It’s Quiet Uptown – Chapter 4


WARNING:  This chapter is NSFW and marked as 18+ since it has adult content.  If you are offended by sexual material, please skip this chapter.

It was early Thanksgiving morning and Mallory was in the kitchen preparing the turkey and pies. While she had worked on the preparation of the side dishes ahead of time, it was tradition to get up early to start cooking.  She had always done this with her aunt and she wasn’t willing to forgo the tradition.  Personally, she liked the idea of eating early on the holiday and snacking on leftovers throughout the day versus having the meal as a dinner in the early evening.

She’d allowed Chris and Henry to sleep in, there was nothing they could do right now, anyway.  She had just finished mixing the pies and was prepared to pour them into the pie crust when she felt Chris’ lips on her neck.  His warm breath and soft lips made her melt.  He snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her back into his hard body.

“How did you get out of bed without waking me up?”  He murmured in her ear and then nuzzled into her neck.

A smile crossed Mallory’s face, “I told you I was getting up to go to the bathroom,” she put the bowl down and turned in his arms so she could face him, “Which I did, by the way.  I just decided that, while I was up, I should go ahead and get started on the food.  If I came back to bed, I might get, um,” she licked her lips and ran a finger down his bare chest, “Distracted and then I wouldn’t want to get out of bed at all.”

“Oh, so I distract you?” He kissed her behind her ear and began trailing kisses down her neck.  She tilted her head to the side, allowing him access to her neck, and giving her permission for whatever he might want to do.  “Well, I’m sorry for the distraction, but I didn’t hear any complaints last night.”

She let out a whimper, “No, no complaints.”

“Would you like me to stop so you can finish with your pies?” He asked as he continued to lavish her with attention.

“No…I mean, yes.”  She giggled like a schoolgirl, unsure of when the last time she had flat out giggled like that had been.  “I need to get these in the oven.”  She turned back around to finish assembling the pies and then moved them into the oven.   She set the timer and turned back to Chris, “You need to go and put a shirt on because you can’t hang out in the kitchen half-naked.”

“Why not, does it distract you?” He asked as he started to gyrate his hips and dance in front of her.

“Dear God, you’re a goofball!  Why in the hell am I remotely interested in you?”

“Because I’m sexy,” he stopped dancing and moved toward her.  “And I’m a great kisser and your life would suck without me.”

“You’re paraphrasing Kelly Clarkson now?  Oy, Evans, you need help.”

This time it was his turn to start laughing, “I’m going up and shower and get dressed.  Can you live without me for twenty minutes?”

She put her arm across her eyes and tossed her head back, “Oh my goodness, however, will I manage for twenty long minutes?  My life will cease to exist for the time you are gone from my presence.”

“You’re such a drama queen,” he shouted at her as he walked out of the room and headed toward the steps.

~ * ~

Mallory worked to pull the other side dishes out of the refrigerator and set them on the counter; she wanted them to come to room temperature before putting them into the oven.  She also started to work on the dishes that needed to be fixed at the last minute.  As she worked, Henry came downstairs and she was surprised to see that he had already showered and dressed for the day.  He was wearing khaki pants and a blue button-up shirt, he looked so handsome and grown up.

“Hey, where’s Chris?”  Henry asked as he glanced around the room.

“He’s upstairs getting a shower and getting dressed.  He should be back down here any minute,” Mallory wiped her hands on a kitchen towel and looked at her son as he stood in front of her. “I was afraid I’d have to yell up there and wake you up, so this is a pleasant surprise.  You look so handsome, Henry.”

“Well, I knew Chris was getting ready.  I thought he would have beaten me downstairs.  He’s the one who woke me up and told me to get up and get ready,” Henry walked over and inspected the dishes that were waiting to go into the oven.  “He said you might need some help, so I should come down.  What do you need me to do?”

