Are You Jealous?

WARNING:  This story is a departure for me as it is dipping it’s toe into the world of kink and very light BDSM.  It is NOT hardcore and is not, in any way, violent, I did feel it was necessary to at least warn you that it is unlike anything I have written previously.  If you feel it might not be your cup of tea, please feel free to skip.  There is humor and it is not dark.  Again, the concept is extremely light in the BDSM world.  I hesitate to call it that, but I do have a Dom/Sub situation.


The work day had been excruciatingly long and tedious, only fifteen minutes left in the work day but they would feel as if they would drag on for hours.  It was the second Friday of the month, boy’s night out, and your fiancée was going to be hanging out with his friends.  To keep from being bored you had decided to have a girl’s night with your friend, Holly.  She had been texting you over the last hour regarding the plans for the evening.

Boy’s night out consisted of greasy cheeseburgers and beers at their favorite dive bar.  Chris’ fans would refer to him as ‘frat boy Chris’ if they saw him hanging out in his jeans, sweatshirt, and ballcap.  They dressed for comfort and not to impress.  No pretense, he was Chris, a kid from Boston, not a movie star in a multi-billion-dollar franchise.  So, while he was whooping it up in the bar you’d be spending the evening at home with a pizza and a bottle of wine.

Holly got to pick the movie for tonight; either a movie you hated and could make fun of or one full of man candy to drool over.    When the two of you got together you rarely watched movies for plots or because you were just interested in watching it.    No, heckling or drooling, that is why you watched movies with your best friend.  Your phone buzzed, Holly confirmed it was man candy night and the movies she wanted were in your personal DVD collection, no renting required.  Well, that wasn’t a surprise.  You lived with your fiancée and he was an actor so your DVD collection was massive.  It was actually rare that you and Holly had to rent anything.

The last text Holly sent confirmed that she was bringing the pizza.   The best pizza place didn’t deliver, but it happened to be around the corner from her apartment.  She’d bring the food and you’d take care of the alcohol – seemed like a fair trade.  The house was full of whiskey thanks to Chris’ new job as the brand ambassador for a certain brand.  However, whiskey wasn’t your thing!  Beer and Wine were on the menu for tonight and maybe vodka.

You finally pull into the driveway of the two-story Federalist style home you share with Chris forty-five minutes after leaving the office.  You had hoped he might still be there so you could have a few moments with him, but his car was already out of the garage.  Damn!  Hopefully, he wouldn’t be out too late tonight.  Carrying the bags into the house you put the alcohol in the fridge and run up the bedroom to change into your pajama bottoms and long sleeve t-shirt.  Just as you get to the base of the staircase there is a knock on the door.  Holly had arrived!

“Pizza delivery!”  She exclaimed as she sashayed through the front door.  She was dressed for comfort as well, pajama pants and a thermal Henley t-shirt.  “Please tell me you have the wine?  I’m so ready to drink, it’s been a hell of a week.”

As you start walking toward the kitchen, Holly following close behind, you speak up.  “I do have wine, but let me ask, did they think you were nuts when you walked in to get the pizza dressed like that?”  You open the refrigerator and pull out the bottle you had just put in.  It was purchased cold, so you were just trying to make sure it stayed chilled.

“Nah, they’re used to me walking in like this.  Believe me, they’ve seen worse,” she waved her hands and hurried to explain, “But not from me.  That place is like the Walmart of pizza places.”

As the two of you carry your pizza and wine into the living room, you ask about the movie selection.  “Ok, what did you have in mind for man candy movie night?”

Holly started to laugh, it was her wicked laugh, she was up to something.  “Well, I thought it’d be fun to watch Chris’ movies.  Specifically, The First Avenger and Winter Soldier.”

“Oh, hell no!  You want to sit here and ogle my fiancée?  C’mon Holly I don’t want to hear how sexy you think he is.  That’s just wrong on so many levels.”  You broke out in laughter, not being able to keep a straight face.  After all, you never tire of watching his movies!

You put the first movie in and amazingly enough, as you ate the chatter and drooling over Chris was kept to a minimum.    Probably because you were both hungry.  Although, to be fair, the pod scene did not go without comment.  When it was time to change the movie, the dinner mess was cleaned up.  You both settled in, on opposite end of the couch, wrapped up in blankets and ready to drool over Steve and Bucky!

