It’s Quiet Uptown – Chapter 5


WARNING:  This chapter is NSFW and marked as 18+ since it has adult content.  If you are offended by sexual material, please skip this chapter.

Mallory and Chris were in bed, their bodies entwined.  As they laid there, looking into each other’s eyes, the desire in Mallory was building and she could not help but want to touch him.  She tilted her head and kissed along his neck then ran her hand along his jaw, followed by kisses where she had touched.  Chris loved the attention, it was erotic.  Mallory was slow and deliberate in her motions and he could feel his cock growing harder with every touch of her fingers and lips; he was aching to be inside her.  He had refrained from taking her completely when he pleasured her earlier because he didn’t have a condom with him; this was not, after all, what he had come to Atlanta for.

Oh, Chris had hoped it could build to this.  But their arguments had been so frequent that he was realistic that it was not a possibility.  Just because they turned a corner recently didn’t mean that it would immediately become physical between them.  His mother had said it was a possibility it was just foreplay and he had laughed it off.  The fights were too personal and nasty for it just to be pent up sexual frustration.  Hell, he slept with her the other night, tangled with one another, but had not actually had sex.  Heavy petting, lots of kissing, but no penetration.  They slept tangled in one another’s arms and it was the most peaceful sleep he’d had in awhile.  But this, well, this was bliss.

Mallory gently pushed him onto his back, taking control of the moment.  She laced her fingers with his and held his hands by his head, “Is this okay?” she had asked before she continued.

“Yeah,” he let out in a breathless reply.

She began to kiss down his neck and across his collarbone.  She stopped when she got to his ink on his left clavicle.  “Tell me about this one,” she said as she started to trace the words with her tongue.  He was so lost in the sensation that he couldn’t form a cohesive thought to answer her. “Was this after you started practicing Buddhism?”

He was panting, “Yeah, it reminds me,” he took a breath, “Oh fuck, Mallory.”

She sat up, still holding his hand down on the bed.  She looked down into his gorgeous blue eyes which were clouded over with lust and desire.  “Do you want me to stop, Chris?  Should we have a safe word?”

He began to frantically shake his head, “No, don’t stop.  No safe word,” his tried to calm his breathing, getting it back into a regular rhythm.  “I got the tattoo to remind me to keep perspective.”

She continued to trail kisses down his torso and stopped at the Bardsley tattoo.  She wasn’t going to do anything to that tattoo or even discuss it.  She knew that the loss of his best friend was still hard for him to talk about.  Tonight was about pleasure and seduction and she didn’t want to do anything to bring him down.

“I like the tattoos, but I see you’re getting rid of one on your arm.  Don’t you like it anymore?”  Mallory moved her hips, keeping her hand laced with his until she was positioned against his rigid cock.  She heard him let out a gasp as she stopped moving.  “Oh, you liked that didn’t you?”  Mallory rocked forward, her hips gently rising off of his as she hovered over his body.  As she rocked back, Mallory split herself by taking him inside her wet slit.  She was tight and took him slowly; Mallory needed to be able to accept his girth, it had been years since she had been with a man and especially one of his size.

Chris let out a gasp of pleasure then immediately begged her to stop, “Mallory, stop, please, we need a condom.  I don’t have one.”

“Shhh, it’s okay. I’m clean, I promise, I’ve not been with anyone since Henry was conceived,” she admitted to him.

“I’m not worried about whether your clean or not, I’m worried about,” he let out a groan as she continued to move down his shaft.  When he opened his eyes and looked up, she was fully seated and staring at him with a big grin on her face.  “Fuck, you’re beautiful.  I’m more concerned with unplanned pregnancy.  Isn’t that what got us into the mess in the first place.”

Mallory let out a chuckle, “Yeah, but I’m not worried about my parents kicking me out of the house or disowning me.  Do I need to worry about you being clean?”  She asked almost clinically.

“No, I’m good,” he answered.

“Now then, where was I?” She asked, wiggling her eyebrows.  “Ah, yeah, I think I was right here,” she began to gyrate her hips, and for the first time, she let go of Chris’s hands.  She had held onto them previously because she was afraid he would do what he could to stop her.  She was determined that she was going to ride him and make him cum; there was no way he was going to stop her, so she had to keep his hands busy.