Before Mallory could respond, Chris entered the kitchen and she noticed he was wearing an outfit almost identical to Henry’s.  Chris was wearing khaki pants, but he was dressed in a denim button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the middle of his forearm.  Which showed off his perfectly formed arms, and made Mallory’s heart skip a beat or three.  When she regained her composure, Henry’s words once again sunk in.  Chris had gone in and to awaken Henry, that was her job, and he was slowly inserting himself into the parental duties.  And now, seeing that they were dressed alike, was this some sort of game for him?  Mallory had to keep from finding ways to sabotage things.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Chris asked as he stood in the doorway.  He propped his arm up on the door and posed, which did nothing for Mallory’s heart or her attempts to not swoon.

“Did you and Henry seriously coordinate your wardrobe?” Mallory finally asked with a chuckle.

“No, it is a coincidence, I promise.  Great minds think alike, that’s all,” Chris stepped away from the door and reached for Mallory’s arm, pulling her close. “I take it you find it a little unsettling?” He whispered in her ear so that Henry couldn’t hear his comment.

Mallory slowly shook her head, “I guess you two really are alike.” She put her hands on his chest and gently pushed Chris away.  “Okay, guys, the turkey has some time left and the pies are done.  So, for now, we’re done in the kitchen.”

“What about the sides, mom?”  Henry asked as he pulled grapes out of the refrigerator and started popping them in his mouth.

“I’ll put them in the oven when the turkey comes out.  For now, go watch your football pregame shows or whatever, I’ve got it under control.”

“This is why you’re the best,” Chris said as he bent down to give her a quick kiss before turning and heading towards the family room with Henry.

Mallory watched as the guys got comfortable on the couch and settled into frenetic football talk.  Chris looked so comfortable as Henry’s father.  She could easily see this as their ‘normal’ life. Could it be this easy to have what she has always wanted?  She sat at the breakfast bar and quickly typed out a text to Darby.

Happy turkey day, hope you have a good one!  It’s weird having this one as a ‘family.’

It only took a minute before her phone chimed with Darby’s response.

Gobble gobble – hope you have a good day, too!  Go with it Mal, this could be the start of something good.

Mallory knew that Darby was right, she needed to stop overthinking it.  While they watched football, Mallory went about straightening up the kitchen and cleaning up her earlier mess.  The turkey had another hour to go before it would be ready to remove from the oven.  She was avoiding the family room, for now, she wanted to keep herself busy and away from the temptation of sitting next to Chris.

Mallory moved to the dining room and spread the tablecloth on the table.  She couldn’t remember the last time she had used it but figured this was as good a time as any.  She even broke out the fancy candle holders and tapers, to set the perfect mood.  It didn’t take long to have the table set with the fancy plates, napkins, and silverware.   When she walked out of the dining room, she noticed that Chris and Henry were wrestling in the family room and Henry was laughing hysterically.

Chris was wearing down her resolve, and she had to wonder if this was his game plan.  Damn, she couldn’t help but second guessing every move he was making, she knew she had to stop.  Just like Darby said, she needed to just go with it.  But it was so much easier to say than to do.  The timer on the oven told her it was about time to take the turkey out.  She went over to check on it, and sure enough, it was ready to come out.  She lifted the beautifully browned bird out of the oven and sat it on the stovetop.  For once, it actually looked like the turkeys in the magazines and commercials.

Mallory turned the heat up on the oven and slid her sweet potatoes in and then walked over to the family room.  She raised her voice so that she could get the attention of Chris and Henry, “Guys!” Both of them turned around looked at her as if they were caught doing something they shouldn’t be.  “I’m going upstairs to get a shower and get dressed.  The potatoes are in the oven and the timer is set for thirty minutes.  Do you think you can listen for them to go off and get them out and put the dressing in?”

Chris and Henry both looked at one another as if they weren’t really sure.  Then, without a word, they stood up and gave a mock salute.  “Yes ma’am,” they said in unison.

Chris walked over to Mallory and kissed her cheek, “You look beautiful but go ahead and take your shower, we got this.  Potatoes out of the oven, dressing in, that seems easy enough.”

“We’ve got it, mom!” Henry chimed in.

“The two of you actually scare me and I’m not sure I really trust you,” she glanced at both of them.  She shrugged her shoulders and laughed, knowing she had no choice.