You were both so engrossed in the movie that neither of you noticed the headlights of Chris’ car as they pulled into the driveway.  The volume on the TV was high and the noises reverberated through the living room so you didn’t hear the garage door opener or the sound of him walking into the house or placing his keys on the kitchen counter.  To be fair, he wasn’t trying to make a lot of noise because he was a little nosy and he wanted to try and hear what you and Holly were up to.

He groaned as he got to the edge of the kitchen and realized what movie you were watching.  He wasn’t a fan of watching his own films.  But he had to admit, he was a little curious as to what you thought of this one.  The two of you weren’t dating when this movie came out and you’d never  asked her opinion on it.   He leaned against the wall, crossed his arms and listened carefully.

“It is so not fair that you get to sleep with that man every fucking night!”  Holly exclaimed as she threw a handful of popcorn at you.

“First of all, I don’t sleep with that man.  He’s Steve Rogers and I just sleep with Chris Evans, and they are two different people,” you were emphatic with your retort.  “And second of all, I don’t sleep with him every night, remember he travels, and I don’t always go with him!”

Holly turned to look at you, “Wait a minute!  How do you know Steve Rogers and Chris Evans are different people?  How many times have you slept with Steve?”

You begin to laugh, realizing that Holly is a tad bit inebriated.  This is not a conversation the two of you would normally have.  “I haven’t slept with Steve, but look at him, he’s a fucking stud!”  Well, maybe you’re the one who’s inebriated.  “Look at how hot he is!  That blonde hair, the clean shave, those blue eyes that stare directly into your soul,” you were swooning. Definitely, you’re drunk.  “Don’t get me wrong, Chris has those eyes, but fuck that look he has as Steve is hot!  And that uniform is the hottest thing, EVER!”

“Hold up a minute!  You’ve never been with Chris without the beard?  Oh, sweet Jesus!  Girl, that beard is heaven, isn’t it?”  You start shaking your head in agreement.  “But clean shaven he is a different man, he looks different.  How can that be?”

“I don’t know, it makes no sense.  He’s always had stubble or the full mountain man thing going on.  He’ll shave soon, he has to get rid of it before they start filming.”

Chris couldn’t take it anymore, he could not believe how they were talking.  He pushed away from the wall and opened the refrigerator to grab a beer.  A smile spread across his face when he realized you had gone to the liquor store and stocked up.  You really were a keeper.  He closed the refrigerator door and was preparing to head up the back staircase when he heard your voice and something caught his attention.

“Oh, he is so sexy in this scene.  His obvious love for Peggy, damn, he is so romantic without even trying to be,” It was the scene where Steve was visiting Peggy in the nursing home.  “And that blue jacket, guh, it is such a turn on.”

“Oh, I know.  Look at him on that motorcycle!!  Tell me, does he ride you that carefully?”  Holly asked with mock seriousness

“Oh, my God, Holly!!!”  You shriek and throw several pillows at her.

Chris’ eyes grew wide, and on that note, he elected to go upstairs.  For one, he could not get over how natural and relaxed the conversation was with Holly when you didn’t realize he was in ear shot.  He always thought you seemed to be on edge when you were with him and his friends.  Seeing you this way tonight, it was almost as if you were intimidated when he was around, and there were others in the room.  He would need to find out about that, he really loved that carefree side of you, it was adorable.

Although, as he climbed the stairs, he couldn’t help but be a tad bit jealous of the way you talked about Steve Rogers.  Wait?  What?  He was jealous of a fucking character he played in a movie?  No way, he couldn’t be jealous of him, he’s a character and not real.  All of his actions as Steve were drawn out on paper, how could you not realize it wasn’t him?  Suddenly he began to wonder if he wasn’t romantic enough.  He had always thought he was.  Maybe he needed to reevaluate his entire definition of romance.

As he crossed over into the ensuite bathroom, a thought struck him.  He changed his clothes and got ready, even preparing the bedroom.  Then he sent a text to let you know he was upstairs.

~ * ~

As you watched the movie and continued the raucous, and sometimes raunchy conversation about Steve Rogers and The Winter Soldier movie, your phone buzzed on the coffee table.  You figured it was Chris sending a text to say he would be late.  So, you ignored it.  But when it began buzzing a second time, it made you think that it might be important.  You pick up the phone and see that it’s a text from Chris, but what you didn’t expect was for it to say he was upstairs.

You quickly type back, “Seriously?  You’re home, right now?”

When he returns the message and says that he’s aware you’re watching Winter Soldier, you know he’s not kidding.  You look over at Holly, she’s completely engrossed in the movie, and clear your throat.  “Um, Holly, you need to go home.  I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but you gotta go!”