Mallory placed her hands on his chest to help hold herself up as she continued to move her hips. She loved how he filled her and the feeling of him inside her.  She tossed her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying her measured movements.  Mallory was so lost in the moment she couldn’t tell if the moans and gasps of pleasure were from her or from Chris.  She just prayed they weren’t loud enough to wake up Henry.  She felt Chris grab her hips to try and steady her.  Mallory could feel her orgasm starting to build, but she wanted to hold out as long as possible.   Suddenly she felt Chris trying to lift her so that he could begin pumping in and out of her; his motions were frenzied.

“Damn it, Mallory,” he grunted out, “I’m not going to last.”

Chris flipped her over; he was ready to take control.  He kept Mallory’s legs bent and pushed her knees to her chest, giving him access to take what he wanted.  And he took it, Chris pushed into her with powerful thrusts while he braced himself on either side of her body.  He quickened his pace and looked down at her, commanding her to touch herself.  As Mallory began circling her clit, her legs began to shake, and he could feel her clench around his dick.   They both let go at the same time and Chris captured her scream of ecstasy with a searing kiss, making sure their pleasure didn’t wake their son.

Chris was unable to pull out of Mallory right away.  He needed to calm his breathing and get his head to stop spinning.  He gave her another kiss, this time softer and his tongue swept across hers.  She could feel his cock twitch and she knew that, while they were both spent, the kiss was erotic enough to keep them turned on.

Chris pressed his forehead against Mallory’s and took a deep breath, “My God that was fucking incredible.”  He slowly pulled out and fell to her side, helping her put her legs down, “Give me a minute then I’ll get another rag, I’m just not sure I can walk right now.”

Mallory was trying desperately to calm her own breathing.  She had hoped the sex would be mind blowing, but it was better than even she had anticipated.  “It’s okay, I can get up,” at least she thought she could.  Mallory moved to the edge of the bed and tried to sit up, it took a minute before she could do it.  She swung her legs off the side of the mattress and stood up, taking it slow, she held onto the bed as she walked around to make her way to the bathroom.

Mallory felt Chris’s eyes on her as she moved.  She was sore, but it was well worth it.  She had not been fucked for more than twelve years, and honestly, she didn’t remember it feeling this good the last time.  She could feel their mixed release starting to trickle down her legs.  Instead of just washing up with a rag, she thought a shower might be a better option.  She sat on the toilet first, trying to expel her bladder and flush out the remainder of what had just happened.  Then she ran the hot water for the shower and stepped in; if Chris wanted to join her she wasn’t going to complain, but she wasn’t going to invite him.

He had looked as if he was spent and Mallory figured he had passed out.  She would take her shower and freshen up, this time she would be the one to take him a rag to clean up.  Suddenly, Mallory’s mind began to race over the ramifications of what they had just done. What if Henry had heard them?  How in the hell would she explain this to him?  Then there was the other thought, no the fear, regarding their stunt.  What if she did get pregnant?  She’d played the scenario off to Chris, she wasn’t about to stop in the middle of what they were doing to run to the drug store for condoms.  It’s true, they should have been safe and she should have been prepared.  But it had not been on her mind to sleep with Chris while he was visiting. Hell, to be honest, she was against him coming to visit in the first place. She tried to make a joke about there not being anyone to kick her out of the house if she got pregnant.  But Mallory wasn’t sure how she felt about the idea of having another child, especially if things continued to be strained with Chris when it came to discussions about Henry.  There was no way she needed to deal with two child support cases, from the same man, no less.  She put her forehead on the tile of the shower and mentally kicked herself for not thinking things through.

Mallory had no idea how long she had been in the shower, but it was long enough to use up all of the hot water.  As the water turned cold, she turned off the faucet and stepped out, toweling off and getting dressed.  She had been able to keep her hair reasonably dry while in the shower, so she just ran a brush through it and then prepared to walk into the bedroom.  Chris was snoring lightly and Mallory just watched him for a minute before getting a warm washcloth and approaching the bed. When the rag lightly touched Chris’s skin, his leg twitched, waking him up.  He actually startled awake, almost like he wasn’t sure where he was. “It’s okay, babe, I didn’t mean to startle you.  I just wanted to help clean you up,” Mallory murmured to him as she bent down to kiss his forehead.

