The Stone Family

Yesterday, while slaving away at the office, a former co-worker of mine sent me a message asking if I had details of an accident that involved another former co-worker.  I didn’t and I expressed that I had not even been aware that Emily had been in an accident.  I haven’t talked to Emily in a while – we are Facebook friends but she has two kids and has a different path than I do.

Imagine my horror when I find out that Emily’s accident was tragic and life altering.  While driving from Evansville, IN to St. Louis, MO for a gymnastics competition for her daughter, Emily’s vehicle hydroplaned on the interstate and crossed the median and hit the back of a semi and was then hit by a transit van.  Emily broke her foot in three places and is physically okay.  However, her 10-year old daughter and 5-year old son are not as lucky.

The children were life-flighted to St. Louis for treatment.  Unfortunately, her daughter did not survive.  They have sustained her on life support to allow other members of her family to get there and say goodbye.  They will then donate her organs (heart and lungs) so that others may live.  My heart breaks for Emily and her husband.  I have known this little girl since she was born.  She was vibrant and was such a talented gymnast that they recently changed gyms and had to drive long distances twice a week.  This little girl could have been an Olympian, this is how good she was.

The little boy, who I clearly remember holding and not wanting to give back after he was born.  A sweet but mischevious little man with big bright eyes – he is currently on a ventilator and has little brain activity.  They have seen improvement in him and the doctors are cautiously optimistic but there is still a chance that he might not survive.

My heart is broken for this family.  I lost my dad and thought the pain was too hard to take – I cannot imagine losing a child and the realization that you could lose the other.  I pray for their strength through such a horrible time.  If you pray, please say an extra prayer for this family – they sure could use it!

Hug your kids and loved ones a little tighter.  And don’t miss out on an opportunity to tell someone you care!

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