~ * ~

Thirty-five minutes later, Mallory walked back downstairs to find music playing, Chris had turned on the satellite radio.  He had picked one of the softer music stations, and he was softly singing as he moved around the kitchen.  She watched as he moved the carcass of the turkey to the trash bag and tied it up.  He then called Henry over, asking him to take the bag to the cans outside.  She noticed he had the entire turkey carved and plated, the potatoes were on the stove and the dressing was in the oven.  He had even put the cranberry sauce on the stove to reduce.  How did he know to do that?

When Henry came back in the two of them immediately set to pulling on the wishbone.  Mallory placed her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing at them.  She was fearful that one of them would pull too hard and stumble backward and knock over part of dinner and make an enormous mess.  Amazingly it did not happen, but Henry did jump back and exclaim, “I win!”

Mallory used this as her window of opportunity to announce her arrival in the kitchen, “Well, I see I missed some excitement while I was upstairs,” Henry and Chris both turned to look at her.

“We had to keep ourselves entertained, you were taking too long to get ready,” Chris joked as he flashed a wide grin at her.

“Is my dressing in the oven?”

“Yes, ma’am, just as you instructed.  You don’t mind that I went ahead and carved the turkey, right?”

“Well, now’s a hell of a time to ask, don’t ya think?”

“She’s got ya there, Chris,” Henry shot back at him.  Chris shot him a look like he wondered why Henry didn’t have his back.  Henry began laughing and figured he should leave the kitchen before his mom and Chris got all mushy with one another; he wanted no part of that!  Henry was surprised to see that they began working in-sync to finish plating up dinner and moving it over to the dining room.   He pitched in to do his part and, before long, they were ready to eat.

As they took their seats around the table, Henry asked if he could lead them in prayer.  Mallory was beaming with pride and nodded with approval.  They joined hands and bowed their heads.

“Bless us oh, Lord for this wonderful food that we can use to nourish our body and soul.  Thank you for allowing us to spend this holiday with our good friend Chris.  May this be the start of a new and wonderful holiday tradition for our family, Amen.”

Chris was speechless, and from the look on Mallory’s face, she felt the same way.  Henry, oblivious to their reactions, dug right into the food, filling his plate.

~ * ~

Once dinner had concluded, Mallory sent Chris and Henry in to watch football while she cleaned up the dishes.  They had both offered to help, but she wanted the solitude.  She figured they could continue to bond over football and she would be able to move freely around the kitchen.  She could hear the two of them yelling at the screen and being emotionally invested in a football game that didn’t involve teams that either of them followed.  Mallory had to admit it was cute; she could not remember ever seeing Henry that excited to watch football before.

When the kitchen was clean, she stood at the back of the couch and watched the game over their shoulders.  Chris looked up, seeing Mallory standing behind him and reached up for her hand.  “Hey, come around here and watch the game with us.  There is a spot on the couch with your name on it.”

“Come on mom, it’ll be fun!” Henry goaded her to join them and she just couldn’t resist.

Mallory walked around to the front of the couch and took a seat next to Chris.  He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close to his side.  While Mallory sat on one side, Henry sat on the other, it really did look like the perfect family picture.  Suddenly Mallory began to get hot, she knew she was flushing with fear.  She tried to steady her breathing and hoped that Chris didn’t sense her rising panic.  The idea that this was becoming real scared the hell out of her even more than it had earlier in the day.

As she tried to cast her fears aside, she focused instead on the conversation between Chris and Henry.  They were laughing and talking about the players and the game.  Mallory could not get over how comfortable Henry seemed to be with Chris.  Henry had only known him for six weeks or so, but the bond was undeniable. It was as if the guys forgot she was in the room, they didn’t include her in the conversations and she was starting to feel like their guest, a stranger in her own home.

Mallory wiped her hands on her jeans and pushed herself to stand up.  Chris was startled that she had moved and gave her a surprised look.  “Since you guys are watching football, I’m going to go upstairs and relax a little, maybe read my book.  Let you two bond over the pigskin,” she turned to walk away, but Chris reached for her hand.