“So, I didn’t dream all of that?” Chris asked, his voice thick with sleep.

She laughed lightly, “No, you didn’t dream it.”

“Why aren’t you in bed?”

“I took a shower and got dressed.  I’m going to go check on Henry and come back to bed.”

“Ok, I’ll get up and take a shower,” Chris said, pulling himself into a seated position.  He reached for Mallory and pulled her toward him, “No regrets, right?”

She tried not to let him see the fear that had gripped her when she was in the shower.  “Absolutely not,” she leaned in for a kiss.



~ * ~

Mallory stood in the doorway of Henry’s room, watching him sleep.  He didn’t look as if stirred a bit and she was thankful for that.  She didn’t want to explain he had been awakened by the sounds of his mom having intense sex.  Instead, her prevailing thought was she was lucky to have such an amazing kid.  Mallory quietly closed Henry’s door walked back to her bedroom where she noticed Chris had emerged from his shower and straightened the bedroom.  He cleared his clothes from the floor, folding them and putting them on top of the dresser.

Mallory gave him a curious look to which he replied, “I didn’t want Henry to see my clothes thrown everywhere.  I wasn’t sure we were ready to explain this,” he motioned between the two of them and the bed, “just yet.”

“Yeah, good thinking,” Mallory replied honestly.

As Mallory entered the room and closed the door, Chris asked, “Are you planning on going Black Friday shopping?”

“Um, no!  I’m not fighting the crowds for deals or getting beat up over a damn toy or game.”

Chris clutched his chest and let out a laugh, “Are you telling me you never fought anyone for a toy Henry wanted?  Wow, you’re such a bad mommy.”  Mallory playfully punched Chris in the shoulder.  He then wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in for a sensuous kiss.  “But you are a bad mommy, you proved that earlier,” he growled in her ear as he trailed his lips softly down across the shell of her ear and then down her neck.

She let out a soft moan, “That’s funny, I thought you said I was good.” She let out another moan as he cupped her breast with one hand and placed soft kisses at the sweet spot behind her ear.  “But now you say I’m bad?”  Her words were breathy, and she was having trouble maintaining control.

“Yeah, any answer I give you will sound cheesy.”  Chris scooped Mallory up in his arms and carried her over to the bed,  “I could put you down softly and make love to you again.”

“You say that like there’s an alternative.”

And with those words he tossed her on the bed.   Mallory burst into a fit of laughter and Chris crawled onto the bed after her.  He grabbed her wrists and began wrestling with her.  They were laughing, and after a few minutes she was pinned underneath him with her hands near her head.  He stared down at her saying nothing at all but using the opportunity to gaze into her eyes.

“You know I love you, right?”  Chris asked, his voice soft and sincere.

Mallory’s breath hitched and then she replied softly, “Yeah, I know, I love you, too.”

“Can I make love to you?”  He trailed soft kisses down her neck while he waited for her answer.

It didn’t take long for her to moan softly, arch her back and push herself into him and say “Please.”

~ * ~

Mallory woke up with Chris’s arm draped across her.  She tried to wiggle to get free, but he pulled her closer and wouldn’t let her go.  She loved the feel of his arms around her, but she needed to use the bathroom and needed to get free.  Each time Mallory attempted to wiggle free, Chris’s grip around her body got tighter.

Mallory rolled her eyes and then softly said, “Chris, you have got to let me go, I have to go pee.”

“No, I’m comfortable and you’re warm.  I don’t wanna let you go,” he sounded like a whiny, petulant child.

“Well, you’ll get real warm when I pee all over you and I don’t think you’re into that kink.  So, let me go!”  He finally released her body and she took off running.  He rolled over and watched as she hurried into the bathroom.   After relieving herself, she came back to the door, “I’m jumping into the shower, what time is it?”

Chris looked at his phone and groaned, “6:45.”

