This blog is called Random Musings, so….

WARNING:  This personal opinion post might be offensive to some, but I felt compelled to write it.  If you don’t want to read it – that’s fine, and I respect that.  I just don’t want hateful comments if you read it and feel you weren’t warned.

I don’t usually go this route, and I typically keep my opinions on certain things quiet, but not today.

I had a thought this morning as I sat in front of my computer while my dog was out in the backyard.  It is incredible what can enter your mind at 4:30 am!  Anyway, as you can tell from this blog, I am a fan of a particular actor who portrays as

Anyway, as you can tell from this blog, I am a fan of a specific actor who portrays a superhero on the movie screen.  Last year, when the story broke of his dating a particular actress, certain people in the fandom had an adverse reaction.  They were in an uproar because this actress had just left a marriage and they were concerned that he was a ‘homewrecker,’ their words not mine.  I actually defended his actions, saying that we weren’t involved in this woman’s marriage and we don’t know the facts – we’re fans on the outside and he can date who he wants.  I actually had someone turn the back on me and quit being friends with me because my opinion did not match her’s or her bestie, one of the most vocal of the fandom flouncers.  These folks turned away from this actor in droves and made a significant uproar.

Now, I bring this up because many of them turned to Ben Affleck as their new obsession.  I’m going to stop right here and be clear – I’ve not been a fan of Ben Affleck for years, I avoid his movies like the plague.  Ok, back to my point.  Ben was not having the best time in his marriage – he cheated with the nanny.  Now, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, we aren’t in his marriage, and we don’t know the circumstances.  See, I can do the same with him that others weren’t willing to do with my superhero.  However, can these fans still claim loyalty and admiration if the allegations are true that Ben was complacent with the actions of Harvey Weinstein and never spoke up?  Can they still claim allegiance when he swears he knew nothing about it but yet told a victim to her face that he had told Harvey to stop these actions in private?  Can you be a fan of a man like this?  Because if I were a fan of Affleck, this sure in the hell would make me take pause.  Turning a blind eye to women being sexually assaulted, groped, harassed, demeaned by a man with the power to hurt someone’s career is sick.

The abuse that Weinstein is accused of is abhorrent, and he should be railed out of Hollywood without a doubt.  He’s settled lawsuits in the past due to his sexual harassment of women, and it has evidently been widely known in Hollywood, but people turned the other cheek because he’s powerful.  Enough, stand up against this type of behavior.  It isn’t the fault of the woman, Donna Karan, they didn’t ask for it because they were dressed a specific way.  No woman, or man, deserves to be belittled and assaulted.  To feel as if they have no choice but to give in versus standing up for themselves.

Certain men in Hollywood knew this was going on and they didn’t do anything to stop it.  Shame on you!



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