“Please stay down here with us,” his voice almost sounded as if he was pleading.  “I’d hate to think we’re running you off.  Henry, should we watch something else so your mom stays down here?”

“We can, I don’t care,” Henry quickly agreed.

Mallory smiled, knowing that it was not what either one of them wanted, but they were trying to be polite.  “It’s okay, I’m not mad.  Look, I woke up with the roosters to start cooking so I’m tired.  I’m going to put on my jammies and read my book in bed, I’ll be all right,” she walked over and kissed Henry’s head.  She moved to Chris and gave him a soft kiss on the lips, keeping it PG rated since Henry was sitting right there.  “I’ll see you guys in the morning, just don’t stay up too late.”

As Mallory entered her bedroom, she slowly shut the door and crossed the room to turn on the soft lighting of the bedside lamps.  She was able to make her way across the room in the dark, she was used to it by now.  She had finally learned the right steps to take to avoid banging her knee into the large oak footboard of the bed, it only took slamming into it four or five times before she decided not to do that any longer.  She pulled her dresser drawer open and pulled out a long-sleeve t-shirt and a pair of sleep pants and stepped into the bathroom to change her clothes and get ready for bed.

Mallory stepped back into the bedroom, folded the covers back on the bed and stacked the pillows to prop her up so she could read her book.  She didn’t care about the romance book that she had been carrying around for the last few days.  In all honesty, she had only gotten to chapter three because she was too easily distracted by Chris and the things that were going on in the house.  Right now, the thing distracting her the most was the fact that she suddenly felt like she was ‘playing house’ with Chris.  It was so easy to fall into the comfort of having him here and doing fatherly things with Henry.  But it brought up the nagging reality that everything would be in jeopardy when the truth came out.

Mallory then began to doubt the decision to come upstairs.  What if Chris was using the opportunity he had with Henry to undermine her job as a parent?    Chris wanted Henry to know he was his father and had been pushing Mallory to come clean.  What if he was doing all he could to ingratiate himself with Henry so that it would make her look even worse than she already feared?  Her mind was already working overtime and going in a million directions over the decision to tell Henry the truth.  Chris was certain that Mallory was holding back just to be spiteful, but spite had no place in the equation.  There were larger issues at play and unfortunately Chris didn’t fully grasp the severity of them, so it was harder for him to understand her hesitancy.

Her heart and brain were struggling against one another.  Her brain said it was the right thing to do, tell Henry the truth and understand it could lead to a potentially happy ending for everyone.  Sure, Henry might be upset at first, but he would come around.  Besides, he liked Chris and Mallory was sure he would not be upset to find out he was his father.  It was her heart that had put up its defenses and wanted to go to war.  Her heart didn’t want to get broken when Henry got angry over the lies and shouted that he hated her.  It was her heart that couldn’t take the pain of Henry turning his back on her and running towards the open arms of his dad, the cool new parent who happened to be a superhero.  It was her heart that worried if this played out the wrong way, she could end up losing both Chris and Henry.

Mallory realized she was overthinking everything and probably overreacting when she jumped at the sound of her door opening.  She had been thinking about this for so long that she had lost track of time, Henry was peeking his head in the door, “Hey baby, you scared me to death.”

Henry hung his head and slowly opened the door a little wider and entered her bedroom.  Mallory motioned for him, he came over and crawled up on the bed next to her, “I wasn’t trying to scare you, I just wanted to come in and say goodnight.  The games are over and we’re going to bed.”

Mallory squeezed Henry tight, not wanting to let him go.  She eventually loosened her grip, knowing if she didn’t he would complain she was hugging too hard.  “Did you enjoy watching the games with Chris?”

“Oh yeah, he’s a big football fan, so I had a blast,” Henry turned and looked up at his mom, “You could have stayed down there with us, we didn’t mind.” He then turned back and snuggled into Mallory like he had done when he was younger.

