I have been reading a lot this year.  No, seriously, a lot!

At the beginning of 2017, I pledged to read 52 books.  I thought that was a good number – 1 book for every week of the year.  I blew past that number in February.  So I upped my number to 75 and blew past it in March.  I upped the number to 100 and blew past it in early May.  I upped the number to 200 and I am currently sitting at 182.  Mind you, this doesn’t include the books I elected to not count due to stopping early or skipping ahead because they didn’t hold my interest.

I’ve been overworked and stressed due to my regular job, therefore it has been hard for me to come home some nights and write my own stories.  I’m tired and don’t want to sit in front of the computer.  Plus, I’ll blame my sweet little dog who wants to get on the night-night bed so early.  So, I crawl into bed and begin reading on my Kindle app.  Mind you, I have the Nook App and iBooks but I keep going back to the Kindle.  I get books from my library and put them on the Kindle app.  I’m freaking addicted.

To be fair, many of the 182 books are also audio books.  I listen to those in the office instead of music when I am trying to get stuff done and want to drown out the voices of my co-workers.  I have been listening to romance books and it can get uncomfortable when the stories get, um, detailed.  Good thing I have earbuds in!!

If anyone is interested, I thought I might start posting some of the books I’ve read this year and what my thoughts were.  Not like I’m an expert or anything.  I’ve had some good ideas come from some of the things that I have read and listened to – so I do think it has helped my writing.  If nothing else, it helps me understand what I am doing wrong and how I might be able to improve.

I’ve had several people encourage me to forge ahead and publish one of my own stories. Of course, I’d have to modify some information to make it “legal” and keep myself from being in trouble with anyone’s publicity team.  But I’ll admit, it is extremely tempting.

Link to Books I’ve Read

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~ Carrington

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