just said to him.

“Did you hear what I just said to you? I’m stuck in traffic, so we need to make a change to our plans. You’re going to need to drive to the Livesay offices on your own and meet me there,” she listened for a minute to see if he was following along or if she was going to have to repeat the instructions. No comments were made, so she thought she was good to continue. “Go in the conference room and grab the presentations and the boards. Meet me in the reception area at Livesay, okay?”

“Um, okay. But what happens if I don’t see you there?”

“When you get there, call me. I’ll let you know where I am and we will go from there. I’ll see you soon.” Callie hung up, praying they would each get to the office in time and she would not have to worry about any worst-case scenarios.

For once, it appeared that things were working in her favor and she pulled into the office building in downtown LA with fifteen minutes to spare before the presentation. She texted Jason, letting him know she just parked her car and was heading into the building. He responded and let her know he was in the lobby of Livesay’s office on the twenty-fifth floor and was ready to go.

Callie marched into the front lobby feeling confident, she stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for 25. She was the only one in the car and hit the button to ‘close door.’ As the doors began to shut, a hand shot in between to force them to open again. In stepped a tall, handsome man with slicked back hair and dark stubble. His eyes were the most gorgeous blue she had ever seen.

He reached in front of her, pushing the button for the 34th floor, and then he stepped back to the opposite side of the elevator. Callie began to rapidly hit the ‘close door’ button and cursed for the doors to hurry and close. She checked her watch and realized she had ten minutes to get upstairs.

She pulled out her phone and called Jason. “I’m in the elevator, and I swear this the slowest elevator in the city,” she tried to keep her voice down, but it still echoed through the elevator car.

“They’re calling me back, Callie. I can’t wait for you out here,” Jason sounded panicked, “What do I do?”

“Take a deep breath, it’s alright. Tell the receptionist that I’m in the elevator, and she should expect me at any moment. That way she knows to show me to the conference room. Just put the boards up and put the bound presentations out for everyone. I think there were six copies for you to pick up this morning, right?” Callie waited for Jason to answer, a minute or two went by, and there was only silence. “Jason? You’ve got the copies of the presentation, right? The bound copies, they were by the boards in our conference room.”

“Um…yeah, I’ve got them,” he didn’t sound so convincing. She could hear him rustling through his bag.

“Jason, you forgot the presentations, didn’t you?” As Callie was preparing to unleash her tirade, the elevator made a loud noise and then suddenly jerked to a stop, “Fucking hell!”

“I’m sorry, you didn’t remind me to pick them up,” he sounded as if he was ready to cry as he admitted his error.

“Jason, tell the receptionist that the elevator just stopped, I’m stuck in the elevator!!” Her voice tried not to rise in panic, but she was terrified. “Jason, tell her right now, I want to hear you tell her.” She could hear the muffled voices through the line, but her gaze was on the man in the elevator car with her. He had walked over to the elevator panel and hit the alarm button. He then reached inside the small door on the panel and picked up the phone and held it to his ear. “What are you doing?” She asked him indignantly.

“Calling for help since you can’t seem to do anything other than throwing a fit,” he responded coldly.

“Jason, let them know I’m stuck in the elevator. I’m in the building, but I can’t get out to be there. You’re going to have to do this, and you best not fuck it up.” She could hear the man speaking softly into the phone at the elevator panel but couldn’t make out what he was saying. “If they will let me do the presentation via a speakerphone, call me back, you got that?”

She hung up the phone and began pacing back and forth; she was beside herself. She quickly dialed her phone again, this time dialing Jason’s father. “Preston, I’m sorry to bother you, but we have a problem.”

“Calista, shouldn’t you be in the middle of a presentation right about now?”

“Yes sir, that’s the problem. I’m stuck in an elevator, and that means Jason will be giving the presentation!” She left unsaid the rest of the scenario; Preston was aware of the liability his son would be regarding presenting. While he was along for the presentation, it was a given that he was not there to actually do the presenting. He was there for name recognition only.

“Oh dear God, Calista. Did you try to call Gordon?”

“I was hoping you could call him, sir. I’m not sure if I could get through. I’m willing to do the presentation via speakerphone but if we leave it to Jason,” her voice trailed off.

“Thanks for letting me know. I’ll try to call Gordon right now.”