“What the hell?  Why you kicking me out?”  You show her the screen of your phone and she sees the message from Chris.  It suddenly clicks as to why she needs to leave.  “Oh!  I get it now.”

Holly gathered her things and started for the door while you turned off the TV.  As she opened the door, she turned and said, “You lucky bitch!” Then she winked and walked over to her car.

As she drove off, you shut the front door and locked it.  Then, trying not to be overly excited, ascended the stairs and made a beeline for the bedroom.   You noticed the bedroom door was open, but the lights were down.  As you stepped into the room, it was apparent Chris had pulled the sheets back on the bed, and he had even brought up a bottle of wine that had been in the refrigerator.  But you didn’t see him.  A few more steps into the room and you call out his name, “Chris, sweetie, where are you?”

It was then that you felt him, the heat of his body behind you.  His arm snaking around your waist and his lips coming to rest on your neck, providing a soft and sensuous kiss.  Your body came alive with his touch.  And as his lips trailed along your neck, it dawned on you, his beard was gone.

“Chris, you shaved,” you said, but your words came out breathy.

“Is that a problem?” He growled in your ear as he then nipped on your earlobe before licking the shell of your ear.

“Uh, no,” you say, panting, “Not at all.”  You could feel the arousal building, you were so turned on at the thought, and you had not even turned around to see him yet.  It was the thrill of knowing that he was going to be close to looking like he did in the movie.  The movie you and Holly just watched and went ga-ga over.

“Take off your pajama pants,” Chris requested.  His voice was firm, it was almost like he was becoming dominant.  Something he had never done before.  “Don’t make me say it a second time.”

Your hands immediately go to the waistband of your pajama pants and begin to push them down.  Chris interrupts you, “Leave on your panties, for now.”  You do as he says, stepping out of the pants and kicking them to the side.  You are now standing in front of him in a pair of red lace panties and a dark blue long sleeve t-shirt.  Not a sexy look, but you weren’t expecting this tonight.

Chris played with the hem of your t-shirt and then began to slowly pull it up, exposing your sides.  His hands grazing your soft skin and setting it on fire each place that he touched.  “Raise your arms, baby,” he murmured as the t-shirt cleared your breasts and he pulled it over your head, tossing it to the side.  “Oh, you naughty girl, no bra under your t-shirt.  It’s like you were just waiting for me.”

Since removing the t-shirt, he hadn’t touched you and you were aching to feel his fingers glide across your body.  There was a chill in the room, of course, it could just be due to the fact you were wearing nothing but a pair of panties.  But you longed for the heat that his touch would bring.  He finally speaks, leaning forward, his breath warm on your neck, “Walk over to the bed and lie down, keep your legs off the side.”

Without hesitation, you do as he asks.  The dominance in his voice is new, something he hasn’t done before and it turns you on.  The two of you never role play or display any kinks, it just isn’t something you do.  You enjoy rough sex, but doesn’t everyone?  But BDSM, well that just isn’t the sort of thing that either of you has expressed an interest in.  He begins to walk over towards the bed, and you finally get a good look at him.  He is wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and his blue jacket.  The blue jacket that looks quite a bit like the one he wears in The Winter Soldier.

Holy shit, it dawns on you that he is dressed up as Steve Rogers!  You start to wonder if he heard you and Holly and the conversation you were having about how hot Steve is.  Your eyes scan up his body as he is removing his jacket.  For the first time, you notice that his hair isn’t gelled down like normal.  Instead, he has washed out the product and has dried it, so it is soft and resembles Steve’s hair, sans the blonde, of course.  He has shaved off the beard and was completely clean shaven; he almost didn’t look like the same man.  You just wanted to reach up and run your hands along his jawline.  But when you raised your hand, he grasped ahold of it and stopped you.

“I didn’t say you could touch me.  Tonight, you can only follow orders.  Is that understood?”  You bite your bottom lip and nod your head in agreement.  “I can’t hear you.  Do you understand the rules for tonight?”  His voice was firm and commanding.

“Yes, sir,” the response you gave him made him smile.

“Good girl,” he reached for your other hand, pinning them down at your side.  He then began to trail kisses down your torso, he didn’t touch your breasts, and you were disappointed.  He swirled his tongue inside your navel and then started kissing back up your body.  This time, he wasn’t about to ignore your round, perky breasts that were ripe for attention.  His teeth grazed across one nipple and then he swirled his tongue around it before taking it fully into his mouth and sucking it into a tight peak.

