Erika Kelly – RockStar Romance Series

Recently I read all four of these books in one week!  I have to say, without a doubt, I loved them!

The books follow a band and their move from being the best college band in Texas to being a Grammy winning band.  However, the books are primarily written from the POV of the women in the lives of each of these men.

You Really Got Me details the life of Emmie Valencia, sister of Derek Valencia one of the founding members of the band.  Through a change in her work status, she moves to Austin and begins living with her brother and his bandmates.  She is focused, among other things, on launching them into stardom.  She just has to deal with Slater fucking Vaughn.  I gave this book star (23x22)star (23x22)star (23x22)star (23x22)

I Want You to Want Me details the life of  Violet Davis.  She is a minder – don’t really call her a babysitter – and she’s been hired to come in and help the band with a few issues. The problem is, Derek Valencia isn’t so sure the band needs her.
I gave this book star (23x22)star (23x22)star (23x22)star (23x22)

Take Me Home Tonight details the story of Mimi, a good friend of Violet from I Want You to Want Me.  She is trying out for a cooking show, much to the chagrin of her father. While she is working on her career path, she’s been hanging out with the band and has an affinity for their temporary keyboardist, Calix Bourbon.  Mimi and Calix join forces in an effort to get what they both need – although, what they need and what they think they need in the beginning are two different things.
I gave this book star (23x22)star (23x22)star (23x22)star (23x22)

More Than A Feeling details the story of Daisy Charbonneau and her life in Snowberry, Montana.  She’s living in a town that she loves and never wants to leave.  But when Cooper Hood comes back to town after the band’s tour comes to an abrupt halt, she’s taken back ten years to when they were still in school and Cooper had not yet left for music stardom.

I will tell you that out of the 4 books, this last one was my absolute favorite.  Take me Home Tonight was awesome and I had loved every minute of it, but this one kept me captivated.  I loved Cooper and Daisy as well as the story that surrounded them.  I was sorry to see this RockStar Series come to an end.

I gave this book star (23x22)star (23x22)star (23x22)star (23x22)star (23x22)

I’ve enjoyed Erika’s books and hope to read some of her other books.  I have added them to my GoodReads List.


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