“You might want to head back to your room before Henry wakes up,” she reminded him gently, “Unless you want to explain why you’re in my room.”

He groaned again as he pulled himself out of bed so he could make his way to his room. Mallory took her shower and went on with her morning routine as if nothing had happened last night.  She made her way to Henry’s room and saw Chris exiting his own room.  They exchanged a knowing glance but said nothing to one another.  Chris made his way downstairs, and Mallory entered Henry’s room.

Once Mallory had roused Henry from his sleep, she joined Chris in the kitchen.  He had made himself at home by starting breakfast and brewing coffee.  Mallory walked up behind him and kissed his cheek before reaching for a coffee mug.  Once she had her coffee poured, she took a seat at the bar to watch Chris do whatever it was he was doing.

Chris turned to look at Mallory and asked, “So, does Henry like french toast?”

“Um, yeah, why is that your specialty?”

“No, omelets are my specialty, but since you won’t eat them, I thought I’d come up with an alternative.  Since I know you eat french toast or at least you used to,” he stopped and looked around the kitchen, “Where’s Henry?”

“He’ll be down in a few minutes, he’s taking a shower first,” Mallory grinned and took a sip of coffee, “Please, you were saying.”

Chris turned the heat down on the stove and walked over to where Mallory was sitting.  He took a deep breath and then spoke words that would change the course for the day,  “Mallory, we need to tell Henry the truth.  It’s time we come clean because he deserves to know.”   Chris watched for any immediate reaction from Mallory, and when he didn’t see one, he pressed forward.  “And our family Disney trip is in the three weeks Mallory, I really want him to go.”

Mallory said nothing, she let the words sink in.  She took a sip of her coffee and tried to maintain a sense of composure but the bright mood that she started the day with was starting to darken.  She took a deep breath, and when she began to speak her tone was measured, “You and I had this discussion already, Chris and I thought I was pretty clear.  I do not want to tell Henry until after Christmas.  I’m not prepared to ruin my holiday, or his, by dropping this bombshell.”

Chris leaned forward, bracing himself on the bar, keeping his voice barely above a whisper in the event Henry came downstairs, “Why is it that you get to make all of the decisions?  Shouldn’t I get a say in this?”

Mallory glanced over her shoulder before responding, “I make the decisions because I’m his mother or have you forgotten that?  I don’t want him angry at me at Christmas.  Is it too much to ask for one last happy holiday before it all blows up?”

The anger was building in Chris’s eyes, and it was taking everything within him not to explode.  His words back to her were full of venom, “How in the hell could I forget he’s your son?  You only remind me regularly.  But how about remembering he’s mine, too?  Should I remind you of how many holidays you kept me from enjoying with my son?  How many happy holidays I’ve missed?”

Before Mallory could respond, Henry came running into the kitchen and stopped suddenly.  “Gross, what’s that smell?  Is something burning?”

Chris quickly turned around, realizing he burned the first batch of french toast. He tossed the burnt breakfast into the sink and turned off the stove.  “I’ve suddenly lost my appetite.  Sorry, buddy, can you just eat some cereal?”

“Yeah, sure,”  Henry noticed that Chris didn’t look very happy.

Chris ran his hand through Henry’s hair, messing it as he walked out of the kitchen without saying a word.  He had no doubt that Mallory knew he was angry with her.    Hours ago they were wrapped in each other’s arms and he was ready to take her to the courthouse and marry her.  Now, Chris was angry, and he didn’t want to look at her.

“Mom, what’s wrong with Chris?”

“We just had a little disagreement about something.  It’ll be okay,” she tried to soothe the fear she saw in his expression.   But Mallory knew that wasn’t the case.  She eased herself off the barstool and cleaned up the mess Chris had created.  “What do you want for breakfast, baby?”  She asked, her demeanor changing and pretending as if Chris had never even been in the kitchen.

~ * ~

Mallory infuriated him, but Chris tried not to stomp up the stairs.  He also made sure not to slam the bedroom door, it was childish, and he didn’t want to give her the pleasure of knowing how upset he was.  He reached into his backpack, retrieving his laptop and firing it up so he could write an email to his attorney, Rebecca.

