It’s Quiet Uptown PSA

For those of you reading this story, you are already familiar with the heavy doses of angst and drama that have been peppering this story so far.  However, I believe it is in my best interest to provide a warning for the upcoming chapters.  I do not want to provide spoilers, but I also do not want to trigger or cause emotional grief for anyone.  The storyline will be heavier than what you have already read.

If you want specifics, or feel you might be triggered and want to avoid reading the next two chapters, please feel free to email me or direct message me.  I am trying to be sensitive to the reader but do not want to give away plot points with a warning at the beginning of the chapters.  I do expect to post chapter 9 and 10 together within the next week; chapter 9 has gone through beta but chapter 10 has not.

I hope you can understand why I am sending this post out in advance.



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