Daddy’s Little Helper

Chris moved around the silent house.  His wife had been called into the office and he was home alone with his four-year-old daughter, Kennedy.  Currently, she was taking a nap in her room and he thought it would be a good time to head into the bathroom to trim up his beard.  He had just returned from an extended movie shoot and, for once, they had wanted him to keep his beard and had had him grow it out.  He had always made it known that he liked having a beard because he hated shaving.  However, the long beard, that made him look like he was auditioning for a biker gang beard, was not his thing.

He made his way into the master bathroom and flipped on the lights.  He opened the drawer of the vanity and pulled out scissors and his trimmers, along with an extra blade and guard.  When he turned back around from getting a towel out of the cabinet, he realized he had a visitor in the bathroom with him.

“Hey, pumpkin, whatcha doin?” he asked as he watched Kennedy struggling to climb onto the bathroom countertop.

He had to smile because he was not in the least bit surprised that she had made her way into the bathroom.  His daughter was his constant shadow when he was home.  She loved spending time with daddy and he understood she was a terror to deal with when he was away on a movie shoot.  His wife would regale him with stories of how Kennedy would mope around the house just waiting for daddy to come home.  So, when Chris came home, Kennedy would follow him around and wouldn’t let him out of her sight.

“Inna watch an help,” Kennedy explained as she focused on climbing.  She wasn’t getting anywhere, but she never looked to her dad for help.  Chris didn’t need to wait for her to ask.  Instead, he gently lifted her up and placed her on the counter then planted a kiss on her head.  “Tanks, daddy.”

Chris loved having daddy-daughter time with Kennedy.  Although, it was normally spent playing with Dodger or having tea parties.  This would be the first time she sat in the bathroom with him as he shaved.  He didn’t mind.   The sinks were low enough that he could kneel and still see above the sink and into the mirror.  This would allow Kennedy to have the perfect view to help him and keep him company.

Chris picked up a beard brush, he needed to tame some of the wild mane before he could even think about cutting it.  Although, the concept was confusing for his daughter.

“Why you do dat?”

“You know how mommy and I have to brush your hair?  Well, I have to brush my beard, too.”  This confused Kennedy, her cocked head and wide eyes only emphasized that.  He laughed and kept brushing until he was sure he was ready to start cutting.  He reached for the scissors and handed them to his daughter.   “You wanna help daddy cut?”

Kennedy began to nod feverishly.  “Ok, then I’m  gonna pull a big patch of hair and you help me cut it.  But don’t cut my face, ok?”  Once again, Kennedy nodded and then she scooted over on the counter so she was a little closer to her daddy.  Chris had no intention of actually letting go of the scissors completely, though.  There was no way he was going to let his daughter handle those with the risk that she might hurt herself.

Once he thought she was situated, Chris pulled on a large section of his beard that hung low on his chin.  “Ok, let’s cut this part right here.”  Kennedy struggled to open the scissors and Chris helped guide them toward his face.  He helped her cut through the mass of hair and then held it up for her to see once it was removed.

“Momma be mad,” Kennedy said in horror.

Chris took the scissors back from Kennedy and tossed the hair into the sink.  “Nah, momma didn’t like the long beard and, since I love momma, I’m cutting it to make her happy.”

Kennedy quickly responded, “I love momma, too!”

Chris began to laugh.  “I know, baby girl, I know.”  Chris adored his little girl and loved the fact that she was a daddy’s girl.  When he was home, or she was on-set with him, she would follow him around like his shadow.  She had also taken to mimicking him, which he thought was funny until some of his more colorful words came from her mouth.  His doe-eyed little girl should do those things so he had to control what he said around her.

Kennedy never stopped watching his every move.  He knew she wanted to keep helping but he was too fearful having his little girl that close to his face with sharp scissors.  It was better that she just watch.  Once he finished with this scissors and sat them to the side, he asked Kennedy to hand him the trimmers.  It would make her feel like she was doing more to help.  He’d only taken a few swipes along his beard when Kennedy raised her hands, palms up.

“Stop, daddy, no more.”

Chris turned the trimmers off and sat them on the counter.  “What’s wrong, baby girl, why you want daddy to stop?”

“Dat’s enough, not more cuts.”

Chris tried to hold back his laughter.  “I can’t just stop right now because it’s not even.  I have to finish it or mommy will laugh at me.”

“Dat’s ok but no more.”

Chris stood up momentarily and kissed his daughter’s head.  He could feel his heart swell knowing that his little girl loved him just like he was, weird facial hair and all.  As he kneeled back down in front of the counter, he took the opportunity to change out the blade and guard on the trimmers.  While he had gotten quite a bit of the lumberjack look removed, he still had quite a bit of trimming to do so that it would look ‘normal’ again.

As the trimmers made their way back to his face, Kennedy picked up the extra guard on the counter and began running it along her jaw.  “See I shave too.”  Chris lowered his head to hide his smile at Kennedy’s actions.

Fifteen minutes passed and Chris was finally done with his trim.  He looked like himself again and he knew his wife would appreciate this more.  As he stood up, he looked over at Kennedy and noticed she had a confused look on her face.  “Do you like it, Kenny?”

He helped her stand up on the counter and she put her tiny hands on either side of his face and began to rub slowly.  It was as if she hadn’t sat with him through the entire process and watched what he had done.  No, she looked as if she didn’t recognize him.  “Are you still my daddy?”

The question, while cute, took him off-guard.  “Of course, I’m still your daddy.  Don’t you recognize me, Kenny?”  She continued to eye him suspiciously so he pulled her into a hug.  “Now do you know it’s daddy?”

As Chris pulled back from his little girl he could see her big smile.  “Yeah, you’re my daddy!”  Kennedy ran her hands over his face one more time.  “But you look funny.”

Chris laughed at the innocence of his daughter and the exchange in the bathroom.  This would be a heck of a story to retell when his wife returned home.


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