“Oh, I know, but I didn’t want to spend the night with smelly boys,” Mallory joked and then kissed Henry’s head.  She loved spending time with him like this, it was a special time that she never wanted to lose.  “I figured it was more important for you two to have guy time.  Where’s Chris?”

“Right here,” a voice came from the door.  He was leaning against the doorway, his hand in his pants pockets.  For a moment Mallory forgot how to breathe, Chris looked gorgeous just standing there.  She wanted him to join her and Henry on the bed, although she figured it would be highly inappropriate.  “I wanted to say good night and let you know I made sure the doors were all locked before I came up.”

Mallory nodded, “Thanks, I appreciate that.  Good night, Chris, sleep well.”

“Good night, Chris,” Henry added, “See you in the morning.”

“Night, buddy, see you in the morning.”  Chris pushed himself off the doorway and made his way toward his bedroom.  As he changed his clothes, he listened for the closing of Mallory’s door and then the closing of Henry’s door.

Chris had slept with Mallory the night before, and he was hoping she would be up for a repeat performance.  He quietly made his way down the hall and gently knocked on Mallory’s door, then opened it enough to peek his head in.  “Hey, are you still awake?”

Mallory was still sitting in bed with lights on and reading her book.  She placed it on the nightstand and moved over on the bed, “Yeah, I’m awake, come in.”  Mallory had been hoping that Chris would return to her room.  She couldn’t proposition him to return when Henry had been there, but it had crossed her mind to go to his room.  The man had her running hot and cold; right now, she was running very hot.

Chris bit his lip and tentatively stepped into the room, he was suddenly nervous.  Although, he was unsure as to why, it wasn’t as if he had never spent the night with Mallory before.  She sat up on the bed and patted the mattress next to her, inviting him to join her on the bed.  Chris needed to maintain control, he wasn’t trying to get into her panties, so he took a seat near the footboard.

“Tell me, why didn’t you stay downstairs and watch the games with us?  Did I do something to run you off?”  Chris asked shyly, his gaze drifting up her body and eventually locking eyes with her.

“No, you didn’t run me off.  It’ funny, Henry asked me why I didn’t stay to watch the game.  I told him it was so you two could have some guy time, but I figured you would rather just have some father-son time,” she broke their locked gaze and turned to stare at the wall, “You obviously don’t need me around for that.”

“It was sweet of you to think that way, but you could have stayed.  Instead of father-son time, it would have just been family time,” Chris leaned forward, reaching for her hand.  “Mallory, I don’t want you ever to feel you have to run off, you have to know how I feel about you and that I want you around, right?”

Mallory moved to free her legs from under the covers and sat up on her knees, inching closer to where Chris was sitting.   The electricity she felt when Chris touched her hand had given her the courage to move.  Mallory leaned in towards him and whispered in Chris’s ear, “You need to go close and lock the bedroom door.  I’d really hate for our son to walk in on us,” her voice was seductive, and Chris had a hard time swallowing the lump in his throat.

Chris immediately moved from the bed and took the several strides to get to the door.  He turned back around after locking it and moved toward the bed.  Chris reached over his head and grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled it off.  Mallory began to laugh at him, “You know, you could have just unbuttoned it.”

“Hell no, would’ve taken too long,” Chris remarked as if she should have known that already.  He reached for the button on his khakis and then stopped.  He looked at Mallory who had not moved and had not even made an attempt to undress.  She was watching him intently, even licking her lips unconsciously, but remaining fully clothed.  “Mallory?”

“Hmmm?” She responded, without hesitation.

“Why am I the only one getting undressed?”  He took two steps closer to the bed, “Did I misunderstand what you were wanting?”  Mallory shook her head and was biting her bottom lip.  “So, why am I getting naked and you’re not?”

She sat up a taller on her knees, pulling her long sleeve t-shirt over her head, dropping it to the floor on the other side of the bed.  Chris crooked his finger and motioned for her to come closer.  She moved to the edge of the bed where he could quickly wrap his arms around her waist and pull her body close to his.  Their bare chests meeting as his lips crashed into hers.