As your back arched and you moaned in pleasure, he moved his attention to the other breast.  Your body began to writhe under him.  The attention he was giving was only making you ache even more.  He let go of your left hand, his right-hand dipping between your thighs and pushing the thin fabric of your panties to the side.  He parted your soft, wet folds and began to rub your clitoris between his thumb and index finger.  The shock that went through your body was incredible.  You almost came from that first touch, his fingers were glorious.  But the combination of his tongue on your nipple and your clit in his fingers, there was no way you weren’t going to climax in record time.

“No, don’t you dare cum.  I decide when that happens,” he lifted his mouth from your breast and growled.  “If you come, there’ll be a punishment.”

“Oh, sir, I’m close,” you say as you feel the tightness in your belly and the clenching of your walls begin.  “Oh, God, I’m cumming.”  And suddenly he stops the kisses and the fingers, everything.  Your body starts to throb, and you are like a dying man begging for air.

A smile crosses his lips, “I told you, I decide.  You want to cum, though, don’t you baby?”

“Yes, sir, very much so, sir,” you pant, trying to catch your breath.

Chris stepped back, surveying you on the bed.  He then reached up and pulled off your red lace panties, they snapped from the force.  “Sorry, baby, I’ll buy you a new pair,” he was apologetic, a bit out of character for his recent actions.  He moved away from you, but you didn’t dare to raise up to see what he was doing or where he went.  While this was new, and frankly, fun.  You weren’t sure how far he was willing to go, and you weren’t ready to find out.

A moment later, Chris was back between your legs, pushing them apart ever so slightly.  You quickly realized he had shed his jeans and boxers.  He raised your legs, wrapping them around his waist and positioned himself at your entrance.  He leaned forward, bracing his arms on either side and stared into your eyes, “Are you going to cum?”

You think carefully before you answer.  Your body screams that you are going to have an earth-shattering orgasm the minute he slips inside.  Your body is hyper-aware and overly sensitive thanks to the assault on your senses.  But your mind tells you that his game requires you to say no.  This is a test, and you want to pass because it will matter for the remainder of the evening.  “No sir, not until you tell me to,” your voice is shaky as you give him your response.

The glint in his eye makes you believe that you have passed the test.  “That’s my girl.  You are a fast learner, I like that.”  And with that, he begins to push inside.  You are so tight, he moves slowly so he can relish the feeling.  You can see the ecstasy on his face as he closes his eyes and his head falls back.  He groans, “Fuck, that feels incredible,” and you are dying for him to start moving.  Instead, he has stilled, he is fully seated, and you can feel him throbbing inside.

His head falls forward, and he looked into your eyes; you could see the passion burning in his beautiful blue eyes.  He slowly pulled out and slammed back into you.  The feeling was intense, and he began to repeat the motion, working himself into an intense and steady rhythm.  The problem was, his movements were measured and quickly bringing you to the edge.  He knew this, he could feel your walls beginning to squeeze around him.

“Sir, you need to stop, I’m going to cum,” you plead, knowing you don’t want him to stop.  But if he keeps this up, you will break the rule that he had set.

He ignores you and keeps pumping in and out, he has moved to hold your arms down.  Not too tight, he doesn’t want to hurt you.  But he can tell you are fighting the orgasm, he knows you are about to shatter, but you are trying to hold back.  He finally pants out, “Let go, baby.”

You shatter under him, and bursts of light seem to pop around the room.  You’ve never had an orgasm this intense, and while you’re screaming his name, he thrusts hard and stills, spilling into you as he cums.   You don’t know what made him go down this path, but you thank God that he did.  He is spent and drops his head into the crook of your neck.  He is breathing hard, and you realize it is going to take him a minute to gather himself before he can move.  Which is fine, because you’re not sure you can move either.  He is still inside you, his cock twitching and the sensation is indescribable.

Suddenly, he is standing upright and pulling you up with him.  “We need to get cleaned up, baby.”

You realize he is taking you to the bathroom where he already had everything laid out for a shower.  He knew the evening would go this way.  You snuggled you head onto his shoulder, he had no problems carrying you.  He reached into the shower and turned on the water, letting it warm up before the two of you stepped in.  Chris slowly set you down, making sure you got your feet under you and felt steady enough to stand on your own.


He turned you around, wrapping his arms around your waist and snuggling his chin on your shoulder.  “I love you,” he whispered before kissing your neck.  The moment was sweet and was so dramatically different from what you had just done in the bedroom.


