“Beneath” Series by Meghan March


I wanted to wait and post a review of this series until I had completed reading all of the books.  I just finished them on Wednesday and all I can say is, WOW!

Honestly, I’m sorry this series is over but I’m glad that Meghan is about to start a new series.  She introduced a character in the last book and he will be the main character in the new series that will debut on October 17th.  To be fair, I didn’t love every book in this series.  Well, I did as I read it and then once I started a new book I realized I didn’t love the old as well as the new.

The first book, Beneath This Mask, introduces Charli and Simon.  The storyline in this book is great and I enjoyed this book immensely.  As I moved through the others, however, this book would not rank as my favorite.

The second book, Beneath This Ink, focuses on Con.  He is introduced in the first book as he is the owner of the tattoo parlor in New Orleans where Charli works and where she meets Simon.  Con is short for Constantine and he is not quite what you expect.  During the storytelling of his relationship with Vanessa, we are introduced to several characters that will be predominate roles in future books in the series

The third book, Beneath These Chains, tells the story of Lord.  He is the brother of Con and he runs the local pawn shop.  His love interest is Elle and she is a force of nature.

The fourth book, Beneath These Scars, is the story of Lucas Titan.  We initially met Lucas in the second book in this series and he is the type of guy you love to hate.  While he had a ‘thing’ for Con’s woman, Vanessa in that book.  This book is all about his burgeoning relationship with a woman named Yve.  I really enjoyed this book, until I read the next one in the series!

The fifth book, Beneath These Lies, is the story of Rix.  OMG!  We meet Rix in the second book as well and it is not good.  He is not a good guy!  The female lead, Valentina, was introduced to us in the fourth book and has a past to overcome.  There is another lead male character, Rhett Hennesey, he is the NOLA Detective who has been mentioned throughout the series of books.  I will tell you through this entire book I was struggling with the decisions that Valentina was making.  However, there was a twist at the end of this book that I honestly did NOT see coming.  I freaking loved this book.

The sixth book, Beneath These Shadows, is the story of Bishop.  He works at Vodoo Ink and is only briefly mentioned in one of the earlier books.  He never played a major role in any of them.  However, we learn a lot about him in this book along with Eden, a young girl from New York who is in hiding.  I enjoyed this book – not to the level of Lies, but I did enjoy it.  Bishop was a worthy leading man.

The seventh, and final book in the series, is Beneath the Truth and it centers around Rhett Hennesey.  I couldn’t wait for this book because I was so ready for Rhett to have his own story.  Especially after the fifth book.  Rhett leaves the NOLA PD after he realizes in the fifth book that his father was a dirty cop.  All he has known has been shaken to the core and he turns in his badge and disappears.  He is forced to come back to NOLA in this book and face his demons.  I honestly can’t say much more without giving too much away.  This is my favorite book of the series.  During the epilogue, Meghan actually ties up each relationship from the other books into a tidy little bow.

Each book can be read as a standalone because the storylines do not cross.  The characters are shared but the storylines are independent.  I will say there is hot and steamy sex in her books, along with a ton of foul language.  However, the stories are spot on and well written (or at least I think so).


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