Mallory reached for Chris’s pants, unzipping them and trying to push them down off his hips.  He broke the kiss long enough to push away from her and shed his trousers.  He then put her back on the bed, grabbed hold of the waistband of her sleep pants and pulled them and her panties down in one swift motion.  He admired her naked form splayed out on the bed in front of him.  Chris gently pulled her toward the edge of the bed and spread her legs.

“Fuck, you are beautiful,” he whispered to her as he leaned over her body and trailed soft kisses down her neck.  He ran his hands along her skin, ghosting over her body.  She was responding in kind with moans of delight.  He cupped her breasts, massaging them before taking her nipples into his mouth and sucking them into hard pebbles. He planned on worshipping her body and enjoying every moment.

He slowly worked his way down her body with feather-like touches and with soft kisses.  His hand stopped right at her thigh and he raised his head to look at her, “So, if I move my hand between your legs, am I going to see how turned on you are?”  His question was playful, but he knew the answer before he asked.  Mallory’s body began to writhe beneath him before he’d even touched her, she was aching for him.  His fingers parted her soft folds and he could feel how wet she was, her juices coating his fingers.  “Is all this for me?”  Chris asked in a low, sexy growl.

Mallory couldn’t actually form words; his touch was too much.  She tried to nod her head, but Chris really didn’t need her response, he obviously had his answer already.  He slipped one finger inside of her and as he slowly began to slide it in and out, her hips began to undulate.  Chris definitely knew she was enjoying it, so he slid a second finger inside, and this time she arched her back off the bed and started to beg softly, “Please don’t stop.  Oh, Chris, that feels so good.”

Chris moved, positioning himself to kneel on the floor between her legs.  While he continued to pump his fingers in and out of her wet core, he took her clit into his mouth.  The sensation of his mouth on her was almost too much for Mallory, she grabbed hold of the sheets, fisting them in her hands.  Chris was taking his time, relishing the fact that he was making her body react this way.  Mallory’s body continued to writhe beneath his touch and then finally screamed out, “Right there, don’t stop, fuck, right there, Chris.”

Chris could feel Mallory tightening around him, her orgasm building.  He curled his fingers as he moved in and out, hitting her g-spot and she immediately shattered under him.  Chris felt the wave of her climax and Mallory held her hand over her mouth to stifle her scream as she came.  Instinct made her want to close her thighs around Chris’s head, but he had the presence of mind to move his hand to her thigh to keep that from happening.  Chris could feel her legs quiver and her body quake and took the opportunity to lap up the flood of juices she offered to him.

As Mallory came down from her intense orgasm, Chris moved up her body, placing soft kisses and watching as her body reacted to every one.  It was as if every kiss sent an electrical shock through her system, she gasped and her skin got goosebumps.  Chris looked into her eyes and Mallory smiled back at him before he kissed her; she could taste herself on his lips and smell herself in his beard.  It was wildly erotic.  “I’ll be right back,” Chris whispered softly in her ear, “I’ll get a washrag to clean you up, okay?”

Mallory smiled in response because she wasn’t able to form words.  Her limbs felt like jelly and she didn’t trust herself to even attempt to move.  She heard the water turn off in the bathroom, and a moment later Chris was back at her side.  Mallory felt the warm rag between her legs and thought it was so considerate of him to take care of her.

As Chris took the washcloth back to the bathroom, Mallory gained enough strength to move on the bed so that her head was on the pillows; she was lying on her side for Chris to come and take his place next to her.  He did just as she had hoped, lying beside her taking his hand and gently sweeping her hair off her face and behind her ear.  “Why are you looking at me like that?”  Chris asked, Mallory’s eyes were glistening as she watched him carefully.

Mallory edged closer to him, twining her legs with his and wrapping her arms around his firm body.  She loved how sculpted and amazing he looked.  The workouts Chris did for various movie roles had definitely done a body good.  Not that there was anything wrong with the way he looked when they dated years ago, but now he was more chiseled and defined.  His biceps made her feel safe; she ran her finger down his arm, tracing the veins that were clearly visible and were such a turn on

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