Chris wanted her to give her a status update of the situation with Mallory.  He had told her that he was going to Atlanta and he hoped things would work out between the two of them.  Now he had to tell her that those hopes had been dashed and he didn’t believe they’d be able to work anything out without going to court.  He was ready to petition the court to be put on Henry’s birth certificate.  Of course, before he could do that, he needed to have the paternity test done and Rebecca was helping with that as well.  Mallory would never agree to test Henry so he would have to find a way to do this without her. He figured he could take a toothbrush or a water bottle, Rebecca could give him a suggestion. He knew he could get the court to force her to subject Henry to the test, but he wanted to do the testing without Henry’s involvement, if possible.  He wanted to have as much done as possible before they had to tell Henry everything, Chris thought it might make things easier in the long run.

The petition for him to be put on the birth certificate could not be filed until the paternity test results were back.  The court would want proof that he was, in fact, Henry’s father before they modified the birth record.  Most labs take up to six weeks to do DNA tests, but he wasn’t about to wait that long.  When you have means you can get an independent lab to rush the tests.  And there was no doubt, Chris Evans had the means and the motivation.

After sending Rebecca’s email, he sent an email to his agent.  Chris had already made Jim aware of Henry and his previous relationship with Mallory.  But he figured it was best to give him a heads up about a looming custody battle before everything hit the proverbial fan.  If Jim was aware from the beginning, then the PR nightmare could be contained or at least prepared for instead of trying to deal with after the fact.  Once those two emails were out of the way, Chris decided to call his mom.  He hadn’t spoken to her since he arrived in Atlanta and right now he could use a friendly voice.

“Well hello, Chris.  Glad to see you remembered my number,” Lisa Evans joked as she answered the phone, her voice was bright and chipper, the complete opposite of his mood.

“Oh ha ha, yeah, I remembered your number.  How are ya?   I didn’t catch you out shopping did I?”

“I’m good.  No, I’m home with the kids, Carly and Ryan went out, though.   So, tell me, how are things in Atlanta?”

Chris let out an audible sigh, he didn’t mean to, but he figured it would give her a precursor for how this conversation would go.  “Things are good, I guess.  I can’t get over how much Henry’s grown since I saw him last time.  I’m telling you, Ma, it’s gonna kill me to leave him,” Lisa could sense the sadness in her son’s voice even if he were trying to remain upbeat and positive.  “We’re spending so much time together, as a matter of fact, we watched football all day yesterday.  Henry is so smart and he can talk about anything and everything; I forget he’s mine.”

“He sounds like you, maybe you just don’t see that in yourself,” Lisa said quietly.  She paused, letting that sink in because she felt the same way about her children.  Clearing her throat she asked, “And his mother?  How’s Mallory doing?”

Chris remained quiet, not entirely sure how to explain it all to his mom.  “Eh, she’s okay I guess.  One minute I’m madly in love with her and the next, I want to smack her.”

“I take it you two are still arguing over custody?  Have you told Henry you’re his father yet?”

“No, that’s what we’re fighting about right now.  I want to tell him and she still says not until after Christmas.”

Lisa’s blood pressure was beginning to spike and she was losing patience over this.  She wanted to sit down and talk to Mallory herself and make her realize how much she was hurting Chris.  “What about just doing it anyway?  She’s made parental decisions without your input for twelve years, now it’s your turn.”

Chris could not believe his mother was suggesting the idea. If he were honest, she had a point.  The only thing that concerned him was the impact it could have on the custody battle.    Maybe he should send another email to Rebecca and ask that question.  “You have a point, Ma, I just don’t want to hurt my court case.  I walked away from her before I said something I would regret and I’m trying to cool down.  I want Mallory to agree to let Henry come to Disney with us in three weeks.”

“Well, good luck with that, Chris.  But if she doesn’t want to tell Henry that you’re his father then she isn’t going to want him to hang out with your family where that information could slip out.”