Callie began pacing again; she knew this was it, her career was over. She might as well start writing jingles for dog food and prepare to move to Nowhere, USA to restart her career. She would be laughed out of LA and would never work in New York or Chicago. She glanced over and saw the man watching her intently, his arms crossed and a smirk on his face.

“What is so damn funny?” She asked as she glared at him.

“You’re wound a little tight, aren’t you? I mean, pacing in an elevator? Is it too much to ask you just stand in one spot?”

“Mind your own business,” Callie snapped back. Her phone rang, and she picked it up immediately, “Yes, hello Preston.” Callie listened and nodded her head and said nothing then quietly responded with, “Thank you, Preston.” She ended the call, stared at her phone and then without warning flung it across the elevator. It slammed into the wall and crumbled to pieces.

“Guess that call didn’t go well,” he said somewhat sarcastically. “But did you have to take it out on the phone?”

She turned to him, giving him the death stare, “Do you fucking mind? I didn’t ask for your narrative or your opinion.”

“No, but we are stuck in this small car, and it’s not like you’re being quite or anything.”

“What did they say when you called to say we’re stuck?”

“They knew we were stuck and they will get us out when they can. But they don’t know when it will be. We’re stuck between the 19th and the 20th floor.”

“If we’re stuck between floors, can’t we just pull the doors open and you can hoist me out?”

“Sweetie, this elevator was an express elevator to the 25th floor, which means there is no way to get you out till we reach the 25th floor. So, the answer is no. And you watch too many movies where that happens.”

“Great, just my luck. I’m stuck in an elevator on the day when I’m supposed to give the biggest presentation of my career. My best work is now in the hands of a complete idiot who is going to fuck it all up,” She was starting to cry, and she knew it was only going to get worse. “My boss pretty much just told me that no concessions can be made to wait for my rescue and if the idiot fucks up the presentation, I lose my job.”

She started to pace, not like she could go anywhere, but she was on a roll and needed to get out all of the bad luck she had been dealing with. She was on the verge of a breakdown. She was claustrophobic, and she was trying not to think about the fact that she was stuck in a metal box that was dangling some 20 stories up and couldn’t move. She was about to have an anxiety attack.

“Let’s add to the fact that I got out of bed late, ran into traffic from hell,” she looked at him and took a deep breath. “Did I tell you that I’m afraid of elevators? I keep having a dream that I’m in one that is falling. Which means I’m gonna die, we’re gonna die, you know that, right?”

Suddenly, without warning, he moved, pushing her back against the wall and grasping her hips while his lips were crushing against hers. His kiss was not forceful, but his lips were soft, and then his tongue was grazing against hers begging for entrance. She resisted at first and then succumbed. As he deepened the kiss, her hands moved to the back of his neck and then up into his hair.

Her mind was lost, suddenly she didn’t care about the elevator or the presentation. She was lost in the feel of him, his hard body against her and the feel of his stubble as she ran her hands back down across the side of his face and down his jawline. He broke the kiss, and she was panting for breath.

“Why did yo do that?” She asked, trying to come down from the high of the kiss. Her body was buzzing.

“It was the only thing I could think of doing to get you to shut up,” he responded honestly. “I would apologize, but the fact is, I’m not sorry, and I might do that again.”

“Not if I do it first,” she said and pulled him back to her, initiating the kiss herself. Her hands moved and roamed up his torso and around his back.

He moved his lips to her jaw line and then down her neck. She let out a soft moan of pleasure as he nipped and kissed his was back up her neck to her ear. In a low growl, he whispered, “You want me to stop?”

She shook her head and then with a ragged breath tried to answer, “I’m not the type of girl who does this, you know.” He kept nipping at her ear and kissing the erogenous area behind her ear and then trailed kisses back down her neck. “Oh fuck, that feels good. No, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

He moved his right hand down her leg, then pulled it up and hitched it around his waist. She gasped when he did this.He then reached down, pushing her panties to the side and began to slide his fingers up and down her wet slit. “I think someone is turned on,” she moaned, closing her eyes and letting her head drop back against the elevator wall. He parted her slick folds and started to play with her clit. “Do you like that?” Callie’s eyes remained closed, but she nodded her head.

