Trip to Chicago

This past week I had the pleasure of traveling to Chicago once again.  This time it was for work but I did mix in a little pleasure while I was at it.

Part of my ‘real’ job is to be an administrator for – a CRM tool that is used by the business sales team of our company.  There was a World Tour event in Chicago and I registered to attend and set up several meetings with my rep from Salesforce while I was in town.

I elected to take the train.  It is cheaper and let’s face it, far less stressful than flying.  Ignore the snoring traveler I have today and it’s been a pleasant trip.  I’m able to work on my laptop or read and I have plenty of leg room.  Although, I’m short so that’s never been a problem for me!

I enjoyed an event at RPM Steak on Wednesday evening and it was AMAZING!  I ate at the Elephant and the Castle on Thursday and that is my go-to spot!  So much so that I think it will have to make its way into a story at some point.  Yesterday I was able to experience Portillos and it was divine!  We won’t discuss my drinking while in Chicago!

I have my go-to hotel that I love with window seats that let me look out over the river.  Literally, last night we sat in the window like cats and watched the cars and people below.  Then again, we were so full after our tater tots and pretzel with beer cheese over at the Emerald Loop we had no energy to do anything else.

I did a ton of walking.  I have the blisters on my heels and balls of my feet to prove it.  I spent some money, bought a new Kate Spade bag that is to-die-for!  I am already planning my next trip in August for the user conference.  In fact, Chris Isaak is performing at the House of Blues when I am going to be in town and I’m thinking I might have to go hit that up!

I am so disappointed to be heading home, I would much rather spend the weekend in Chicago.  Especially since The Rock and Jefferey Dean Morgan are in town filming a movie!


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