“I offered to pay for her to take him the same week we go.  He wouldn’t technically be on vacation with us so it would reduce the risk of us being photographed together.  I think that’s her biggest concern, the fear we’ll be seen together and someone will figure out he’s mine before we tell him.  I told her we could hang out together at night, but during the day we do things separately.”

“Was she open to that idea?  It seems like a reasonable compromise,” Lisa offered, she was trying to be supportive, but this entire situation was hard to digest.  She hated that Chris was dealing with this and just wished it could be easier.

“I suggested it before I came down here and I’m almost afraid to mention it now.  I’ve been up here in my room trying to calm down, I guess I should go back downstairs and see where we stand.”

“Did Henry hear you two fighting?”

“No, he didn’t hear us, but he saw me walk off.  I need to make sure he realizes it has nothing to do with him.  I mean it does, but he doesn’t need to know to what extent,” Chris raked his hand through his hair and let out a deep sigh.  This entire situation was starting to wear on him and he wasn’t going to be able to take much more of it.  “Thanks, Ma, for listening to me and talking me through this.”

“You’re welcome, let me know how it goes.”

Chris disconnected the call and stared at his phone for a minute before putting it down and reaching for his laptop.  He fired off one more email to Rebecca, asking about the consequences if he were to tell Henry he was his father without Mallory’s permission.  He had wanted his ducks in a row before he did anything.  Closing his laptop, he stood and exited his room and decided to rejoin Henry and Mallory downstairs.

~ * ~

Chris entered the family room and found Mallory and Henry curled up on the couch watching TV.  Mallory didn’t even acknowledge the fact that he came into the room, but Henry did.  “Hey, Chris!  You wanna sit over here with me?”

Chris’s face lit up and he moved to the end of the couch were Henry was sitting.  By taking the seat, he would be positioned directly in between Henry and Mallory; he was trying very hard not to touch her.  The awkward silence in the room was broken by the ringing of Henry’s phone.  He fumbled to answer it and got off the couch to go to the other room to talk.

Chris turned to look at Mallory, “We need to talk.  I left the kitchen so we wouldn’t continue our fight in front of Henry, but we need to finish the conversation.”

Mallory gave a harsh look to Chris, “So, you want to pick a fight now while he’s out of the room?  That makes a hell of a lot of sense.”

“No, I’m just telling you we need to continue the conversation.  Obviously, I don’t want to do it when Henry is around, I’m just telling you that when we’re alone tonight, be prepared to discuss this further.”

Henry came bounding back into the room and stopped directly in front of his mom.  He looked nervous, unsure of how to say what he wanted, but he just barreled ahead.  “Mom, that was Noah on the phone and he’s invited me over to hang out and have dinner.  Can I go?”  Mallory didn’t answer immediately, she just stared at Henry.  “Please, mom?  His parents are home and his cousins are in from Colorado.  We’re going to play football in the backyard and then eat.  I wanna go, please.”

Mallory’s hesitation had nothing to with Henry’s going to Noah’s house and everything to do with being left alone in the house with Chris.  “Yeah, you can go, but you have to call me to come pick you up.  You know the rule, no walking home in the dark.  And don’t overstay your welcome, do you understand me?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Henry took off running and then turned around, “Thanks, mom!”

“How far away does this Noah boy live?  Should I drive him over there?”  Chris spoke up and offered, “I mean if you need to pick him up at night, is it safe for him to walk over there during the day?”

“Noah lives across the street and three houses down.  I don’t like him crossing the street in the dark; I know that sounds ridiculous.”  Mallory didn’t feel as if she needed to justify anything to Chris.  “He’s okay to walk over during the daylight, but by all means, if you feel the need to play daddy, go right ahead and drive him over.”  She couldn’t help the sarcasm that was thick in her response.

Before Chris could say anything back to her, Henry returned to the living room.  If Henry heard what his mother had said, he elected not to make a comment about them.  “Okay, I’m leaving and I’ll text you when I get over there so you know I made it safely,” he looked over at Chris, “She’s always worrying about me like she’s afraid I’ll run off or get abducted or something.”

“She loves you and mom’s worry because it’s their job,” Chris defended Mallory because five minutes ago he was worrying just like she was.  “Have a good time,” he called out as Henry ran for the door.

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