She moved her hands to his shoulders; she needed to hold on. She tilted her head and opened her eyes, staring into those blue eyes and smiling at him. He was gorgeous, and while she should feel guilty about this, she had to admit, it was taking her mind off of the troubles of the day. She hoped he could read her mind because she was praying he would slip his fingers inside her. Honestly, she wanted to get ahold of his cock, she could feel it pressing against her and could tell how hard he was. But she wasn’t sure if he was willing to go that far in the elevator.

He slid one finger inside her, “Damn, you’re tight,” he exclaimed as he tried to hitch her leg a little higher on his waist. He slid a second finger inside and massaged her clit with his thumb. Callie began to moan with pleasure and move her hips as he slid his fingers in and out. “You like that. You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you?”

“More,” she gasped, “I want more, please.” She was begging even though she knew what this meant. He pulled his fingers from her pussy and licked her juices from his fingers. “Oh my God, that’s erotic,” she said without thinking.

He then reached down and unbuttoned his jeans and slid down the zipper, releasing his erection. He said nothing as he positioned himself at her entrance and slowly began to slide into her. She gasped and let out cries of pleasure and pain as he filled her. When he had himself fully seated, he captured her lips in a sensual kiss. Then he growled softly in her ear, “Are you ready?”

“Aren’t you worried about security cameras or recording devices in here?” She whispered to him.

A smile spread across his face, “They told me on the phone that the elevators don’t have cameras or recording devices. They mentioned it because they couldn’t see how many people were in this car,” he answered back with a wicked grin.

“Oh my! Then move, I want it hard and fast,” she cried out as he slid out and slammed back into her, giving her exactly what she asked for. He moved to put one hand on the elevator wall near her head and the other hand had to hold her leg up at his waist. He continued his pace, his breathing was becoming labored, and he buried his head in her neck.

Her hands were digging into his shoulders. His thrusts were met with the rhythm of her hips, and he could feel her walls beginning to spasm. “You’re gonna cum aren’t you?” He asked, sucking softly on her neck.

“Yes, oh God, yes.” She could feel her muscles clench and suddenly she felt herself splinter under him. Her eyes were clenched shut, but she could see the white lights bursting. She felt him still, then grunt and climax.

“Holy fuck,” he exclaimed, not moving and keeping his head buried in her neck. It took a minute for him to gather himself before he could say anything, “So, Preston’s going to fire you if Jason screws up?” He raised his head, looking into Callie’s chocolate brown eyes, the gold flecks evident from the overhead lighting. Her long, honey-blonde hair was slightly mussed, but she still looked professional. She didn’t completely have the ‘just fucked’ look.

“Probably, nevermind that Jason never paid attention to shit and he’s an idiot. I’ll get blamed for getting stuck in the elevator and not being here on time.”

“But you were here on time. It’s not your fault the elevator got stuck.”

“I know that Chris but Preston will blame me anyway,” she kissed him gently. He was still inside of her, and she loved it. “Did you turn my alarm off this morning before you left? Because it didn’t go off and I was running late.”

“Umm, no, I don’t think so. Crap, I hope I didn’t,” he said somewhat sheepishly.

“Why are you in my elevator anyway? Was this just a happy coincidence?”

“I wanted to come down here and wish my girlfriend good luck. Plus, I really do have to stop upstairs to see my agent.”

“Thanks for the roleplaying. You know I’ve wanted to do that for a while.”

“Yeah, I was afraid you were going to ask me to be Captain America and open the elevator doors,” he joked.

“Nah, you’re not in the stealth suit!”

Just then the panel phone rang. Chris was able to lean over and pick it up. He listened to the voice on the other line and responded then hung up. He slid out of Callie and pushed himself back into his pants and tried to straighten himself up. “The elevator should restart in a few minutes. They’ve been working on it, and they think they’ve fixed it.”

“Oh, that’s quite disappointing. I was sincerely hoping we could get a second round in before being rescued.”

Chris leaned over and kissed her again, “Well, we could go to another building and stop the elevator on our own,” he raised his eyebrows in a devilish manner. “Or, I could just take you home and console you, and we could stay in bed for the next few days.”

Just then the car started to move, and the elevator got to the twenty-fifth floor. The doors opened, and Gordon Livesay was standing in the lobby waiting for her. She turned back to Chris as she started to exit. “Thank you for keeping me company while we waited. It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Evans.” She gave him a grin and wink and then went about her business

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