“I love you, too,” you repeated back to him.  Without a doubt it was true.  You would not say that sex with Chris was vanilla, but there was no way that you would have ever expected the flavor you just experienced.  As you mind tried to process everything that happened and your body still tingled, Chris stepped back and reached for the shampoo.  He lathered up your hair, washing and rinsing it.  He then took the body wash and soaped you up from head to toe.  The attention he was paying to you, the aftercare, was amazingly sweet.  And to think, he wasn’t even that rough or dominant as he could have been.  Well, based on what you had read in books, anyway.


He rinsed you off and then, not providing you an opportunity to return the favor, quickly washed himself.  As he turned the water off, he told you to stay in place.  You were trying not to shiver as the chilled air of the bathroom hit your warm skin.  Chris came back to you, a towel slung around his hips, another fluffy towel in his hands.  He steps forward and begins to dry you off, starting with your hair and paying particular attention as he moves down your body.  Once you are dry, he wraps the towel around you to help keep you warm and reaches for your hand to help you step out of the shower onto the bath mat.

He leads you to the counter and runs a comb through your damp hair.  As he reaches for the hair dryer, you place your hand on his arm to stop him.  “If you can live with what it might look like in the morning, we don’t have to dry it.  I’d rather snuggle in bed with you, if that’s alright, sir.”


Chris kissed you on the forehead, “That sounds perfect.”  He put his hand on the small of your back and gently led you toward the bedroom.  Just before exiting the bathroom, you dropped your towel and then sashayed into the bedroom and slipped into the bed.  Chris turned off the bathroom light, removed his towel and joined you.


As he slipped into the bed, you twined your legs with his, and your head rested on his shoulder.  Your fingers played with the soft tufts of hair on his chest.  “Thank you, sir.  For tonight, I mean.”


“Baby, our game is over, you don’t have to call me sir anymore.”


You thought this was the perfect opening to find out what made him want to play this ‘game.’  You propped yourself up and looked at him.  “Tell me, Chris, why the sudden dip into the BDSM pool?”


He swallowed hard and looked at you, not sure how to answer.  “Um, I don’t know.  Just thought we could try something a little different.  Did I hurt you?”  He shifted on the bed, moving to his side to get a better look at you, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to hurt you, why didn’t you say something?”


“No, you didn’t hurt me.  On the contrary, I liked it.  But I just don’t get the sudden shift and the fact that you shaved.  That still throws me for a loop.”  Then it was as if a lightbulb went off.  “Oh my God, you heard me and Holly didn’t you?”


“Huh?  What are you talking about?”


“Don’t play dumb, Chris!  You shaved and wore the Steve Rogers outfit.  You fucking heard the conversation between Holly and me about how hot we think Steve Rogers is.”  She looked at him carefully and could see a faint hint of red in his cheeks.  “You ass, you totally eavesdropped on us.”


“No, I didn’t eavesdrop.  I came in the house,” he began to stammer and stumble over his words, “Fuck, it wasn’t like you two were being quiet about it.  You were going on and on about how fucking hot Steve Rogers is and how you don’t sleep with him you just sleep with Chris.”


“Holy shit, you’re jealous of Steve Rogers?!”  You start to laugh, at first, it is a chuckle, but the more you consider the situation, it turns into a hysterical fit.  “Sweetie, you know that Steve Rogers isn’t real, right?  Oh, Chris.”


He just looks at you while you laugh and you can’t help but start to feel sorry for him.  You reach up and run your hand along his jawline, where his beard was this morning.  “Let me be clear about something, okay?”  You lean in and kiss him softly, your tongue darting into his mouth and sliding against his.  “You are sexy in the Cap movies, but I don’t love Steve Rogers.  I love and adore Chris Evans.  Steve Rogers didn’t fuck my brains out tonight, that was all you!”


“So you wouldn’t leave me for Steve Rogers?”  He asked with a tone of sarcasm in his voice.  “I mean, you and Holly were pretty adamant about how sexy and romantic he is.”


“Yeah, it is true, on paper he is written really well.  But you don’t follow a script when you do all those fluffy and romantic things for me.”


“True!  Glad you recognize that!”  He said, laughing and playing off his embarrassment over the entire situation.


“Can you just do one more thing for me tonight, sir,” she winked at him, and he raised his eyebrows in curiosity.  “Can you ride me as carefully as you ride that motorcycle?”


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